Thursday, 17 March 2011

Apron Love.

The above is the result of waking up to kiss Wonderful Man goodbye when he left at 4.30am for work!
Well to be precise, it's the result of me not being able to get back to sleep after he left for work at 4:30am!
Luckily he only has to do this once a week. Get up at 4:30 I mean, not go to work once a week! lol.
I've got a bit of bread thing going on at the moment which is quite nice only I wish it would go away as I'm piling the weight on...mmmmm...homemade bread and jam....mmmmmm!

Recent crafting activity...more heart brooches.
These seem to be quite popular so I've tweaked them a little, as you do when you've made quite a few of the same thing. I'm rather pleased with these as I printed the script onto the fabric myself and I have to say I'm quite taken with it.

More hearts, one to be precise, appliqued onto...

this little utility apron.
I'm hoping this will be just right for keeping my essentials in when I'm running my next craft stall. If it's not it doesn't matter as I've found it rather useful at home already for carrying my mobile phone (which usually lives in my bra when I have no pockets) my camera ready for crafty blog photos at any given opportunity, pens, tissues the coiled up USB lead for the camera. (It's always downs stairs when I'm up and upstairs when I'm down, I should be as thin as Kate Moss really!)
The apron wasn't my idea I found it here if you fancy having a go.

More apron luuurve!
Some vintage Sanderson curtain fabric, a bit of ricrac and HeY preSTO!
Modelled beautifully by Ethel Maud.
I don't think I've introduced you to Ethel Maud before. She gets in the way a bit but I do love her so. She's very quiet and never answers back and best of all she's very obliging when you need to hang things off her instead of dropping them on the floor.
And lastly.
A sneak preview.
I'm sooooo excited about this, I'm almost beside myself!

Gosh! I hope you won't be disappointed after this build up. I'm just so pleased with how this turned out... but that's for next time.
Thanks for keeping me company, you keep me going.
love fi x


KC'sCourt! said...

I love getting up early, I'm at my best first thing in the morning, I actually get grumpy later on in the day.
The baking looks yummy - and the heart brooches are very pretty
Julie xxxxxxxx

Annie said...

Hehehe I think we are walking a parallel path at the mo Fi :-) I'm into bread making too [but I'm loosing weight], I'm creating aprons etc and I keep my phone down my bra often :-)
A x

sue said...

You house must smell fantastic, all that scrummy bread first thing in the morning! And like you say homemade jam mmmmmm lovely. Love your apron too, great idea running up and down stairs is exhausting.
Also so pleased to meet Ethel Maud she's lovely of course. I have a Maud who lives in my hall and models various creations, she's very special and old and she loves dressing up!
Enjoy your baking and making. ♥

Gilly Tee said...

Love the apron.

Just Original said...

I really wish I had the space to bake bread, it looks gorgeous and I bet it smells gorgeous!

The apron looks great!

Vanessa x

Sandi said...

When I was with my first hubby, we had a lovely old house, and in that house we had a slow combustion Rayburn stove, I used to make bread and jam and sauces, ooh how I miss that house, cos we had our chickens and veggie garden, fruit trees and berry vines. I so want to get back to that!!!
Your brooches are beautiful, can understand them being popular.
x Sandi

Cheryl said...

I need an Ethel Maud. She sounds fantastic, apart from getting in the way. I have three children and a dog that have claimed that role in the house.

Love the brooches and am not surprised they are going well. The apron looks perfect. Can't wait to see your latest creation. Just the small detail looks intriguing. You are so clever.

Anonymous said...

This made me smile... oh to be in your house first thing in the morning... do you serve breakfast?
Love the minipinny, it would be ideal for when I have my bookstall.
And the laugh came about at the idea of trying to find room in my bustenholster for anything other than two large boobs! A mobile could get lost..... but since I never use mine, or the phone at all come to that, it's not important, but you made me smile, which I needed as I put my back out reaching inside the car to get the shopping bags this morning. Oh dear, and the day had got off to such a good start, is this an omen for this afternoon when my husband has an appointment with the taxman???

Catherine said...

I, too, have an apron love! Don't need any more but just can't resist!! Have a lovely weekend! Cx

Julia said...


You have me very intrigued by that last photo, will look forward to seeing your reveal, but in the meantime I'm drooling at your baking and gorgeous aprons!! Clever lady you are!

Love Julia x

The Weaver of Grass said...

That baking looks scrumptious. We came through Hawes on a craft fair day last weekend - but were in a hurry - wondered if you had a stall in there.

moonstruckcreations said...

Lovely lovely pics! Im an early bird as well, it all goes a bit down hill after half two in the afternoon.

All that baking - yum! Im on a bit of a losing weight thing at the moment, so my daughter and I are going to attempt to bake a low-cal cake using canderel and extra low fat clover - will let you know how it goes!!

The brooches are delightful - I have a definite heart - thing (obsession) going on.


buyaionaccount said...

How sweet gesture it could be. Love the bread you've prepared there, so jam-ylicious. That apron is super cute and the details gosh, your realy a genius pulling through like that. Lovely.

Campfire said...

Baking! Ym, I love home made bread and make it when I can.

I chuckled when I saw the tailor's dummy - my Nan was a dressmaker/tailoress and had one which she used to stand in the window dressed in a coat and hat so the local children would think she was looking out at them. I 'm sure the things they got up to were nowhere near what goes on today, nevertheless we laugh at it now.