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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

A ride in the Dales.

 I couldn't resist sharing some scrummy scenery with you. These were taken while driving home to Wensleydale via Dentdale from Kendal in the Lake District. We'd just dropped our daughter off at Kendal train station (our nearest main line) and were enjoying a leisurely drive home. We're so lucky to live here, although we didn't think that on the return journey to pick her up from the station a couple of days later. This road was closed so we had to use a diverted route causing a 3 hour round trip! The hills you can see are the Howgill Fells near Sedbergh.
 The usual 'nose to tail' traffic! 
 We're now in Dentdale and yes, that is snow on the hill tops.
 The road runs side by side with the river. You can just see it at the other side of the wall.
 Just behind the houses is the viaduct where we'll start the climb up out of the valley, up over the tops of the fells back to Wensleydale.
 All you can see from here is hill tops! It's like being on top of the world.
 Not far now, nearly home.
 We're now dropping down into Wensleydale. I'm afraid the photos don't do it justice.
Home sweet home. You can see the church steeple to the right and the school bell tower in the centre. The white building at the end of the road is one of our four village pubs! 
I hope you enjoyed our little spin? There would have been more photos but halfway through the journey my daughter phoned to say she'd missed her train connection in Wolverhampton which caused myself and her Dad much worry and unsettled chuntering for the rest of the journey! Kids eh!

Till next time 
love Fi x

PS. On the 5th July the Tour de France will be riding through our little village and up over the Buttertubbs Pass. Lets hope the sun shines.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

A Wednesday Walk in Wensleydale.

Yes I know it's Saturday but I did the walk on Wednesday and Wednesday sounds much better, all those W's! Anyway after the Yomp of Yarndale I've finally slowed right down to an amble aaaaaaah. So I thought I'd invite you along on sneaky dog's walk from one end of town to the other and back around again. 
I snapped as I went.
Please enjoy the sunshine.

Back home again.
Just had to share this with you - came home to find teenage daughter baking. V unusual in itself but the strangest thing was that she'd photographed the recipe from the recipe book so that she could read it off her phone!????
Right, I'm off to spend my weekend stocking my Etsy shop.
Glad you all enjoyed Yarndale. Lets do it all again next year.

Fi x

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Hello from Wensleydale.

 Hello from Wensleydale.
 Looks lovely doesn't it? Hmm, this was before it snowed, lol.
 I'm not going to show you pictures of the snow, it's not pleasant. No, it's cold and icy and smelly in my opinion. Smelly pants that's what I think to the snow.
Sneaky dog and I know what to do when it snows.
Cosy up and reach for the knitting basket. A couple of fat roses waiting to adorn one of my chunky tea cosies. Talking of chunky tea cosies... 
Thank you all for your best wishes for my Christmas craft fair, it went really well. In fact I had to dash and take this piccy for you as I'd already sold 3 of my larger items and I wanted you to see it before anything else went.
The atmosphere was fab and the staff at the Dales Countryside Museum were very helpful and most importantly kept us supplied with tea all day. I met some lovely people and even came away with a commission or two. Best of all I got to spend the day chatting with my lovely friend Anne who had the stall next to me. Sorry for the lack of photos, too much going on.
Unfortunately these two little bunnies didn't sell on the day. I had to bring them home with me, poo! I thought they might have found somewhere warm and snuggly to live, but sad. So I've popped them into my Etsy shop in case anyone has room to fill in a loved ones stocking!
Time to go. Lots to do. A new felt painting underway. The contents of the loft to empty and sort. The contents of the loft to repack before number 1 comes home from uni with the contents of his digs. As well as fitting in an overnight visit to my parents. It's going to be a busy week.
Till next time, whenever that is.
love Fi x

Monday, 16 July 2012

Sunshine Tonic from Me to You. x

 Hello my lovelies. I hope you're still with me? It has been a little while since we met up last but there has been oodles of felting and stitching going on over the past couple of weeks that I want to share with you. I actually prepared a post full of felty goodness but then stumbled across a file full of glorious sunshiny meadows that made me feel so good that I thought I'd share them with you in the hopes of lifting your spirits on another dismal rainy day. 
 So lets leave the hens scratching about in the garden and go for stroll in the Yorkshire Dales Sunshine. 
 No time for browsing today, we're heading to the river.
 Always a good photo opportunity here on the bridge. I'll wait while you snap the waterfall.

 Through the meadows.
 Down by the river. Sneaky dog always in front.

 Our own little local 'beach', I could'nt resist snapping these sandcastle, probably the last thing you would expect to see soooo far inland. We later found out that our friends had spent the previous evening here, drinking wine (the grown ups) and building sandcastles ( their little person)

 Across on the opposite side of the riverbank are little woolly danglers snatched from their owners as they brushed past.
 Left behind by these lovely ladies.
 A little bit of welcome shade.

 You've heard of the 3 billy goats gruff, lol. WM quickly renamed Sneaky Dog, 'the troll'.
 Time to start heading back.

 Goodbye river.
 So long, meadows.
 There's the village nestling in the lush greeness and WM carrying my collection of found treasures (bits of wool and interesting twigs and stones)
Back to our little stone boxes. I hope that cheered you as much as it did me. 
There is 'secret felting' to share with you next time and a sneaky peek of my largest piece to date. I'm off to start embroidering it now. 
So till next time.
love Fi x