Thursday, 26 November 2009

Crochet, crochet and cushions.

Hello my lovelies.
Well the weather hasn't improved in the slightest since my last post. Still very dark, windy, wet and gloomy, but do we care? No, that's just more reason to stay snuggled up at home with some cosy crochet or snuggley sewing.
This little surprise parcel did brighten my day though!
Look at this pretty lavender bag from Hen. It smells wonderful and was very unexpected but greatly appreciated. Thank you very much Hen you made me smile from ear to ear..
Time to share what's been keeping me occupied indoors this week.

I had an order for two little bunnies from The Balancing Kiwi
So they've now been posted off to there new home.

I've completed these two Union Jack cushion covers. I had the fronts made weeks ago but had gotten to the boring bit of putting the backs on and left them draped over the end of the attic bed since then.
I think I might have to keep one of these for myself, I do like the three different ribbons on them and one day I do hope to have a sofa in the kitchen for them to go on. One day! (I have been saying that for the last two years!)

And lastly I've enjoyed snuggling beneath my 'Accidental Blanket' whilst adding more rounds.
It's getting quite big now.

You can see I've just started a round of yellow. It is taking a long time to get right around now though.
Well that's all my crafty news so far this week, I think it's time I went and lit the fire in the front room ready for child #2 coming in from school. It's hail stoned about 6 times so far today in between the rain! It's amazing how wet a 14 year old can get in between the school bus and home!
Keep cosy.
Love Fi x


Lalabibaby @ Dreaming of The Simple Life said...

I'm loving your granny blanket and saw your bunnies on the Balancing Kiwi's blog too ... they are so cute x

Sarah Forbes said...

Wow, just glacing around your blog, Ican say you make some AWESOME, UNIQUE, suh-weet crafts!
I am following!

Hen said...

Hi Fi,
It's good of you to feature your mini-gift, you didn't even mention the gorgeous things you sent first, so that was my pleasure. Loving all your crafty makes you clever girl, especially the cushions and the blanket and the bunnies - oh, that's everything!
Hen xxx

The Weaver of Grass said...

Yes - we are getting pretty rough weather, aren't we? But you are right - all the more reason to get back to sewing. I am making my first book cover for about two years and have spent all day today nice and cosy while the elements have done their worst outside.

Shabby Chick said...

Hi Fi

What a lovely lavender bag! Your cushions are sooo nice and the blanket is gorgeous. I had to smile because I need to finish the cushions I'm making for a friend and you can guess which part has stalled me in my tracks.....!

Mel xxx

Serenata said...

The 'Accidental' granny blanket is lovely, and I can imagine snuggling up underneath it in front of your fire. As for the cushions, I say keep them! Of course you could send one to me! ;-)

What a thoughtful gift from Hen.

wonderwoman said...

i just love your granny blanket, its gorgeous and very inspiring, as are your beautiful cushions.

Marmalade Yarns said...

what a lovely uplifting blog today, your blanket is looking rather good and those bunnies are so cute, lol maxine

Debs said...

I love the colours in your crochet blanket and those bunnies - i think my winter project has to be getting to grips with the crochet hook!

Rubyred said...

Love, love love everything in this post! Especially the Union Jack cushions! Such wonderful eye candy!
Rachel x

Jennie said...

I really love those cushions, what a brilliant idea, and your bunnies are so cute xxx

Lululiz said...

Wow, the blanket is fabulous. I bet its lovely working on it this time of the year, all nicely snuggled under whilst you happily crochet yet another round.

Julia said...

Oooooooooooooooooh!! (thats for the big blanket) Isnt it lovely?? Im in raptures about mine at the mo too, isnt it lovely when it gets to the stage of being big enough to use?!! I also love the cushions you made, and the rabbits are very sweet too!

Love Julia xxx

silverpebble said...

Hello there! Goodness you have been making such gorgeous things. This little crochet rabbits are fabulous - I love their little outfits and tails.

Your blanket is scrumptious too. Lovely lovely eye candy.

Kimbles said...

I loovveee your granny blanket really stunning! Bunnies are cute too. x

Jennifer said...

I just discovered your blog via Attic 24. I love it, absolutely love it. Your accidental blanket is scrumptious and those bunnies, just adorable. I have been trying to find something I could make for my 16 month old for Christmas. Are the bunnies your own pattern? They are beautiful and I know she would love one.

BT said...

What a lovely lavender bag you received. You have been busy with your lovely bunnies and going all the way round your accidental blanket!! Beautiful. Oh, the cushions are adorable.