Thursday, 12 June 2008

Garden Visitors

We've had new visitors to our garden twice this week. Uninvited at that! The first time we found our lovely neighbour who, I might add is in his 80's, had CLIMBED over the fence and was shooing them out. He then proceeded to CLIMB back over again! I was frightened to death he might fall and break something! I just hope I'm half as fit at his age and maybe twice as sensible! Anyway the second time wonderful man managed to capture our uninvited visitors in the act...
SHEEP! One of this years lambs, so in sheep terms I suppose she's a teenager now. That explains a lot! Wonderful man decided she wasn't doing any harm and the grass did need cutting anyway, so he thought he'd leave Lamby trimming the lawn.
But then as teenagers often do, Lamby blotted her copy book. She decided to try something a little more exotic than grass...
Our newly planted honeysuckle! Needless to say Lamby was given her marching orders sharpish!
This week has an escapology theme to it. Sneaky dog has managed to escape from the garden twice. So we have sheep getting in and dogs getting out! Sneaky has discovered that she can squeeze and squirm between the lats in the gate and wriggle her way out. Not bad going really for a fat dog! Quite impressive to watch! Just rather embarrassing when you get a phone call at work from your neighbours to say there is a mad black dog trotting around the village, and we think its yours!

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Sal said...

Oh my!
We live by a farm and I have endless nightmares of the cows getting into my garden!! ;-)