Thursday 4 June 2009

Flowers for Dinner and Bunny for Lynnie.

Hello again!
I don't quite know where to start today. I seem to have so many odds and ends in my camera to show you... I know, I'll start where we left off last time.

Gosh! Isn't this just SCRUMMY!

This beautiful wool yarn was given (yes GIVEN!) to me by my new friend Anne. Anne is the lady who volunteered with me to teach our local primary school children how to knit.

Now Anne is very clever and has spun this wool herself. I wouldn't know where to start, it all sounds very complicated with wraps per inch and twists clockwise and anti clockwise.

Yep! That label says 'home dyed', too. Very clever lady!

Anne wondered if I'd like to give them a little test run?

Well I didn't take twice asking.

I've been a bit busy at work this week. I don't really like to talk about mundane work related things on my blog as we all have plenty of that going on in our lives, but I did have to bring some of my work home with me on Friday. (I cook in a pub kitchen just incase you were wondering, it's all glamour for me you know!)

What do you think? I was rather pleased with my little floral displays. We needed one to go in the centre of each dining table for an important annual dinner event we were catering for. I must admit, I thought they looked rather nice on my kitchen table... I didn't want to take them to work!
Changing the subject. Lynnie at Keeping up with the Jones will be glad to hear that I have made time to crack on with her little bunny.
He looks a little worried in this picture. Maybe it's the thought of travelling all those miles to Australia.

I do hope you are happy with him Lynnie?

I thoroughly enjoyed embroidering him for you. Maybe it had something to do with sitting in the garden in the sunshine while I sewed.
Love Fi x
P.S. We might have to go for a walk next time, as I have at least two sets of photos waiting to show you. One is a walk in search of wild garlic and takes in a pretty local waterfall and the other is a steady climb with fantastic views over Wensleydale.


Lulu said...

wow, such beautiful colors of yarn, lucky you..:-)
love the flowers...Adorable bunny..

Anonymous said...

How exciting to be able to "try" out that beautiful wool, its all so pretty and soft, and i can't wait to see what beaut's you come up with.
Flower's are very pretty and I am sure they will look p e r f e c t where they have to go, but i'm with you i bet they are just perfect at home as well, i love fresh cut flowers, especially roses.
And i am so sure that bunny will just love the trip down under to his new home........xoxo

Leisa said...

Just a quick hello to say how much I enjoy seeing your beautiful embroidered bunnies!

Lululiz said...

Oh my, the hand spun and hand dyed wools are simply gorgeous, you are a very lucky girl indeed to be given such beautiful yarns to " try out ". The bunny is so cute!

Simone said...

Beautiful wool, bunny and flowers!

lynn said...

ooh ahhh...i saw my name in print on your blog...quite chuffed ..i adore the bunny hunny the flowers ..yarn..ooh..ooh.i love everything..i have a nice quite little spot for when bunny arrives to join our family so he recovers from the jet lag..wonder if bunny would like a stopover in bali? maybe not luv and hugs lynnie

BT said...

Such gorgeous wool and how lovely to help at the local school too. Good for you. I love that bunny and the embroidery. Fabulous work. Oh and those floral arrangements are just right.