Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Another Year Older, part two!

Now then, where did we get up to?
Oh, yes! The table top sale at the market hall...As I was saying, after I finished my marathon present opening session, we all wandered off down to the table top sale in our local market hall. I wasn't really expecting to buy anything as I presumed most of the stuff would be the same as last months. But how wrong I was! I shuffled around the hall as you do, and then on the last stall I spotted theses beautiful tins.
This is the back of the Ginger Wafers tin.
And then on the same stall, down on the floor I saw these two lovely pictures,

so I snaffled them up too! They're going to go side by side above my bed, when I find the hammer!(Mr Nobody seems to have had it!)
And I couldn't resist this spotty address book.
So laden down with my 'treasures', we all headed back home for lunch and a quiet afternoon snoozing, before we went out for a birthday tea at a local pub.
As you can see I had a lovely birthday weekend, topped off by walking into work on Monday morning to find a rather impressive birthday cake waiting for me. Hand made by my boss, it must have taken her ages, I was really touched.
Thank you everyone for wishing me a happy birthday!
Love Fi x


pinkgreen said...

Sounds like a wonderful birthday, and you've got some great treasures. Glad you had fun.
Cathy X

Unknown said...

Ohhh i've got a ginger tin just like that one. Had it for years, I think I got mine at House of Fraser, must be late 80s.

Gorgeous pictures!


Garden Girl said...

Hi Fi, have just found your blog..your birthday sounds fabulous (and what a fab pressie from Wondeful Husband!)

Carol said...

Happy Birthday fi....sounds like you has a lovely day.
Best wishes,
Carol x