Monday, 22 October 2012

Rosey Cosy

Fancy a cuppa?
Hello all. Before anything else I must say a huge thank you for all of the 'Boxing Hares Felt' love on my last post. I am quite thrilled and a little surprised with it myself, which might seem a strange thing to say coming from the artist herself. But anyone who wet felts knows it's a bit of an unknown quantity. We make allowances for shrinkage and movement during felting but even then you never quite know what to expect when you unroll that wet sheet of wool! Anyway the hares are now languishing on the spare bed in the attic waiting to be embroidered. 
There has been more felting of late but we'll save that for another time and switch over to knitting fun today. What do you think to my chunky garter stitch tea cosies? 
This has been one of those projects that sits simmering for years and years, you know the type, we've all got them. They're the 'One day I want to make a ....' project. There is an ulterior motive for making these cosies, I have been invited to take part in Christmas Craft Fair and  a mild panic is now starting to set in. 
I knew I wanted to knit a really, really chunky, big garter stitch tea cosy but could I find a pattern for one? No I couldn't (I know at this point you're all shouting at your laptops that there is one available at such and such a site.) anyway I couldn't find just what I wanted so there was nothing for it but to design my own pattern! Yes my lovelies, it may only be very basic and it may be taking it a bit too far to call it designing but this is the very first item I've ever knitted without a proper pattern! Whoohoo! (apart form a Dr Who scarf at the age of 12!)
I knew I wanted garter stitch and I wanted it BIG. I knew I wanted it to fit a 6 cup pot (the red one fits an 8 cup pot) and to fit snugly around the handle and spout. I knew I wanted to pop some flowers on the top like the lovely tea cosy on the front of this book, but something with a bit more uumph!
I luuurve the finished result...lets hope my craft fair customers do too.

Till next time
love Fi x


Anonymous said...

Love the tea cozies & the roses. I just bought that book this summer because of the flowers on the front.

French Nanny said...

The tea cosies look great! Hope you sell lots.


l.wilks11 said...

Love the crochet roses you have used to decorate the cosy.....xx

Twiglet said...

Perfect!! I can't make anything without a pattern. Hope they sell well. x Jo

Annie said...

Gorgeous Fi. Well done you with the pattern designing.
A x

Anne said...

The tea cosies are amazing.I bet they will be snapped up!

tülin said...

My crochet tea cozies;

Claire said...

Hey Fi, I'm sure your tea cosies won't last long at the market......they are lovely.
Beautiful blooming roses on top, too sweet.

CLaire x

Ali said...

Your teacosys are gorgeous. I love the roses on the top.
Ali x

mags said...

Absolutely lovely - the texture is great and love the flowers - a real fun cosy.

Two Wednesdays said...

They're gorgeous - and the big roses are just perfect (small ones would have been all wrong)

Anonymous said...

Love them.... and like you, I rarely try knitting anything without a pattern to follow or get hints from. But once you have done one thing, and a tea cosy is a nice simple shape to start with I know, having done one years ago, it sort of gives you confidence and a great deal of back-slapping goes on!! I am sure the visitors to the fair will love them, if not, they have no taste!

Granny's Button Box said...

I love the flowers, the colours are perfect. Good luck with the Christmas Craft Fair - Where and when is it?



Granny's Button Box said...

Hi Fi

It did test my patience getting the side lining sewn in. I hemmed it with the narrow hemmer attachment that came with my Singer Featherweight, it made a lovely narrow hem, it was the first time that I had used it.

I am about an hour away so will try and get to the fair, it will be a lovely day out. Cheers Sharon

Wendy said...

Fabulous! I'm doing a Christmas craft fair too and I'm now panicking as I don't have enough stock! I still have 40 days, which sounds a lot, but 28 of them are work days and I have 2 weekends away planned!

sandiart said...

Love them, they will be snapped up quick I am sure! A tea pot cosy has been on my todo list for quite a while now, however other crafty things that 'have' to be made first get in the way.
xo Sandi

Unknown said...

Oh! this looks so cozy!
love the colors!

Maggie Ann said...

Very pretty!!

Unknown said...
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