Sunday, 21 November 2010

Brooding Skies and Your Help Please!

Hello my lovelies.
Today we're talking sky. Makes a change to rubbish I can hear you say. lol.
We get a lot of sky here in the Dales, or should I say lots of different types of sky.
This is the view from my back door.
And here it is again a day or so later. Look at that strange low mist sitting in the valley and the fell tops peeking above. Very strange, but very beautiful all the same.

Another day later and we have a wonderful double rainbow. I've honestly never seen soooooo many rainbows as I have since I've lived here! Before I moved to the Yorkshire Dales I lived in East Yorkshire where it is very flat and the sight of a rainbow seemed to be something to mark on the calendar!
I realise the reason is that it's much wetter here in the Dale, even from village to village. Every six months our local newsletter prints the rainfall figures for the villages all along Wensleydale and you can guarantee ours has the highest!
I suppose it makes sense really as we are farthest West and nearer to the Lake District.

Here's a bit more sky for you, with some stunning scenery underneath just for good measure! Here we are heading even further West on our way to the next little town to us, Sedbergh in Cumbria.
One long winding road.
It's about 16 miles away and is where child #2 goes to school. (It's the nearest)
You might just be able to see it nestling inbetween the hills in the distance.
(could you fancy this school run everyday,lol)
We pull over at the side of the road. A little bit more sky. Oh and the Howgill Fells sitting underneath it!
They look like they're nearly touching the clouds.

Look they've all got names too! I think my favourite is 'the Calf' at 676m above sea level.
(click on the photo to make it larger)

I'll turn around and show you the sky behind us in North Yorkshire. teehee.
Yep. We'll be heading back home that way soon but not until we've had a cuppa and piece of cake...

here at Farfield Mill Arts and Heritage Centre.
Sorry no photos allowed : (
Now ladies I need your help please.
I desperately need some lovely big red shiny beads just like the ones above.
What do you think girls? Where can I buy some big cherry beads about 13mm in diameter? The ones in the picture were a lucky find in a charity shop.
I look forward to your comments, I know you won't let me down.
There'll be no more cupcakes with out them!
Till next time
love fi x
PS Thanks for all the Maisy love.


glor said...

Oh my goodness, where have I been ... all your wonderful posts and I'm just getting back here. For some reason blogger doesn't seem to update my list of blogs I follow when new posts are available. Your photos are beautiful and the double rainbow is amazing. I've only seen a double rainbow once and you have these all the time ... WOW. I don't know what stores you have, we would probably be able to get those beads at a Michaels or Joanns. You may have to look on line for these. Good luck, should I find anything I'll be back to let you know.

Sweet Birdy Love said...

Hey Fi, what lovley photos, you do have the best scenery where you live.
As for the lovely big cherry beads, well, I don't know if I'll be able to hlep you out. But I do have some cherry trees with fruit and fingers crossed they will be as big and red and juicy as those lovely beads.
Am sure someone in your neck of the woods will track some down for you, but I will keep an eye out just het same.
Enjoy your week and your wonderful sky scenery.

Tilly Rose said...

Beautiful pics hun!
Very envious....

Here in Peterborough...what can I life...yuk!
Thanks for your little wander
x x x

Riddlers cottage flowers said...

Beautiful pictures, lucky for me when my James needed taking to school it was a 5 min walk.Lesley.

Marg said...

What a beautiful series of photos, I love your view from your back door.
Sorry I can't help you with the beads. I would try online.

marigold jam said...

Stunning scenery but I guess 16 miles each way twice a day would be a bit much for me - I used to be able to walk it with my daughter. Sorry can't help with the beads - hope you manage to find them. Are they for cherries on your lovely creations?


Wipso said...

I must say having had a really lovely 4 days up in your neck of the woods last month I just loved it. We stayed in a cottage near Skipton with a couple of our Dutch friends [you can imagine what they thought of the scenery].
Sorry I can't help with the big red beads but will keep a look out for you.
A x

VintageVicki said...

Gorgeous views :)

I'd think ebay would be the answer - perhaps with clever searching - jewellery items that could be broken up??

silverpebble said...

Hello there, I'm a jeweller and often order from vitabeads, who have a wonderful range of semi-precious at reasonable prices. In fact I'm about to place an order for some rock crystal briollettes (lovely for Christmas - like sparkly raindrops). Have a look at the link below - there are some lovely jade beads for just $7.50 and some tagua nut beads too (rather more expensive). Would you like me to order them for you along with mine? I'd be delighted to help you with this and send them on to you:

silverpebble said...

Here is a close up:

sylviesgarden said...

Such beautiful images, far better than we get in this neck of the woods.

monique said...

What a gorgious photo's!
You sure live on a wonderful place.
I was just searching the web when I found your lovely blog.
I will go now and have another look here.

topchelseagirl said...

Gorgeous views. I have a strange mist/fog that hovers in the meadow behind my house too, very atmospheric!

Lululiz said...

Beautiful photographs, I love the double rainbow one.
Can't help with the red beads though, sorry, I checked a few of my favourite bead sites but couldn't find anything similar.

Teje said...

Thank you for this lovely post with so wonderful photos!
Sorry can't help - I'm having big problem with finding any kind of materials - what about internet...
Wishes from Crete! Teje

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Stunning views Fi!
I'll keep an eye out for beads!!
Vivienne x

Julia said...

Those pictures have taken my breath away!! How stunning, and what a view from your back door - Im envious!!!

I wish with all my heart I could point you in the direction of your beads, in fact if I had any spare Id gladly post them your way! Alas, Im no help at all, but I wish you luck in finding them!

Love Julia x x x

Martha in Kansas said...

Oh, I love when you post photos of your area. It's so lovely there!

The beads look like small tomatoes to me. A more orange-ish red that is a bit translucent. I've never seen any like them. Or at least how the picture makes them look.

JP said...

great photos - it is a long way to go to school


HI fI,We headed over to kendal yesterday to do a bit of christmas shopping , and the skies looked very simular ,and there was snow on the summits of the mountains,and its ment to come our way on Wednesday! I also think ebay is your best bet, but I will keep a look out in the charity shops for you, and if i see any i will get them. really liked the angel in last post, love Linda x x

Twiglet said...

Beautiful photos - esp. the rainbows!! Can't help with beads but will keep a look out at our car boot.

Jenevieve said...

Love the sky pictures, we get lots of rainbows up here, but I still love to stare at them as they're so beautiful! Hope you've found the beads you want, I would normally try ebay, failing that I would look at bijoux beads. Hope you find them somewhere! :) x

Miss Holly said...

oh my God, what a heavenly part of the world. that landscape just does something to my soul.. I was in the lake district and did a good portion of the coast to coast walk a number of years ago. I thought then that this is where I come from. I felt at home. I have never felt that way anywhere else. Lucky you!!

potter jotter said...

I know all of the places you took us to here. And on our annual stay in Wensleydale have often been cut off from Hawes by floods - what memories you bring back!

Anonymous said...

Bonsoir Fiona
Merci pour la promenade dans vos collines et merci pour l'arc en ciel c 'est beau
désolée pour les boules rouge mais je ne connais pas
bonne fin de semaine