Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Birthday Weekend.

Hello you lovely people!
Look at these beautiful flowers.
They were from my lovely boss, a gift for my birthday yesterday.

And this scrummy cake too. OOPS! There seems to be a SMALL piece missing.

This magnificent chocolate cake was made by my 14 year old daughter. All her own design and craftsmanship. What a sweetie!

My Mum and Dad came up at short notice for the weekend, which was a lovely. Mum always takes great care with her parcels. They are always beautifully wrapped and tied with real ribbons which I snaffle away.
But the best part of her present was this amazing bag that she had made me. Yes that's right, she MADE IT! I'm only going to show you this one photo as I think it deserves a closer look. Next time we'll take a closer look at it, so I'll save it till then if that's okay with you?

Still on the subject of home made gifts.(I luuuuurve homemade gifts, don't you?)

This little bear has been knitted by my lovely friend Sam. I'm not sure what she's saying with the specs and the pearls, but the needlework is definitely me!

Look, isn't she fantastic! It must have taken her many evenings after putting the children to bed! It's soooo beautifully made. Thank you Sam you make me smile, and I miss you. (Especially because you are a total nutter!)
The pretty gift boxes from my mum contained a bundle of old fashioned cream cotton lace, wrapped in the most beautiful floral tissue paper. Don't they look at home on the top of my newly painted larder unit?
Oh, you've not seen my cream and pink larder unit, have you?
Well it's still not finished. I'm just waiting for the pull out counter top to be rescued from the depths of the shed! And when I say rescued, I mean RESCUED! You wouldn't believe how much wood it's hidden under. I'll take us the best part of a weekend to dig it out!

There it is. At the end of the kitchen in all its ice-creamy, creamy, pinkie loveliness. Hmm, I think we'll have to take a closer look at that too....when it's got its counter top of course.
Lastly I'd just like to say a big thank you to my Wonderful Man and best friend Carol. They very sneakily arranged for Carol to secretly travel the 120 miles from her home to our little village, where she leaped out from behind the fruit machine in our local pub and surprised me soooooo much I burst into tears and blubbed all over her shoulder!
What a weekend! I hope you all had a good one too.
See you next time for some close ups of that gorgeous embroidered bag.
Love Fi x


BT said...

What a brilliant birthday weekend you had and how spoilt you have been! Gorgeous flowers and what a cake, what two cakes. I love love cakes. Well done to your daughter.

I laughed at you snaffling the ribbons, I do just the same! That bag is just beautiful, can't wait to see it in detail. And what a fabulous bear from your friend. I too, love home made gifts. They're just the best.

The larder unit is looking magnificent. Will be back to see the totally finished product!

Ah, what a lovely surprise you had from Carol, too, even though you blubbed in public!! Super bloggy post.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you!!
Your day sounded very special, as it should be,lol.
I also love Home made Gifts, they are always special, and your cake that ur daughter made looks very very yummy, am looking forward to getting up close to your birthday bag,it looks absolutly beautiful, and yes ur bear is sweet....xox

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, looks like you had a fab weekend. I adore the knitted bear! xxx

A Thrifty Mrs said...


Looks to me like you had a wonderful time.

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday - love the larder unit!

Teena Vallerine said...

oh my! too much lovliness to take in here! Can't wait to see more detail. Get in that shed and get digging! The cupboard is a triumph! Now, about that cake... you can't possibly eat both, can I help? t.x

Maggi said...

Glad you had such a wonderful birthday. The bag from your mother is just so beautiful.

Lulu said...

awww what a beautiful birthday you had..

The Weaver of Grass said...

Looking at your mum's lovely bag I can see where you get your talent from Fiona. Glad you had such a lovely birthday weekend. I shall be coming through Hawes on Sunday on my way out to lunch - so shall sing Happy Birthday to you.

lynn said...

happy birthday to youoooo!!! and many many many happy returns and may all your wishes and dreams come trueXXXXX lynnie

This Vintage Life... said...

Happy Birthday! What a lucky girl...fab presents (and cakes!)
I've just been looking at your Kitty pattern and it's still all a bit gobbledegooky to me but who knows...maybe in a few weeks (months?)I'd love to be able to make one...so sweet.
Deb x

Pink Feather Paradise said...

That cake is huge! my oh my... you definitely know how to celebrate a birthday!

llovely gifts and I can't wait for a close up of the bag and larder!

take care

Greedy Nan said...

Wish I had a friend like Sam!

noelle said...

A belated Happy Birthday to you. What a wonderful time it looks like you had. Those cakes! And lovely pressies . Best Wishes x

trudette said...

Happy birthday ! I am glad I found your Blog , I am going to follow you , so that I can visit you often.

Carol said...

Happy birthday to you and what a brilliant weekend. Yummy cake and gorgeous flowers, but that larder unit! FAB..love it. Your kitchen is lovely and homely, love the table cloth too.
Eh hmm...any news yet on...

Lucy said...

Oh what a lovey post. Sounds as if you had a wonderful birthday. I just love your little pink dresser in the kitchen. So sweet. Lucy x