Friday, 24 February 2012

Would you believe those pesky hens!

Look at this lovely bowl full of free range eggs all laid by our beautiful girls. Yes laid by our beautiful girls, not in our hen house though, no... in our neighbours hen house! For weeks now we've only be getting one egg a day sometimes none at all and the reason being that they've all been trundling off to the other side of the bank to lay their eggs in another hen house! Our neighbour who's a bit of a 'fair weather' hen keeper discovered them all yesterday in her coop. Goodness knows how many days they've been going over there! Pesky hens. hmmmpf!
This one is much less trouble though.

She looks very sweet but not too bright.

Oops! I think she took offence at that last comment.

I think I might have offended them all!

Looks like they've sent me to Coventry ;)

I've had a little break from hen handling today and made up some of my greeting cards. 

Anyhow time for bed now, early start in the morning.

Fi x

Maybe we'll have some cushion love next time.


Poppins Creations said...

Definitely pesky hens that you have! :) Nice of your neighbour to hand them over, not too sure that would happen here!

I absolutely adore your greetings cards, hopefully next time I am up that way I will get to have a look in that shop. Last time I was in the Dales..I chose to go to Hawes on the day they were closed, d'oh!

Hannah x

Anonymous said...

Your eggs are gorgeous. That's hilarious they laid in the neighbors hen house!!! And I LOVE YOUR GREETING CARDS!

Two Wednesdays said...

Sneaky girls! Hopefully your neighbour will keep more of any eye out.
The best greetings cards are often found where you least expect them - I have to admit I snap them up when I see them (whatever sort of shop it may be)

Kris said...

Naughty girls!!! How many do you have?

Maggie Ann said...

Oh I like to see what you have made...they are so sweet! Your hens are good 'layers'....I'm sure you've bribed them somehow to stay home? lol.

Inthesky said...

Beautiful eggs, this made me laugh. I don't let mine out of the coop until they have laid. I only have three. I love your fabric ones, they are 'cocking you a snoot!'

KC'sCourt! said...

Naughty girls, you will have to see why the other house is more comfy than their own!
Love the hens and the cards
Julie xxxxxxx

Unknown said...

ha ha ha naughty girls indeed don't know how you can stop them doing that. Those eggs look lovely though. Have a good weekend, dee x

Anne said...

Lovely blog! I'm a new follower!


Annie said...

That looks like a lot of omelettes Fi. What naughty girls they are :-)
Love the pics :-)
A x

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Oh how I would love to have my own chickens! Free range hens lay the BEST eggs!!! This is the first time I've seen your cards (new follower) and they are beautiful. I'll look forward to seeing more around these parts...

lemonade kitty said...

Hi, I have a friend who is going into hospital on Tuesday to have her breast removed, which she isn't too happy about, and I just thought one of your gorgeous cards might cheer her up just a little bit, do you have one suitable please but I need it fairly quickly, Lucey x

The Weaver of Grass said...

Yes the hens have turned out well Fiona. As for hens laying away - ours like to find a hidden place in the straw but the farmer has eyes in the back of his head and usually catches them at it.
Love the cards -I think people are always on the look-out for a suitable card wherever they go so I am not surprised that they do well.

Cheryl said...

Our hens are hiding their eggs too. Each time I find where they are laying te eggs, they move somewhere else in the garden. I've not checked the neighbours, so maybe I'll do that next! Your fabric hens are gorgeous. I love the fluffy behinds!

sue said...

How funny that your hens visit next doors hens I bet they have a fine time gossiping! Love those cards very charming it's no wonder they sell so well.