Saturday, 3 January 2009

Inner Creativity.

Hello, thanks for popping by again. I've had a lovely couple of days thanks to you lot out there, you really are very good to me.
Firstly you've left me some very sweet comments about my patchwork quilt. It really is a lovely boost to a girls creative confidence.
Secondly, I've finally won a give away, so I'm expecting a little parcel in the post and I'm so excited. I shall reveal more on its arrival.
Thirdly and with apologies for my tardiness, I received an award just before Christmas from Mrs J over at Mrs J's Creations.

Thank you very much Mrs J. I'm looking forward to starting up our 'Friends Challenge' again. Now I'm sure this award comes with some sort of rules, but... I blog without obligation here, yes I know I'm very naughty (but this is the only place I am naughty, honest) and I don't do rules. Life's too short! Hope no one minds.

Lastly, on new years day I added a hit counter to my side bar. What a revelation! I didn't realise so many of you popped by! I really must start making more of an effort, a little tidying, plumping some cushions, making room on the coat rack, maybe bake some bickies... come on in, you're all more than welcome : )

Changing the subject; I've been having urges. No, not chocolate, NO not that either!
As I mentioned in my last post, I've had the urge to do some hand embroidery and some applique. But what should I do?, what can I make?, what do I fancy doing? I did what we all do and did a lot of clicking about looking for inspiration. Now the interwebthingy is not short on inspiration, but I do worry that my creative imagination seems very impressionable and all the fantastic ideas I find on my computer fill my head and push out any original creative ideas of my own. In short I'm scared to death of inadvertently copying someone else's ideas! Do you know what I mean?

So in desperation and hope I turned off the computer and reached for my sketch book and pencil. Sitting in the lounge with the family watching telly the stark white page glared at me, daring me to make a mark.

I doodled some flowers, nope that wasn't it.

I doodled some more flowers, that still wasn't it.

I filled the entire page with flowers, (hell! I'm slow on the uptake sometimes) NO that still wasn't going to be it.

Then I looked across at my beautiful 13 year old daughter... and that was it.

We may feed on external inspiration,

but creativity comes from within.
From the things you love.
P.S. Just realised, the close up looks like she has 'Spock' ears, teehee! It's meant to be long strands of hair dangling down the side of her face. Lol!
Back to the drawing board! She'll kill me if she reads this!


willywagtail said...

I think she is gorgeous! Cherrie

Shabby Chick said...

That's really good, wish I could draw like that! I think you should be pleased with it but we're all our own worst critics!

Mel xxx

Joanne said...

So you draw as well, you are very telented, she looks fabulous.

Unknown said...

Love it! I know what you mean about the white page glaring at you - can be quite frightening!
Happy New Year!

Simone said...

I too worry that I am very impressionable and wonder how much creativity comes from within me and how much is influenced by what I see around me. I think your sketches and embroidery are very good. Keep on doing it!

Alchamillamolly said...

Love it - its simple and perfect is there no end to your talent??

Poppy said...

I hope you have been plumping those cushions for all of your visitors????
If only I could draw like you, I took some photos of some trees in the forest at the weekend they looked beautiful, I would love to be able to draw them but matchstick men are about my limit, So I need to think of something else not sure what though.
Love Lou xxx

Lucy Bloom said...

You have a great artistic talent, wish I could draw half as well. Your quilt is gorgeous too!
Lucy x

Mrs J said...

Hi Fi, happy new year! You've been very busy - your quilt is absolutely gorgeous (do you take orders, lol!) and your sketches and embroidery are so exquisite. You are so very talented! I can't draw to save my life which is really frustrating as everyone else in the family is so good at it! Looking forward to the first of this years 'friends' challenges and can't wait to see what you come up with!
Sarah x