Tuesday, 25 May 2010

What a week!

Hello all.
I'm not sure I know where to start, I've got so much to show you!
First things first though. Thank you for the birthday wishes, I had a lovely day. My parents came to stay for a couple of days which made it extra special.
Dad helped me finish off my flat pack furniture although I think I was more of a hindrance to him, teehee. I better own up and tell you how I wrongly marked all of the handle positions on the wardrobe doors so we had to lay each one on the floor and do them all again, oops!

I am so pleased with them, I have a proper grown-up bedroom at last. Wonderful Man says I've got no excuse not to keep it tidy now. Hmmmm... I'm thinking those glass doors need something pretty and lacy behind them to hide the junk.
(No that's not a miniature bedroom door. The wardrobes really are that big, 236cm high!)

Wheeeeeeee! We're on our way through the Dales now to Grassington for a little birthday jaunt. There was hardly any water in the stream that runs along next to the road, it was unusually dry. (It's been so dry here that they've had to pospone the village duck race twice as there isn't enough water to wash the ducks down the river! Don't laugh, it's a very important event in the village calendar. lol!)

Pretty isn't it? This is market square in Grassington.

Plenty of little ginnels

and pretty cottages.

This is the local hardware shop. Easier on the eye than most hardware shops don't you think!
There was also some beautiful gift shops, one called 'The Rustic Rabbit' and another called 'Harlequin'. LOVELY!!!! So why aren't I showing pictures of them? Because I'm a bad blogger and in my excitement I forgot to take photos. Sorry... I'll consider the back of my leg slapped and I promise to try harder next time ; )
Back home again and Thursday afternoon is our 'Not Just Knitting' group. I decided to call it that as 'knit and natter' might sound a little restrictive. Anyway we hold it in the village Meeting Room in the Market Hall once a week and all are welcome.

Anyones is welcome to come and join us for the afternoon.

I think there was much more nattering than 'knitting' but I did manage to finish off some more crochet bunting.
The weekend finally arrived and time for my birthday treat from Wonderful Man.
A weekend away in...
Can you guess?
This adventurous (a little clue) looking chap spent about 3 years here learning his navigational skills (another little clue).

Wow! What a lovely weekend we had. Lots to share!
I've got a scrummy wool shop and a fantastic fabric shop to show you!
Oh the joy!
I can hardly wait!
Till next time
Love Fi x
P.S. it was Captain Cook. (hmmmm.... maybe I should have shown you a picture of Dracula instead!)


topchelseagirl said...

Your wardrobes look great and what a pretty village.

Marigold Jam said...

Glad you had a good birthday and those wardrobes look great - plenty of space to stuff things in eh?! Will take you up on your invitation to the knitting and crafts afternoon if ever I should be in the vicinity - sounds fun!


KC'sCourt! said...

Glad you had a good birthday - the village looks really pretty. Loe the wardrobes.

Serenata said...

Great wardrobes. We desparately need some new ones, as does the bedroom need doing, but if I then had no excuse for not keeping it tidy well...perhaps I ought to pass ;-D

Very pretty village.

Annie said...

Wowee. Love your new bedroon furniture. Bet you're thrilled to bits with it. Thanks for the show and tell with all the photos too. Really fab.
A x

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Fi !!! :)
We visited Whitby a few years back, such a pretty place. I'm sure you had a great time.
Vivienne x

Annie Jeffries said...

I love what you have shown us of Grassington. And that word - Ginnel. It has me flying to the wiktionary. An Alley! What a cute word. The stairs and row of flower pots was totally charming.

Pea Green Kitty said...

We spent the weekend in Robin Hoods Bay and Whitby too, weren't we lucky with the scorching weather!!
Hope you enjoyed your birthday.

Lyn said...

I love Grassington and Whitby-lucky you!
I agree, some lace behind the glass will be pretty.

Twiglet said...

Oh lucky, lucky you - Whitby is one of my most favourite places. My friend had a cottage near the park and we used to have walking holidays there with lovely evenings in Whitby!

Lululiz said...

The wardrobes look fantastic! And that lovely little village, gorgeous, I wouldn't mind living there.

wonderwoman said...

lovely pics and such a charming village - look forward to seeing the shop pics next!!!

p.s. love the bunting!

VintageVicki said...

