Saturday, 17 November 2012

Actually, white pompoms may also mean...

Maybe I'm onto something. Maybe I could write a book...101 uses for a pompom.
Maybe not.

This little chap is an upcycled woolly jumper.
Oo! There's another one!
 I did a bit doodling in my sketch book and came up with a pattern I liked before having a rummage through my felted jumper box (yes I have a box of shrunken felted jumpers, purposefully shrunk I hasten to add.)
And before I knew it, I had a little bundle of bunnies. I think they look a bit 1940's-ish.
Changing the subject completely.
I have a couple of random felt bags to show you that I made a couple of weeks ago. I was planning to give them their own blog post but my laptop has died on me, taking with it the photos I needed for said post.
(I'm using #2's laptop which operates on a totally different system to mine and it's driving me nuts!)
These two pics were still on my camera so I thought we'd give them a little nod and get them out of the way. Both are available through the Chapel Gallery who now are able to sell directly online to customers. They're still in the process of uploading items but they're getting there.
Aaaah now that's out of the way I feel much better.
We can now get ready for next time.
I have something I'm chuffed to bits with, to show you next time.
So till then
love Fi x


Anonymous said...

Oh Fi!
I love these bunnies And THOSE GORGEOUS BAGS!!! OH MY!!!!!

KC'sCourt! said...

I love the bunnies
Julie xxxxxx

Marigold Jam said...

That's bunnies for you - make two and before you know it there are more! They are so cute. Bags are stunning too of course.

Tracy said...

Those bunnies are super cute, and your felted bags are fabulous x

Twiglet said...

Your felt bags are so pretty - they won't be in the Gallery for long!! Love the bunnies too - yes I have bags of shrunken jumpers that I get out to play with now and again!! Have a good weekend. x Jo

Janet Friel said...

Georgeous bunnies and I love the bags too!

Miss Holly said...

Your work just gets better and better!!!! You are one talented lady!! I adore the buns.... I am finally getting serious about knitting and have knitted my first bun fun..but having always been a crocheter it is so much slower...but I'm determined to really get it this time!!!
Happy day!!

Anonymous said...

Love those bunnies and the bags.... sigh!


I really truly love your bunnies. They are beautiful. I like them so much I ordered one for my new grand daughter for her Christmas pressie. I know she will love touching it. Hugs judy

Annie said...

Love thos bunnies Fi and your bags are so original and unique...just beautiful.
A x

Aunty Bee said...

Bunnies are gorgeous, I agree with the slight retro feel. The bags are lovely do love the felting, you are very clever.

Kay said...

Adorable bunnies, I love the one with the pattern going up her legs.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Love those little rabbits Fiona. They would look lovely peeping out of any child's stocking.