Tuesday 6 May 2008

I hope you've all had a lovely bank holiday weekend. I did (Hooray!) even though it was short. I was at work on Monday (Boo!).

Jude's blue bunny was finished and parcelled up all safe and cosy ready for his journey over to Katherines Dream. Here he is ready to be loved, he didn't like the idea of travelling on his own, so I made him a little bunny buddy.Oops! The wrong way around, he's shy!

That's better.

On the way down to the post office I popped into our local market hall, where a flea market was being held. Straight away I spotted 5 Masons, blue and white dinner plates. Oh, the excitement! I gave them a cursory once over checking for chips, and then straight over to the counter to pay! I have to explain here that I only own 2 large bowls, and 9 little fruit bowls in this make and design. They were bought for me by my mum, and I absolutely love them to bits. They were made by Masons for Crabtree and Evelyn.

I don't have a one particular dinner service, as I am the kiss of death to any dinner set! As soon as I start collecting it, it's discontinued!!! So after the second time this happened to me, I decided I would have anything blue and white and traditional looking. Mix and match. So my dinner service is made up of a bit of Spode, Masons, Churchills, Royal Doulton and several other makes. It seem to work quite well though!

Anyway, in my excitement at finding the plates, I hadn't noticed that every table in the whole room was covered in crockery and glassware. As I turned around I spotted this...

I've been wanting one of these for while now. It doesn't match my blue and white, but I just fell in love with it and before the lady had even started to wrap my Masons plates, I had it in my sweaty little hands, grinning like a Cheshire cat and saying, "Oo! and this please!"

On Sunday the weather here in the Yorkshire was wet and miserable, which was good in a way, because I got on with some sewing.
I made myself and peg bag to wear over my shoulder to save all that bending up and down to the peg basket. So now my pegs are always at my side, ready for me to just dip my hand in and get one.
My next little project was Lola.

she has little green shoes

Fi x


Poppy Black said...

How brilliant! I love blue and white china, and that Masons pattern is particularly gorgeous. I am also mad on floral chintz china, and you were lucky I wasn't at the market before you, cause I really want a pretty cake stand too. You make fabulous things! I have been meaning to make a peg bag for ages, and now I can see why I've been procrastinating. I was thinking of making one on a coat hanger, but your peg bag looks much more functional. I was thinking one hanging on the line would annoy me because I would have to reach up and into the bag each time. Once I've made one I will treat myself to some pretty coloured pegs. XXX

Anonymous said...

What a pretty blog. I really like your peg bag. I have a peg tin which is on the ground and it can be annoying bending up and down to get pegs (probably good exercise though). Your village looks delightful.

MarmaladeRose said...

Thank you for stopping by Tracy. Your pumpkin soup looked good. Fi x

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Fi, looks like you got some wonderful finds too - that blue and white pattern is so pretty. Love all your makes as well!
Lucy x

Carol said...

Both Katie and I love your Bunny. He is brilliant. I think she is going to hang him from the pram shade. At the moment he is with all the other Bunnies on the mantle piece.
I love the blue and white china, I do have a bit of a collection myself....another collection I started many years ago.
Keep making those Bunnies they are adorable.
Carol xxx