Saturday, 30 August 2014

Art in the Pen.

 Hello! I'm playing catch up again! 
This was my stand at Art in the Pen at Skipton a couple of weeks ago. 
 Over 130 artists transformed animal pens into mini art galleries for the weekend. 
 As you can see I didn't have a lot of work but it was enough to fill the pen and all of it made new since the previous Art in the Pen at Carlisle. That's why blog posts have been thin on the ground recently.
 Wonderful Man and I had a fabby weekend. You meet such lovely people at these events, it always does me the world of good as it's the only way I get to see peoples reactions to my work. Other than doing these fairs I'd just be shut in the kitchen felting all day with Wonderful Man cracking the whip! Only joking.
 I tried to take a few pictures for you before it got too busy.
 Handsome isn't he? Posing on his chair. Yep, that's Wonderful Man holding the fort while I had a little wander. Have you noted the lovely crochet bag that nice lady is sporting, she made it herself. See I told you, I always meet lovely people. Well she crochets so she must be lovely!
 I'm sorry I can no longer remember who's stands these were so you'll just have to enjoy anonymous art works. The brochure is still available to download on the Art in the Pen website if you see anything you like. 
 I didn't manage to get around the whole 130 stands!
But this gives you a little taste of the variety of art work available.

And at the end of a very successful weekend, the long and winding road home.
And I'd just like to say thank you to my lovely customers who bought my art work. I know each of you absolutely loved the pieces you chose and I know you'll enjoy looking at them every day, which makes it easier for me to part with them...and to the lovely lady who bought the Hare in Daisies. If I could have done, I would have kept him as he's still my favourite and as far as I'm concerned my best piece to date but I know you love him as much as I did. Thank you ;) 


Susan Smith said...

Pity I wasn't over here a couple of weeks ago as I'd have loved something like that, although I did go to Harrogate yesterday. Your artwork is just so beautiful. Take care.

Noelle the dreamer said...

Thank you so much for sharing with us Fiona! For many, such post is the only way to see a little culture and the wonderful native craftsmanship!
I love every piece (would need a new house and much bigger if I let myself being tempted!)
God bless,

Betty said...

Sorry if this duplicates itself but comments are playing up on my sign on - great display and your latest work looks fabulous as always. Betty

Anonymous said...

It was a lovely day and so pleased to have said "hello" to you. Such a warm welcome! Your work is stunning and beautiful and I treasure my bag. Keep it up and God bless. Alison :-)

Adaliza said...

So glad you did well. It looks like a marvellous venue and such a variety of work. Are you busy in the run up to Yarndale? Good luck. When it settles down a bit - next Spring, maybe - think about doing ducks! Flora will send you a good pose!!! Have a lovely September. We're stealing a bit of time away by the sea - bliss.