Monday, 6 February 2012

Machine Hexed. part 3

Good morning you lovely lot. (Thank you for the Garden Wall appreciation.)

My journey with machine sewing hexagons has continued on a little. At the suggestion of a lovely new friend I've been stitching these together by only using seam allowance as a guide rather than marking with pen lines.
Still fiddly and very time consuming (but nowhere near as time consuming as hand piecing!) and there is a certain amount of guess work when it comes to starting a finishing each little seam but on the whole it's working.

Even though these hexes are quite large, you need more than you think to make a piece of fabric large enough for the front of a cushion cover!
Needless to say the back isn't hexed!
But never the less a rather gorgeous vintage looking squishy cushion.

There's been a little bag making too since I last posted. Inspired by the recent issue of Molly Makes. I made mine differently and to my own pattern though.

Not my usual style of bag but more a messenger shape. I'm particularly loving the old brown leather button that secures the lined front pocket.

Made from seriously scrummy Sanderson fabric and lined with some soft, blue spottiness, a skirt in a previous life. (waste not, want not)

I knotted the extra long strap at one side so that the length can be altered for 'across the body' or 'on the shoulder' wear. Hmmm... I'm not altogether sure about this bag, I think I will have to revisit this style of bag and have another play around with it some time. I feel the need for a little 'tweaking'.

And on the sewing machine today...

More hexagons.

Fiddly? Yes.

But obviously not fiddly enough as I've decided to add some lace too!

When will I learn!!!

Oh mother always said I enjoyed a challenge!

love fi x


Cheryl said...

Love your hexagon cushion. I can imagine it on a leather chair. Intrigued, as ever, by you machine sewing your hexes. I can't wait to finish my hand sewn one so I can get onto the next patchwork. Machine sewing this time, for sure. Smiling at you adding lace to the fidlly processs. Why not?

l.wilks11 said...

How lovely your cushions are. I have just started patchwork, mine work is stitched by hand, but i love it.......xx

Sarah said...

Love the fabric you've chosen for your cushion. I've never machine sewn hexes,I've always done it the time consuming way. I may have to give the machine way a go!

Grateful4Crochet said...

I know you're not feeling the love for the messenger bag, but can I just say that I LOVE IT!!!!
It is just perfect and beautiful, and just so cute!!
I bet you find that it's a creeper, and ends up being one of your faves, love the lace/doily on it!!!
also, love your cushions

The Weaver of Grass said...

At least the weather is giving you plenty of time to stay indoors and get on with sewing projects. I am free this week afternoons - is there one when I could come over with the beads and was there something else you said you would like?

Annie said...

How lovely Fi. Still not found spare time to do some hexing yet but if you check out my today's posting you will see that there has enev been a bit of skydiving practise here today :-)
A x

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Gorgeous creations and that bag is stunning!

Anonymous said...

Oh My! Such beautiful, elegant work! I love all the floral fabrics and the hexagons are too pretty!

Miss Holly said...

I adore anything hexagonal and the pillow is wonderful...and somehow I missed the post with your wall garden......Oh my gosh.....I think that is the loveliest thing you have ever done.....It is just beautiful..every detail is just perfection.. I think I may have to try my hand at this!!!

Carol said...

Beautiful cushion. Think I prefer the handsewing of hexies, I get the feeling I'd be forever undoing my machine sewing.
The messenger bag looks lovely, fabulous material.
Carol xx

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