Saturday, 26 July 2014


 The morning started with a strange low cloud lingering through the dale. Very odd but beautiful. The promise of another hot and sunny day. 
 So sunny that I had trouble to see my stitches whilst sweating away at my sewing machine in the attic.
It really was too beautiful a day to be up in the hot, hot, hot attic, but needs must. 
The leaves around these daisies needing finishing off ready to be taken to the picture framer. They're part of a much larger piece but I can't show you just yet. Can you see a few twitchy whiskers sneaking into the picture! lol.

Till next time
love Fi x


Betty said...

The new picture looks exciting. Hope you get out in the sunshine and escape the attic soon!

Miss Holly said...

Oh my gosh.....your work is just so beautiful!!!!

vix said...

Love the flowers Fiona!
This weather is making me very bad, as haven't done much 'work'!!!
Taken loads of photos though ….I call it inspiration for future textile art!!
Look forward to seeing the rest of the picture!

Vicky :)

Adaliza said...

Beautiful work - really amazing. I've been sweating whilst sewing too - had to take a tissue into the garden so I didn't drip on the quilts whilst making the most of the sunshine and binding the edges by hand! Glad the sun is shining in Yorkshire. It's a bit cooler here today with terrible thunderstorms further east. Lots of black clouds here but no thunder - yet! Take care Ax

Winifred said...

Absolutely gorgeous.

Just like the weather.

Anonymous said...

Yes I can....
Love everything you do

Kim said...

*jumps up and down impatiently*
I wanna seeee!! lol

Kim said...

*jumps up and down impatiently*
I wanna seeee!! lol

Claire said...

Hey Fi, I read this post earlier, but am coming back to comment.........
Good to see you getting some proper Summery weather for a change, hope you've got a fan with you in the attic though!
Another wonderful piece in the making, look forward to seeing the completed pic.

Claire xx