Monday, 1 April 2013

Bimbi's Birthday Commission

 Buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz, buzzy bee, buzzy bee.
Ah! How I long to hear a bumble bee whizzing past my ear instead of the icy wind. Today I'm sitting looking straight ahead out of the front room window at the blue sky and a snow covered hilltop. 

 back to our buzzy bees to remind us of summer.
Here they are in amongst the flowers in the meadow.

 This piece of embroidered felt was commissioned by the lovely Bimbi, for her birthday which as it happens is today.
She didn't quite know what she was getting as Hubby was buying it for her and I don't think she was allowed to see it until today.
Happy Birthday Bimbi!
I hope she liked it.

love Fi x

Edited to add,   YAY! She loves it! Take a look here to see Bimbi's beautiful photos.


Angie said...

She must LOVE it, it's absolutely gorgeous!
Angie x

Sarah said...


S x

Susan Smith said...

That is gorgeous. I'm sure she'll love it.

Claire said...

Love the view from your front room Fi.......just gorgeous as is the bag. Im sure Bimbi will love it.
Hope you have lovely fuzzy bees bumbling about soon.

Claire x

Poppins Creations said...

How beautiful!
I really have missed reading your blog, love love LOVE your gnome bag that you did a while ago.
It's been good to have lots of posts to catch up on :)
Hope you're well and keeping warm in The Dales.


Carol said...

I bet she cried with happiness. Beautiful.
Carol xx

homegirl said...

How could she not love it!!! it's gorgeous!!!! I loved the little crofts and sheep you did too! so talented!!
love your blog!
Daisies-doilies and donkeys blogspot

Monique van den Berg said...

This one is as beautiful as all the others!!! She is a lucky lady to get such a nice bag!

Groetjes, Monique

KC'sCourt! said...

Love the bag - its gorgeous.
I'm sure the lady will love it
Julie xxxxxxxx

Blueberry Heart said...

absolutley GORGEOUS! I bet she was over the moon receiving that!
BH x

... Bimbi said...

Dear Fi
YES, I absolutely LOVE it! It is beautiful and perfect and just so what I had hoped it would be. Thank you so, so much!
I was totally amazed by two things. The first one was the weight, light as a feather yet strong. The other was the sheer perfection in the felting. It's so delicate.
Fi, I'm totally thrilled with it. There will be a post on my blog, but we've just got over a wedding as well and I haven't had a minute.

Bimbi x

dottycookie said...

Oh wow - that is just beautiful! I have a soft spot for bees :-)

alanayarts said...

muhteşem olmuş!nasıl bir güzellik.bravo!

Twiglet said...

Oh I am sure she will be thrilled - it's truly beautiful. x Jo

Red Rose Alley said...

Just coming over from Noelle's blog. Your have such lovely creations.

Happy spring day,
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

Noelle the dreamer said...

Beautiful Fiona! Surely the faeries have blessed your fingers?!
I had to share with others 'my' latest acquisition and noticed Sheri beat me to let you know!
Wishing you a wonderful (warm and sunny) Spring and just so you know, saving my pennies for another project!
Blessings Dear,

Maria said...

First time visiting your blog Fiona and I love your work. The combination of felt, machine and hand embroidery is wonderful. Definitely something I would love to try - too bad you are not in NZ running classes!

Unknown said...

It's a beautiful bag! Love all the detail and the colours too. What a lovely view from your sofa - lucky you! xxx

vintageandart said...

My first visit here...your work is truly beautiful

Kay said...

Lucky, lucky lady. I must say, she has a great husband to think of something like this.

My Norfolk Life said...

That is so very beautiful - no wonder she loves it!

Sandie said...

How fabulous is this? I've just found your blog and will spend every spare moment looking through your creations.