Sunday, 23 March 2008

It Did!

the pennine way

Well, it decided in the end. ( the British weather) I woke this morning to a blanket of snow, and being new to the Dales, I felt duty bound to go out and record all this snowiness as best I could!

Looking down the Dale

they've spotted us!

Coming in for a closer look.

These sheep, far from being timid, came up for a closer look. It wasn't me they found interesting. No! It was sneaky dog who was the centre of attention! Sneaky dog was not happy about this and backed up against the wall, whimpering. What a big baby!

And talking of babies... lambs! Awww!

And then back home for a cup of tea and some toe toasting, in front of the fire!

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Anonymous said...

oh fab, I can leave a comment now!!!!
Yes the snow was great wasn't it??!! Beautiful pictures of your Dale, I am about to post my own snowy ones of our neighbourhood, we had such fun.