Friday, 10 September 2010

Remember the sunshine?

Isn't this a pretty picture? I took this photo way back in June and duly uploaded it to my computer ready for a blog post and there it has sat completely forgotten until now.
So as I sit here in the attic listening to the rain pitter-pattering on the roof lets indulge in some early summer sunshine and cupcakes.

If my memory serves me right I was going to try and make a new blog header photo for MarmaladeRose and since I'd been very busy making fabric cupcakes, I thought they would be perfect for the photo shoot. (Get me, 'photo shoot')

So out into the sunshine I popped, setting up my usual little outdoor corner with my favourite garden chair. (Yes it is as comfortable as it looks, excellent for a little snooze in the sunshine.)

Much snapping of photos and rearranging of cakes and plates took place.

There was plumping of cushions and grumbling at clouds blocking the precious sunshine.

 I bet the neighbours thought I was completely loopy clicking away at a plate of cakes and an armchair, lol!

This is the finished photo. I thought this one had it all: The cupcakes, the view and space for the word 'MarmaladeRose' across the top of the picture.
But do you know what?
I'm not sure I want to change my blog banner after all.
I think I'll stick with the one I've got.
It rather suits me, don't you think?

I did think this one might make a good picture for a birthday card though!
Hope the sun is shining where you are.

Fi x


Anonymous said...

Are those cupcakes really fabric? They look so realistic and good enough to eat!

Jacey said...

I want to live at your house.
Those cakes are amazing.
Great photos, like looking through the pages of country living magazine.
jacey x

Amanda said...

I love the photos, it really would make a good header and cards. Fantastic.

silverpebble said...

Oh that cakey countryside image IS very lovely and I adored seeing all the different angles and the fun you had. You're right though, your little felt flowers are just right.

Colette said...

Your view is really wonderful. I think either header photo would be good. nice to see you back. Hope you have had a good holiday.

Colette x

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Lovely photos Fi!! Those cakes do look so real.
We've had some sunshine today. :)
By the way I do like your Wensleydale cheese!
Vivienne x

Marigold Jam said...

I love the banner you already have and it might be a shame to fill that wonderful view with print mightn't it? Fancy living where you have such a fabulous view from your garden - bliss!


Jennifer said...

What a gorgeous view, absolutely stunning. I promise I have been keeping up with 20 minutes :), it's just that the last few projects I have been working on have to remain secret until they end up with their new owners. I shall have several projects to show in the next month.

Anonymous said...

Hi Fi, are these new ones or ones I´ve already got? And is hat really sunshine in Hawes, I´ve just put on facebook that the sun has forgotten where we live, lovely pics, but not homesick just yet, Karen xx

topchelseagirl said...

Wow what a gorgeous view. That chair looks so comfy and I love your pink cabinet. x

Aveen said...

I love your fabric cupcakes! I couldn't decide if they were real or not until I actually read your post (because I spent ages peering at the photos first!).

Is the bag in the first photo a Cath Kidston?

Anonymous said...

All of that was absolutely gorgeous. What fantastic views so serene, and your wonderful cupcakes. It is like a never-ending tes party, I love it!

Sweet Birdy Love said...

Arctic Tundra or not, you do live in a stunningly beautiful place Fi.
I can feel the calories and kilos mounting just looking at those scrumptious cupcakes. Maybe just as well they are not real, they would be extremely hard to resist.
Hope you get a little bit of sunshine over the weekend. The rains seems to have disappeared from here for a while and we have a lovely sunny morning.

Claire X

potterjotter said...

The cakes and the scenery look equally delicious - we were up there again this summer and I posted similar pics but sadly without cakes!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post Fi, I didn't let my little cupcake look because she may have become home sick. I am looking after her very well and she brings a smile to my face everyday.
Your chair does look very inviting, sigh!!!
Hugs Sandi xx

The Red Brick Farmhouse said...

What an amazing view you have! You are a very talented woman!


Nata per sognare said...

Gnam Gnam.
Beautiful cupcakes.
Wonderful home,
it's a dream.

Helsie said...

No don't change it ! Your header is BEAUTIFUL!
You certainly live in a wonderful part of the world. The best place in all of England in my opinion.
Love the cupcakes

Serenata said...

I do so love your current blog banner and think it is just perfect. Although your photo shoots of cupcakes and views and pretties are lovely as well. Wonderful views, but yes I can imagine you pay for them in winter time.

sylviesgarden said...

I love your cakes, so realistic. You are very talented! My littlest one wants one to eat.
I wish I had such a lovely view. We have been looking into moving to Yorkshire but the problem is the lack of jobs for the Mr. It's such a beautiful area.

Anonymous said...

Lovely lovely photos and lovely lovely view too.
Yorkshire really is a county of great beauty isn't it.
And yes its sunny here today, I'm hoping for a crisp sunny autumn like we had last year.
Em xxx

Dawn said...

They look good enough to eat!
I just popped by to say thanks for the bunting I won in your giveaway - it is lovely and my dog was very pleased with the chew as well!

Linda said...

A lovely picture - thought the cakes were real to start with! Just looking to make myself a wall hanging with 3D bluebells or foxgloves on and have loved the pictures you have done. Is it easy to creat the 3d effect ? Linda

French Nanny said...


Lucy in the Clouds said...

LOVELY pics, I want to live at your house too! x

The Weaver of Grass said...

Not much sun about here today Fi - very dismal and dull. So it was good to indulge myself with your cheerful photographs. OK so winter will soon be here and there will be chilly draughts up there (did you know we were exactly the same height as you are?), but who cares when we have our wood burning stoves going full pelt.

Lululiz said...

I swear those cakes are real, they have to be, they look utterly delicious and they make my mouth water.
And as to your header, I have always loved it, please don't change it, it is gorgeous.

zetor said...

Those 'cakes' are wonderful!

Carol said...

You are so clever, I though those cakes were real, I know my eyes are getting bad!
What a wonderful spot to sit and relax and enjoy that wonderful view. There is nothing quick so comforting as the sound of pitter patter raindrops, always make me feel glad to be home and snuggly inside.
Your banner is great Fi.
Have a lovely week.
Carol x

Anonymous said...

Your cakes look scrummie! The chair looks scrummie! The view looks scrummie! And your blog IS scrummie! so have a scrummie time doing whatever you are doing!

Planet Penny said...

Definitely a cracking view, and those cup cakes are pretty amazing too!

Marian said...

I love your work, the 'food' always makes me hungry and I should never log on half an hour before lunchtime!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I have just come across your blog and would love to join your "twenty minutes". I don't know if it is too late as it is now September! Your blog is beautiful, lovely photographs and craft work. Ann ~ Australia.

ps. I have added the twenty minutes logo to my blog and a link to yours!

Anonymous said...
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Aimee said...

I just discovered your site through Heather's Blog- the patchwork heart. My mum bought me one of your cupcakes from a shop in Thirsk as a present! I love it. I use it as a pin cushion. They are so clever, and I definately think it was sold too cheap!

Anonymous said...

ho la la du thé des gateaux et la campagne du Yorkshire en fond ;;; c'est merveilleux
mais qu est ce que j attends pour Vous rejoindre ????