Monday, 24 August 2009

Hello my lovely ladies. I'm on Holiday at the moment so posting is a bit hit and miss as we're spending time backwards and forwards visiting relatives and trying to spend some time at home too.
I nearly forgot to take a photo of this heavily embroidered cloth. It's folded in half on my ironing board. (see, I do iron occasionally!) Anyway I thought I aught to take a piccy of it in one piece before I ...
Cut it up!
Snip, snip, snip!
And then I stitched it back up to make... can you guess?
Yes of course

You all know what it is

A huge clue

An even bigger clue.

Yep! You were all right.

Only this time it's a 50% BIGGER bunny!
(You wouldn't believe the button beeping that was going on in the library when I asked the lady behind the desk if she could increase my pattern by 30% and 50% on the photocopier for me! teehee! She must have had about ten attempts! Luckily she only charged me for correctly sized one!)
I'm thinking of making some EVEN BIGGER ones, that poor lady will hide behind the counter when she sees me coming again! lol!
And I'll leave you with a picture of some LUVERLY new ribbon. Isn't it just delicious?
Very British!
'More tea Vicar!'


Unknown said...

Wow. Did I tell you I love bunnies. This is spectacular. What a great use of the cloth. You are doing pretty well for being on holiday, getting all those pictures in and entertaining to boot.

Claire said...

Cooee Fi, what a gorgeous bunny,you are so brave being able to cut into such a beautiful cloth, I wouldn't know where to start! No doubt you will use the leftovers to make something wonderful. Enjoy your holiday and I am still loving the photos of Hawes

Lyn said...

Gosh you are brave to cut up the tablecloth but the bunny is so lovely, well donw!
He has a lovely face!

Marigold Jam said...

He's gotgeous - love him (or maybe it's a lady rabbit with all that fancy embroidery?)!

Anne said...

I must admit, part of me shuddered at the photos of you cutting up the cloth. But WOW! - the rabbit is gorgeous! I love it!

Thecraftytrundler said...

Beautiful Bunny!!! Enjoy the rest of your break!!!

Sharon : ) xx

myvintageparty said...

Wow, the bunny is stunning! I LOVE it! I absolutely love embroidered cloth.
Laura x

Hen said...

Oooh, your bunnies are lovely, Fi. I was just looking through a new sewing book yesterday to see the patterns need enlarging, grrrr, I hate that! Enjoy your hols.
Hen xxx

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Adorable! So very pretty with the embroidered flowers. I always enjoy seeing the fruits of your talent.

noelle said...

beautiful bunny, you're so clever.

Marmalade Yarns said...

I have been away and not had a chance to look at the blogs but have just been drooling at yours, what beautiful fabric and ribbon and a great bunny! Wish we were able to do aday trip to that lovely shop. Maybe one day...

The Weaver of Grass said...

Is that giant bunny likely to end up in a shop window near me?

Anonymous said...

The bunny IS lovely BUT I feel it is sacrilege to cut up such a beautiful old cloth that someone spent hours and hours making. It was not a bit of old tat but a lovely piece of craft that should have been saved - if you didn't want to put it on your table, someone would have liked it well enough and been thrilled to do so. Your rabbit doesn't come close - if you want an embroidered rabbit why not do your own embroidery!!!

I find it rather upsetting actually, seeing pictures of such a destructive act. Would you like someone to snip snip through all your hard work? These things go for a song which is why people buy them and chop them up. However, they want THEIR work to be valued and recognised for the work that goes into it and put hefty price tags on them. Hypercritical or what? I know everyone likes to keep things nice on these blogs. But I think the destruction of our heritage (mostly women's - which isn't taken very seriously as it is) is serious enough to say what I feel here.