Not just knitting sounds a great name :)

A very pretty village - I think we've actually visited there years ago.

Susan said...

We were in Whitby last week. Wow you managed to get a photograph of Captain Cook with out a seagull, we couldn't. Every time we got a camera out then a seagull would land on his head!

Whitby is wonderful, and that's something coming from a Lancashire Lass.

lynn said...

hi fi.. whitby oh whitby...in 1980 i spent 5 lovely days in the maternity hospital there after having my son...then took him home to glaisdale where we lived ...ahh the memories....

Claire said...

Hey Fi, belated birthday wishes, sounds like you had a lovely time.
Great photos of Grassington, I was fortunate enough to visit oh, 13 years ago. Love all the little villages, how nice to have them on your doorstep!
New wardrobes look very stylish AND spacious.
We've just had 31mls of rain, bliss. Rain on the roof, sitting by the wood heater crochet at hand, time to myself- perfect day.
Hope you get some rain soon for your village duck race.

Amanda said...

Oooooh it looks like you had the most glorious birthday!

The wardrobes are great... I wish we had such large spaces to fit all our *ahem* "junk" into ;o)

melanie said...

Pleased to hear you had a lovely birthday. Love the wardrobes, and you bunting is so pretty. :) xxx

Helsie said...

Fantastic wardrobes. You can't have too much storage can you?
Love any photos of the dales that you show. It is a beautiful part of the world.
Of course I recognised Captain Cook. He's pretty important to we Aussies'

Susan said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog. Yes we did go into Bobbins, and I was very restrained and only bought two skeins of yarn.


Mandy said...

Oh I just love your new furniture! I am looking for some good quality flat packed bedroom furniture. Do you mind me asking where you bought it? :)

Julie said...

Lovely photos. That part of Yorkshire is so pretty. As a Yorkshire exile (we went further North) it makes me pine for my home county. I'm glad you had a lovely time. And I hope you called in at the fish and chip shop in Grassington - my friends run it and you won't get better fish and chips for 100 miles!

Your wardrobes look fab too.


HI fi, so glad you had a super weekend, I also love the rabbit shop in Grassington, I spent far to much the last time I went!! So looking forward to your next blog on Whitby, you know how I love this place did you go into the Shepperds Purse and drool over all the lovely clothe and and lovelies they sell? Wonder if you would like to meet up for coffee some time ? Well done on the wardrobes , they look very smart and stylish, I could do with more storage ! love from the next dale, Linda.

Anonymous said...

I'm pleased you enjoyed all your birthday treats. Making wardrobes with your Dad will stick with you, every time you open a door you'll remember the handles!!!!! They look stunning - enjoy!

Carol said...

Glad you had a lovely birthday.
I bet I know the shop in Whitby - Judith's fabrics. Wonderful place.
I'm taking a friend up there in a couple of weeks and that is on our "must visit" list. Hope she remembers her cheque book!
(can I add a "thank you" for your crochet hanger tutorial. I have so enjoyed making them for friends)

Anonymous said...

Ooooh we have the same drawers. Not draws as in knickers (although maybe we do, do you shop in Marks and Sparks?!)The only problem I have found with those drawers is the bottoms fall out (good job we're not talking knickers here) but that little problem is easily fixed and 5 years on they still look great. Yours look made to measure they fit so perfectly.

By the way I have a fledgling blog and I have put you in my sidebar, I just love your felted, embroidered artwork and your rabbits made from vintage embroidered tablecloths. You make me want to go to carboot sales in the rain! You marvellous thing. Gayna x

MarmaladeRose said...

Hi Mandy
The flat pack furniture is from Ikea. Excellent service - you can design your room online then a click of your mouse and it lists all the bits you need to buy. We ordered ours online, all delivered and carried up to the bedroom for £35. They even changed the delivery van from a big one to a small one so they could get up our hill.
Hope this helps.
Love Fi x

josephine said...

I am a Brit living in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.Perhaps you know this, but we have an identical statue of Capt. Cook in our harbour here, because this is one of the places he discovered. After 38 years in Canada I still miss home,the places and the people, so it is lovely to read your blogs and to see there are so many people who seem to share my tastes so closely, even though there may be big age differences. Do you have to be English to enjoy the old, the faded,the scruffy, the handmade? It often seems so!