Monday, 26 May 2008

A Bank Holiday Weekend in the Yorkshire Dales.

This weekend we, (this is not the royal we you understand, just myself and my husband, and on the occasion that we could prise them out of the house, our teenage children), enjoyed a scarecrow festival, a lovely walk, some crafting time at home, a visit to a table top sale, and a village fair!

And here are the photos, enjoy!

Compo and Nora Batty!
Spring Watch!
Sundays walk.

the waterfall.

Back this way
and over the bridge.
Made another Lola.


Pretty white washed houses.

Look at all these tapestry kneelers. They were all different.

This is a handmade rag rug in the church
Back outside into the sunshine to admire the view.

and here's my treasure from the tabletop sale, a 50p mirror and some gift boxes!
The village fair, too many people (honest! They're all behind me watching the falconry demo), too many cars, so we bimbled down to the waterfall for a bit of peace and quiet.

that's more like it!


Sal said...

Lovely pics,great scarecrows!
It looks like you had reasonable weather too...unlike here, where it rained almost all weekend.

Alchamillamolly said...

Saw the event advertised in the D&S - I used to add events to a website covering NY so I was well informed but the funding ran out! Glad you had a lovely birthday and it spilled over into work - nice boss! Wasnt the weather great - we went to a car boot in Northallerton, especially for plants - got some great ones and a couple of little jugs then on to a Fleamarket got a gorgeous old jug and some bits. Having a battle with Supanet at the moment as we have not had internet access from them for over a week. Am waiting for the 'mac'address and then it will about 3 weeks before we are up and running with a new provider isn't it a pain. Will try and read all your news on the web in my lunch hour for a few mins. Our wisteria is lovely its not as dense as when you wee it on the outside of a house becuase it hangs over a pergola - there are two side by side and appears to be a different strain its also behind the first one so looks like we will have some on show for a while. Alan also arected a higher fence in one corner of the garden it looks fab and much nicer

Gill said...

Womderful pictures, you had far better weather than us Southerners, it's been a wet miserable weekend down here in Hertfordshire. We're thinking of booking a week's holiday in Yorkshire during the Summer, I haven't been there since I was a child and I probably didn't appreciate the beauty of the area :)You've really tempted me now.

Unknown said...

Lovely pictures, and what a great mirror for 50p!


pinkgreen said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend - you even had sun (lucky thing). Great mirror - I love a bargain!
Cathy X

Carol said...

I loved our holiday in the Yorkshire Dales...such wonderful countryside. Your pictures are lovely.
Your lovely little Bunny has pride of place in Judes nursery, I post on Bunny soon. Thank you Fi.
Carol xx

Poppy Black said...

Such beautiful photos! English villages are so different from anything here that they don't look real :). One day I will visit England and see for myself that they are indeed real. That mirror was an amazing find. Have a happy weekend! XXX

Lucy Bloom said...

Sounds like my kind of a weekend, some beautiful spots you visited. I can't believe you got that lovely mirror for just 50p - what a find! I don't like painting much either, only small things that are finished quickly!
Lucy x

Anonymous said...

O such a scrummy website I love it, thank you Fi for all your wonderful updates, photos and for the lovely work you produce. You are so clever! x