Sunday, 2 June 2013

To the pub and back!

It's a beautiful day here in Wensleydale so I wondered if you fancied a walk to the pub for Sunday lunch?
You do?
Lets get going
 This is where we will start our walk, just across the road from our house. We have four splendid pubs here in our village but today we're popping over the river to Hardraw for our lunch.
 We're heading down under the old railway bridge.
 We'll be heading right, along the river to the 'troll bridge' (well that's what we call it)
 Past a little bit of sandy beach, not bad considering how far inland we are, lol.
 Look at the little clump of flowers growing in the middle of this tree.
 Hmmm...something big and hairy sleeping in the middle of the path. Maybe that's the troll?
 No it was this little chaps mum.
 The troll bridge, we've not seen goats crossing it but there are often sheep trit-trotting across!
 Everywhere you look here in the Dales there are pretty little streams.
 Up the steps everyone. Last one close the gate please.

 We peeped over the stone wall to look through the bluebells back towards Hawes.
 There we are, you can see it better here. Our little village.
 Not far now, the village of Hardraw is just around the corner to the right.

 Hoorah! Our destination the Green Dragon. The Green Dragon boasts having the highest single drop waterfall in England, famous for being the place where Kevin Costner bathed in the film Robin Hood Prince of Thieves.  We didn't visit it today but you can see pictures of it here.
 Come on in to the bar, what will you have?
We found ourselves a little table in the the back room...
next to the window.
 After lunch and little drink outside in the sunshine we wandered over the road and sat by the river while Sneaky dog had a paddle.
 Time to head back home.
Had to pop this one in. A line of much loved sheepdogs laid to rest along this dry stone wall.
 It's not as far as it looks really. Only a 50 minute stroll.
 Aaaaw, we've passed lots of little lambs.
Across the road, the obligatory village cricket match.
 There we go I told you it wouldn't take long, we're back in Hawes having a sneaky drink outside the Fountain pub. It's nearly time for the Appleby horse fair so we see quite a few of these caravans travelling through the village at this time each year.
Another thing we see a lot of pretty much all year round....bikers! They love our long sweeping country roads.  
I hope you enjoyed our little bimble to the pub and back.

Till next time
love Fi x


bonzogirl said...

Heard the bikers @ East Witton across the valley @ 8.10am this morning winding their merry way up to your neck of the woods.....goin upt'dale
They'll have been there for brekkie...cuppa'char and a bacon sarnie
Good Sunday outing(along with yours!)

Charlotte said...

Lovely walk. Glad your day was as beautiful as ours.

Plain Jane said...

What a wonderful way to build up your appetite. I love the sheepdog wall - what a lovely memorial. Beautiful pictures x Jane

Anne said...

Thoroughly enjoyed it Fi. We love North Yorkshire.X

lemonade kitty said...

A good meander over hills, a pint and a sunday roast, and all the sights and sounds of the countryside equals the perfect sunday!! Thanks for sharing your day, Lucey x

Primroses Attic said...

I'm jealous. I've spent the day gardening. Too much work in this heat. Loved your pictures they made me feel like I was there with you....
A beautiful part of the country.

Swallow Barn said...

amazing photos - Yorkshire is just the most beautiful place isn't it!

that pub looks fab - will have to give it a try!

Pammy Sue said...

That was so fun! I loved the walk and the hairy cow thing and the doggy burial ground and stones, and the pub looks exactly like what I imagined a pub would be. So nice. Thanks for the counts, right? :)

Susan Smith said...

Oh, between you and Tales from Swallow Barn, I am really homesick now. I think I went on that walk with you both. Loved it to bits.

Claire said...

Have to put a visit to the Green Dragon on my bucket list Fi and I don't even drink!!
Lovely interior and atmosphere, yummy meal and the scenery on the walk just beautiful.....

Claire x

KC'sCourt! said...

Looks like you had the most wonderful day
Julie xxxxxx

Lorna Howells said...

Fabulous post - I really enjoyed looking that the scenery - I lived in Yorkshire many years ago - it has truly wonderful views.

ES said...

Wah! I'm jealous, I'm an expat living down under and we do not get any pubs like this around this way, I miss uk pubs so so much!! Especially ones that serve a roast, yum.

The Faerie Factory said...

What a beautiful walk and all the better for a lunch at the pub, it looks delicious... Sarah x

giuliana gg said...

Bellissime foto
ciao Giuliana

Linda Metcalf said...

A beautiful walk and the Roast dinner didn't look half bad either :)

vix said...

Lovely blog....I took photos walking through our local fairy glen with all the wild garlic (on my Facebook page) .....Vicky Williams..have a look if you like.

Judith said...

Thank you so much for taking us on this walk through your beautiful countryside.

Anonymous said...

Merci Fiona pour cette belle promenade dans vos collines(que j aime tant)
merci aussi pour l arret au pub ..

l'après midi a été belle

merci a vous
Marie claude

Twiglet said...

Happy days! What splendid scenery to enjoy. I like Hardraw - we called at the falls and at Andrea Hunter's felting studio. x Jo

Jay said...

What a lovely walk with you, everywhere is so pretty; lunch looks gorgeous too!

Maggie Ann said...

Such a lovely...lovely place. Thanks for sharing...

Little Blue Mouse said...

What a lovely walk to the pub!

Alcena C V C said...

Wonderful post, love your blog ... congratulations...