Tuesday 21 June 2011

Life in a Laptop.



Start breathing again...in...out...in...out.

A nasty virus took hold in my luverly laptop, my Wonderful Man worked on it for about 3 hours. I paced the floor, back and forth, chewing fingernails and boiling water! Eventually wiping his brow he put it right and said, "That was a tough one."

He's a superdooper computer whizz.


But just when we thought everything was running as normal...AAAARG!

All of my pictures and photos had vanished! My little 'My Pictures' folder was empty!

And I have to tell you, that 'My Pictures' folder is my life! It holds all that is 'virtually' dear to me.

It holds all photographic records of my work for about the last 7 years!

It holds my virtual inspirations scrapbook!

It holds images I just like that make me smile!

It holds my creative life!

But Wonderful Man is wonderful for many reasons.

And on this occasion it's because he retrieved my creative life,

and gently with caring tiptappety fingers made it all reappear in its little yellow folders.

He truly is a WONDERFUL MAN.

Alas wonderful does have it's limits sometimes and at the moment I have a very blank space where my 'favourites' lists should be.
And it was a VERY long list.
My list of favourites was soooo long that I had them organised into folders. There was one for property websites, one for shopping, one for textiles, one for fabric, and most important of all THREE for blogs!

Yes I have you or should I say HAD you all organised into UK blogs, World blogs, and my '20 minuters into a Daily sewing blogs.

So my dear friends I need to make a new favourites list. I need to find you all again. So please be patient with me if I don't visit for a while, I've lost your address.

Of course it would be most helpful if you left a little calling card when you drop by to aid me with filling my new favourites folders :)

The pictures are of my last felt piece. A commission for the lovely and very patient TillyRose. If you would like to see it in person you'll can visit Karen's new craft barn which will shortly be open for craft workshops and crafting goodies check out her blog for more information.

That's all for now folks!

Rest assured 'My Pictures' folder has now been backed up and copied!
and apparently is soon to be 'burned' to a CD!

And to my Wonderful Man...

Thank you darling X


Roxanne said...

I've experience the computer blue screen of death myself and also lost many cherished favorites. I've learned to keep a handwritten file of favorites and important bookmarks. A little extra work but easier to retrieve! Also saved pictures on CDs and art & craft instructions on thumb drives. Love your latest felted piece. Very nice.

Little Blue Mouse said...

That is indeed a wonderful man you have there!
I'm so glad you got all your photos back. The same thing happened to me and luckily my daughter had previously put the photos on a disc. There was just about a month's worth which hadn't been saved. I was going to ask how your Wonderful Man got the photos back but it would be all gobbledy gook to me!

But it's reminded me that I must ask her to save my latest ones.

Amanda Makes said...

Thank goodness for your lovely hubby! I absolutely love your felt piece. I never cease to be amazed by your creativity! xxxx

Hazel said...

I know that feeling so much! I lost a lot of pics of the kids on my last comp - never to be retrieved. So I now have a little pink disk thingy where I store all my charts and patterns etc on. That is my life lol. Once I lost it and I was heartbroken and sobbing only to find it a few hours later... stuffed down my cleavage! I had put it there to mind whilst I did something. Ooops. x

French Knots said...

The same thing happened to me and lucikly my sister in law's brother is a wonderful man too. I found it turned out to be easier to have an external hard drive for saving photos, delicious.com for favourites and googlereader for blogs.Three good safety nets just in case.

Thank goodness for you wonderful man!

Miss Holly said...

I don't know where to start!! O.k. the computer....we just went through this and now I have an apple that I am just learning about...not an inexpensive choice but I have to think long term and they say ( who ever they are ) they have less problems....we shall see...lucky you for your Mr. MIne is very good but it not in your Mr's league....
Your art work......I am just so impressed... I can't find the right words...it is so so so so beautiful...really it is beyond beautiful...it is a though every way you chose to do each little part was exactly the right way.....someone is very very lucky indeed!!
well, I hope your troubles are over!!!!

Annie said...

I have a wonderful son who works miracles with computers too...aren't we blessed? :-)
I really love this new piece of work Fi. What talent.
A x

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Oh I had the same problem a couple of weeks ago and my laptop had to go to the computer doctor. I was so worried I'd loose my photos too but like you all was well in the end!
Beautiful work as always Fi. :)
Vivienne x

Twiglet said...

Like cars - computers are fine when they work - otherwise -arrgghhh!!!!!!!
I bet Tillyrose will be thrilled with your new felted pic Fi - its really beautiful.

FairyCastleFarm said...

Hip, hip, hooray for your wonderful man!!! WELL DONE! Goodluck finding everyone again, I am sure you will and I love your pics posted today, beautiful - Take care from Yollie

Holly said...

How awful! I would be lost without my pictures and favorites. If I asked my husband to fix it he would have probably just kicked it. He's a truck driver. Good luck finding your favorites.

Sweet Seahorse said...

Twice I have lost everything on my computer (many years ago) and unfortunately in neither instance would your gorgeous man have been able to help :( The first time I did it to myself downloading a file. I got the standard "You may lose some information if you continue to download this file." And yes I did. I lost EVERYTHING except for that one file. No programs, no drivers, ALL GONE!!! The second time the hard drive simply fused itself, goodness knows how or why but it did.
I suppose I am due again - must backup my photos!
xXx Helen

Susan said...

We have a little box in the corner which we send stuff to.

Before that it was sending stuff to cds.

Glad you got your photographs back.

Kris said...

Oh Lordy...I would be frantic! My life is on my computer!!!! I hope you can recoup all that you lost! Good luck!!!

