Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Flat Pack Heaven!

Hello, I'm short of that precious commodity called time (as usual) but I wanted to check in with you all to say 'hello, how are your 20 minutes going?'
I'm afraid I haven't spent much time in this room lately!
That's because I've been in this room with a screwdriver, 43 packages of flat pack furniture and enough sheets of A4 instructions to paper a wall.

It's all good though, apart from poor hubby rupturing something important in his shoulder after about 6 screws! Even this had a good side though as it meant our teenage son had to step in and help us, so a little bit of quality time was spent together. (Although I'm not sure he saw it like that, lol.) Bless him, that big lolloping lump with feet like canoes and an appetite like swarm of locust did a really good job. Well, I couldn't have managed without him.
Right, I really must go to bed now as it's late and I've had a busy few days recently. As well as building furniture,
I've started a craft afternoon in our village,
I've had one migraine,
I've had family to stay,
I've had a birthday,
We've taken delivery of our first hen house.(more of that soon)
I'm going away at the weekend (my birthday present from WM)
And my job partner at work is away on holiday for a fortnight.
So I really need my bed.
Catch up with you all soon,
a little bit frazzled Fi x


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see more pictures. Have some tea and relax a bit.

Marty Mason said...

Nighty Night....hope to hear from you soon!

Justine said...

Ohh a craft group how nice. Now where in Yorkshire are you?! Justine xx

Sandi said...

HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY, hope you have a wonderful weekend.
Chooks are great, wish I still had some!!

Sandi said...

Happy belated Birthday Fi, hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Annie said...

Wow, sounds exhausting ! can't wait to hear about the house though, I would love to have some hens myself.
Ann x

KC'sCourt! said...

Nice to see you again you've been busy. Its a craft itself putting flatpack together! I remember we had flat pack standing in our hall for six months. I think it was the thought of putting it together! Can't wait to see the results. I have been crafting but my brain (what there is of it) has been working faster than my fingers!

Amanda said...

Whoa, it sounds like you've been run off your feet, no wonder you're exhausted! Happy Belated Birthday, I do hope you enjoy your birthday treat x

Lululiz said...

Ohoh, flat pack furniture, the bane of my life, lol. Are there ever instructions which actually make sense? Who writes them? Hat off to you and your son, anybody who can put those things together is a hero/heroine in my eyes.

Diane said...

Flat pack and Heaven in the same sentance? I think not. Hubby says that Ikea furniture should come with DIY divorce papers too!!!

Autumn Mist said...

Still crafting away (20 minutes? Who on earth can stop after only 20 minutes, lol!) Thanks for inspiring me, it's changed my life. Hope you get a break soon, you'll be meeting yourself coming back the other way soon!


HI Fi, hope the craft afternoons are going well, I may be be able to come soon as I think I can wrangle Thursdays off ! I am excited about your fourth comming hens, used to have 40 odd of them ,non now and so miss them. so funny when you when discribing your son , you could have been talking about mine!!! sounds hectic with you at the moment...remember keep calm and carry on ! Linda. x x

Twiglet said...

Many happy returns! Have a great weekend!!

cazzer1412 said...

ooh, where are you going for your weekend away?? and will it be as lovely as where you live? can't wait to see what comes out of the flat packs! xx

Sue said...

Happy Birthday and I hope you have a really good weekend away.

GerryART said...

Autumn Mist said exactly what I feel.
Your 20-Minutes has been ingrained into my daily routine.
I've completed several projects, thank you very much.
Fi, sounds like you've been going full bore. Perhaps it's time to take 20-minutes to put your feet up, girl.
Hugs & ♥♥♥s,

Gilly Tee said...

After all that I'm not surprised your a bit frazzled, you deserve your weekend away. enjoy.

randi said...

i wish i had more time too! i have been trying to craft for about 15 minutes a day lately, but i am surprised at how hard that time is to find! you inspire me want to make it more of a priority!

Calico Kate said...

Well done to both of you. My husb runs a mile at the very word "flat pack" (never mind a mention of 'that' shop) and I don't have a son to help! Looking forward to seeing the end results, once you've caught up with yourself a bit that is.
PS my 20 (40 ref blog) mins are going well, I'm doing lots of displacement activity knitting!!

Anonymous said...

Ooooo flat packs - can't wait to see the finished pieces. Talking of which - what happened to your patchwork sofa cover? Hope you enjoyed your birthday treat.

Anonymous said...

P.S. You are quite right. There is a lot of work in loose covers and quite a lot of fabric too! I hope you find the right fabric soon!