Sunday, 21 February 2010

Birthday Cake and Lavender Bags.

Hello all you lovely people. I've been cupcaking again!
I've been doing it on the move this time. I took my supplies with me on a visit to my Mum and Dads so I could make the most of the half term week. Luckily my Parents don't mind me snipping, stuffing and stitching when I visit. I even crochet in the car on the journey there and back. (Wonderful Man does all the driving.) My 'accidental blanket' is nearly finished.
Well you can't waste all those precious 20 minutes, can you!
Can you spot the real cake? Hmmm it was a yummy Black Forest Gateau made by Grandma for #2 childs 15th birthday. What better way to celebrate.

Not only have I been stitching cakes, I've been making lavender bags too.

How can making something as small as a lavender bag,

cause sooooo much mess

and disruption?
Who knows! Just one of life's little mysteries!

My finished design.
I wanted to use my signature vintage embroidery on them,
but added a modern twist with some machine embroidery.

I'm hoping they have a country look to them without being too twee.
What do you think?
And just because I thought it might make you smile...
I took a photo of this Peter Rabbit bus in Kendal last week for you. Every available inch was covered in lovely Beatrix Potter drawings. I wonder if the driver likes it?

Fi x


Jodie said...

Your cupcakes look yummy and I love the lavender bags! I think the combination of vintage and machine embroidery is just beautiful. The idea of re-purposing vintage needlework is brilliant; I just wish I was brave enough to cut into those types of things!

Anonymous said...

Wow Fi, you've been very busy!! Everything is so lovely. It's hard to spot the real cake as your cakes look good enough to eat!! :)
Vivienne x

GardenOfDaisies said...

I LOVE the scent of lavender!! and look at that Peter Rabbit bus!!! How cute is that?

Annie Jeffries said...

omigosh! you totally fooled me. I had not idea these were "fake" cupcakes. the mind boggles.

i love the lavender bags. you've done a beautiful job and have well used your 20 minutes a day and then some.

i too crochet in the car. my good man does all the driving too. gotta love that.

Miss Holly said...

I was also fooled by your wonderful cupcakes!!! I thought they were real, they are beautiful!! but now I want a chocolate cupcake!!! the lavender bags are perfect. great job!!!

Jennifer said...

Such beautiful work, those cupcakes are darling, and I can almost smell the lavender from here. This 20 minutes a day really makes you get quite a lot accomplished, eh?

Devon said...

Fi,,you cupcakes look yummy,,,and so does the birthday cake,,love the lavendar bags to..and the bus,,what a special treat..thanks for showing you your productive week,,,take care.

CeCe said...

I absolutely adore your cupcakes. Could you be talked into a tutorial for them?!
I, too, am making Lavender sachets. I don't know of a lovelier scent. I will post a picture on my blog one of these days when finished.
I, too, have been making cupcakes that aren't real but they look real, like yours. Mine are not of fabric. I joined a class on line and it was the first project.
Her link is on my side bar if you are interested. So far her projects are darling. I haven't posted a picture of these yet, either, as they are for a friend's birthday party favors and I haven't heard yet if they should be kept a secret till after the party. Smile.
Found your blog today because sweetsagevintage.blogspot sent me your link.
My blog is
Love your idea of crafting everyday. I am fortunate enough to craft much more than this most days. There is something to be said for being old and retired! Smile.

Sal said...

You had me fooled too!
I thought, 'When has she got the time to bake as well!!'
I love the cupcakes!

Simo said...

Quei piccoli cake sono fantastici, sembrano veri!

VintageVicki said...

Cakes look amazing - though they were all real for a moment!

Wonder if Mr Macgregor was driving the bus??

Marigold Jam said...

Those lavender bags are so lovely - just a bit different from the normal sorr and so very individual. The cup cakes too are amazing. You must have done several months worth of 20 minutes there!

Love the Peter Rabbit bus.

KC'sCourt! said...

Your cupcakes look good enough to eat! I absolutely love those lavender bags too. I don't drive so I crochet and knit in the car too. I know exactly what you mean about making small things and making so much mess when doing so. I see in the picture too your quilt is coming along

Annie said...

I had to do double take to see that cup cakes were made of material. They are so lovely. Clever you. You have one organised and brilliant crafting space Fi. I'd love an hour or more rummaging through all your fabrics and trims :-)
A x

wonderwoman said...

i love that bus!!! your lavender bags look amazing, brilliant idea of using vintage embroidery. I could do with one of those cupcakes now with my cuppa!
Thanks for comments on my post - i did not use that foot so that is probably why it all puckered!!! i have certainly learned from my mistakes on this! Only tips i can give you are - start in the middle and work out and i don't have the tension in my hoop too tight, that's when i use a hoop!


Booklinks said...

I love those cupcakes, they look so real!
And the lavender bags are also very beautiful!
As always: everything is very inspirational!:)

Lynne said...

I thought they were real cakes before I started reading! I love the lavender bags too. It sounds as though you've had a fun time.

Autumn Mist said...

Like several others I was totally fooled by the cakes and had to go back for a second look. Are they for sale? I'd love a couple. I love the lavender bags, too, and the Peter Rabbit bus is fab.

Lululiz said...

Your cupcakes look so amazingly real, I honestly thought you had been baking when I saw the small pic. They are brilliant.

melanie said...

Your cakes are gorgeous, love them! xxx

The Weaver of Grass said...

Love the lavender bags, and that Peter Rabbit bus - I think the driver should be dressed as Mr McGregor.

Joanne said...

The cupcakes look so yummy and gorgeous, and the real cake looked pretty good to.
The lavender bags look great to.

Joanne x

Elizabeth Musgrave said...

Had to come to visit you via Pipany because of your fab name! Love the lavender bags.
I have been blogging about women's traditional skills, brought on by making my first ever pair of socks. You clearly have them in spades. I would love to know what you think.

Anonymous said...

Yep the Peter Rabbit bus certainly brought a smile, but so did your cup cakes!

Michelle said...

Your cupcakes are truly beautiful. M x

Twiglet said...

Love the vintage embroidery and machine stitch combo - brilliant idea. Mum used to embroider tablecloths but they are just too precious to cut up. I will stick to felting and machine embroidery for a while!


I have been visiting your blog for a while and just had to tell you i love the cupcakes, they are so real looking, also love your little bunnies made from old rmbroidered lin ,so adorable. you are very creative and talented. I live in Swaledale, and have just started a blog, as i have been inspiredd my yours and others, do you sell your lovelies localy ? best wishes from another dales girl,Linda.

SweetScarlett said...

Love those cupcakes and the real cake looks fab, too!
Your crafting area is so tidy - no mess there! I wish I had all that room!
Lovely work - thanks for sharing!

Twiggy said...

wow the cakes look scummy, even the non edibles. Lavender bags are gorgeous.
Twiggy x

Anonymous said...

I thought they were real for a moment! Your craft room is ever so lovely! I remember loving the Beatrix Potter place in the Lake District!

folksmith said...

your cupcakes are so real looking. makes me want to eat them. do you have a pattern that i could purchase? my daughter would love to have one. they are too cute!

Kim from The Sheep's Nest said...

The cupcakes look "yummy" ! Ijust found your blog and will be following along! Kim

Pomona said...

You have been very industrious - I was feeling quite complacent, but I have made nothing like as much as you! But I have posted an update of some of the things on my blog today.

Pomona x

Barbara Menell said...

I have always really loved your things and have been a follower for a long time now. I think your Photographs are wonderful and I especially loved the pictures you took of Milkchurn Cottage. I is much larger than I expected. I thing your creations are pure genius and wish we had artists like you in El Paso, Texas. Barbara