Sunday, 7 September 2008

Wedding Shoes, Another Part!

I know I said I wasn't going to put any more dye on my shoes, but I just couldn't resist having one more go.

And I'm so glad I did! They're now much darker (more like the dress) although the photo further down doesn't really show this, but I'm sure you'll take my word for it!
While I had the dye mixed I thought I'd better dye some fabric to make a matching handbag. The photos are courtesy of child number 2.
I used a piece of cream silk I had left over from making the wedding garter. I got this far painting the dye on, when it suddenly occurred to me that, maybe I should have washed it first to get the 'dressing'out of the fabric and make it accept the dye better. Oh well, too late now!


Joanne said...

So glad that your happier with the shoes now and can't wait to see the hanbag you make.
That shop looks amazing It must take all day to shop there and may be lots of pennies.

Carol said... you mind I have a few grey hairs! a very good tip all the same. The shoes look great. I have a thing for dying my clothes different colours - this can be fun as you can never be too sure if it will work and how the colour will turn out.
Carol x

Alchamillamolly said...

I love your shoes again!!! We go to Sam Turners lots for a toastie or their quiche. We can get anything in there - its a glorious place to shop. Next time you go there - turn right at the entrance on the main road (as if you are going to Darlington) then first left past the Vauxhall garage on your right and you will come to CB Furnishings - have a look in there at the fabrics etc

Teje said...

The most beautiful pair of shoes! I wish you had wonderful time at the wedding with your dream shoes!
In fact I started from your latest post and it's full of adorable crafts! I enjoy always to visit you! Thank you for lovely moments and inspiration!