The Weaver of Grass said...

He needs a special cake baking - a real one not a fabric one!

... Bimbi said...

The answer is a MAC with a time capsule. Automatic back-ups are carried out without you lifting a finger. No more stress and freaking out!

Love your gorgeous felt work.

carrad said...

How scary! I have so many pictures and all my work on our pc, with some but not all copies on my laptop. It's unnerving how much we depend on these objects.

Felted piece is beautiful! xx

Heather said...

Oh my, it's dreadful when that happens. My laptop went BOOM last year (metaphorically, not literally) and I had a minor breakdown until Andy came home and managed to retrieve all my photos and documents. It means I am running on Linux on a limping along laptop but hey, better than no laptop at all!
What I do suggest you do though is get yourself a google reader account, or a blog lovin' account and use that to store all your blog favourites because apart from being able to see when they update, you'll be able to access them even if your computer breaks again because they're stored online rather than on your pc.
Oh and I would not be so bold as to assume I was in a favourites folder, but I'm littletinbird.com if you did lose me.
xx Heather

Scented Sweetpeas said...

eeekk! It is horrid when you lose your photos, I lost the whole first year photos of my little daughters life due to a computer hiccup :-( I have now bought a hard drive which you just plug in to your pc to back up photos for my peace of mind :-)

The Patchwork Heart said...

OOOhhh I feel your pain Fi! What a wonderful man you have, he obviously loves you dearly! Please add me again, its great to keep in touch!
H x

Jules said...

Never, EVER let that man go - worship him daily or failing that lock him in a cupboard for safekeeping (and remember to back up your files, esp your photos). You have been warned ... x

potterjotter said...

Eeeek! I don't want to even think about that happening - am gonna back my photos up tomorrow for definite!

Two Wednesdays said...

Phew! So glad you have nearly everything back - it has reminded me that I had better do another full back pronto!
That felted piece is beautiful - love the foxgloves,

Gilly Tee said...

I heard from Karen how gorgeous her hanging is, she's not wrong. Lucky you to have a computer man, I have a bicycle man. Not quite as useful but just as wonderful.

Unknown said...

I am just on my way to bed and stumbled across your lovely blog i will pop back when i have more time. But wow your felt picture is beautiful. I love your little crochet tea cozy to how sweet is that ;-) I am so pleased that your husband was able to restore everything for you. Take lots of care, dee x

Colette said...

Thank goodness you found the photo's. Please, please, please don't just rely on the CD, go and treat yourself to an external hard drive, I lost all of Ashleys wedding photos, so headed out for one ASAP, best £40 i have ever spent.

The wall hanging looks wonderful xx

Anonymous said...

Well I can see why you would be distraught at losing all those lovely creative memories. I also have an electronic husband, as one neighbour called him many years ago. Which conjured up all sorts of images, press this button and he washes up, press that one and he wipes the worksurfaces.... you get the picture I conjured up! They are a godsend aren't they, and save us so much money as well. Money saving, nice to look at, handy to have around, able to keep secrets... what more could you want?
Best friend/soulmate/husband all rolled into one, with some extra bits for good measure.

Allyson said...

Thank goodness for wonderful men!!
Your latest art work is beautiful, as always

Lululiz said...

I have instant nightmares when anything goes remotely wrong with my computer. I have quite a few things like some photographs backed up onto disks but not recent stuff. Thanks for the timely reminder, must back up, must back up, must back up......
Oh, and your man is worth his weight in gold, what an absolute treasure.

Sandi said...

Oh wonderful man indeed. Makes your heart sink when you think all is lost. Loving your felted artwork, but I love all your creative crafy goodness.
x Sandi

silverpebble said...

Oh thank goodness!

Carol said...

Phew, thank goodness for a good and techy man.
For those without - it is not cheap but I think it is amazing, especially for the non-techy (which includes me) - Clickfree http://search.qvcuk.com/QVCUK/Search.ff?query=clickfree&cm_re=PAGE-_-SEARCH-_-SEARCH&cm_scid=SEARCH.
Beautiful piece of felted work.
Carol xx

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I don't know how I landed here, but I have to tell you that you are the most amazing talent. I love your creations and your blog.
Carol in Indiana, USA

Maggie Ann said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your pc troubles. I know the sick feeling when something goes very wrong that way. I hope your hubby read your post, what a sweet tribute and thanks to him.

I've missed you! I'm glad to read your post today. Your felt piece...is a beautiful work of art, and a treat to see. hugs from Pa. (USA)

Joshy and belle said...

Gosh! Glad we know who to call now if we have the same problem, he he, love your cushion, fliss xxx

Karoline said...

Glad you where able to resurrect your laptop (been there done that)

Your panel is gorgeous.

Planet Penny said...

Oooh noooo! that is just the most scary thing! I've had something similar happen twice, once my blog just vanished, and a few weeks ago it was hackied into and I and everyone else just got a scary message instead of Planet Penny. Both times my own Superman flew to the rescue, dived into Cyber Space and brought back two years worth of thoughts and photos. It feels like your arm has been lopped off doesn't it? Where would we be without our super heroes?!
So glad everything is now restored, I'm sure you'll get your favourites etc together soon. Sometimes pen and paper are the safest thing, I think I shall start my list now.
Love your latest felty piece, gorgeous colours.
Penny x

gillette said...

you are truly one artist who can do anything
hats off to you

Lynne said...

I'm dreading that happening. Our computer has been teetering along for a while now and I still haven't backed up my photos!!
I was one of your 20 minuters.
Loving your work as always.

rocky2 said...

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farhan missbah said...
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