Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Was it good for you?

Seasons Greetings.

I hope it was good for you. This was my applique Christmas card design for those special cards I needed to send.

Preparations finally got underway, oranges studded with cloves. The orange on the right is last years that has been sat on the top of the radiator all year long. It has totally dried out but still faintly smells.

Gifts were wrapped. I luuuurve brown paper. A little bit of ribbon and a home made gift tag makes it all very special.

A little home made baking was accomplished, after all it's not Christmas in our house with out a sausage roll on Christmas Eve.

Our local butchers shop always has a lovely window display but at Christmas time it looks very 'traditional country' with pheasant, rabbits, duck, and partridge. Well I think it was partridge, I'm not very good at poultry with it's feathers still on.
I know it's a bit gruesome but it did actually look quite beautiful.

Wonderful Man and I attended our local auction mart on Christmas Eve morning for the annual auction of 'dressed poultry'. I really wanted to take some photos but I felt a little conspicuous as it was full of 'locals' mostly in wellies and flat caps, with ruddy weathered cheeks. We've only lived here 5 years and still quite often feel like tourists, (they say you have to have 3 generations in the graveyard before you're classed as a local!) lol. There were some real characters there, it was wonderful, I wanted to photograph them all and make sketches but I really felt out of place. There were tables and tables of turkeys and geese of all shapes and sizes, all locally reared and the largest being 36lb 8oz!
That's bigger than sneaky dog.

Talking of sneaky dog, here she is with her gift from Santa.

She's keen to make sure no-one else get their hands on her bone.

Best give it a big lick so no one else wants it!

All the best

Love Fi x


Pink Milk said...

Gorgeous robin card and how funny is sneaky dog with that humongous bone?!!!

A very happy new year to you.


Betty said...

Lovely that sneaky dog got a Christmas present. Happy New Year wishes to you.

Jeanne Feijó Machado said...

Lindo o passarinho, adorei.O presente do cão, deu para ter certeza que ele adorou. Feliz Natal e um 2012 com muita saúde, paz e criatividade.

Bertie Meadows said...

hello Fi,

Merry Christmas to you too. I could just pinch one of those sausage rolls, they look delicious (as if I haven't eaten enough already!)

Bertie x

Claire said...

Hey Fi, how darn cute is that Robin?......It's just gorgeous and you're right brown paper is fab for wrapping gifts, so much you can do to decorate and personalise it.

The window display in the butchers shop is certainly very interesting, you would never see anything like that here in Australia. Shame you didn't sneak a pic or two in of the auction, it sounded very interesting as well.

The definition of a 'local' here is, you have to have someone born in the local hospital, buried in the cemetery and lived her for at least 30 years.........
As the maternity ward closed down at the local hospital years ago, we've got buckleys, hehehe.....
Still, we claim to be locals in tourist season.

Those sausage rolls are making me feel peckish, so I think it's time for lunch.

Best wishes for a happy, healthy and crafty 2012.......

Claire X

Janice Kay Schaub said...

I love the little robin, I like anything with Robins on. I am enjoying your blog

lemonade kitty said...

That sounds so exciting, an auction of dressed poultry, I've not heard of that before. My dad was a master butcher so I remember the christmasses in the shop where all the birds were hung and the customers picked one out and dad would "dress" it for them. Merry christmas and a happy new year, Lucey x

Jane said...

Love the dog clinging tightly to the bone - ours used to 'bury' them in its blanket in case the cat took it!

VintageVicki said...

That card is gorgeous :)

BTW who needs a 36lb turkey???

Twiglet said...

Great post Fi - I love the robin collage. Have a happy New Year - best wishes. Jo

The Weaver of Grass said...

A Happy New Year to you all.

Stitchabilities said...

Season Greeting to you too, love the Robin!!
Cor how long will it take for sneaky dog to finish the bone?

Maggie Ann said...

I loved your Christmas card and the snow on the fells....and the rabbits and such in the shop window. Thank you sooo much for sharing your life with us in blog-land...=). I loved every bit of your post. Well, not AS much the doggie, not being a dog gal. But, he is a special part of your family and he should have his photo online...for sure and certain. Sometimes I actually wonder if I will get a small dog someday. Who knows? I love to watch dog shows on tv. a lot. with love, & a wish to you for a Merry Christmas week and a Happy Happy New Year!

Sandi said...

Oooh, snow. We had hail the size of golf balls, torrential rain and a typhoon on Christmas day, thank goodness it went around us, however we did have the torrential rain. I was so glad our power didn't go out otherwise no Christmas dinner. Love your little Robin and look at Sneaky dog, how funny is she.
xx Sandi