Sunday, 13 April 2008

Sold! At the Fatsheep Shop!

I just thought I'd share my good news with you all. Yesterday I got a phone call from David who owns the Fatsheep shop in Reeth, over in Swaledale. I'll just explain for those of you farther flung than Yorkshire. Far from selling fat sheep, the Fatsheep shop is a lovely little gift shop, that only sells items handmade in the Yorkshire Dales.

Well David phoned me yesterday to say that he had sold some of the items I had made and to ask me if I would like to make some more! YIPEE! I was so excited I was dancing around the kitchen!

Just to explain, these are the first craft items I've sold in a shop! Wonderful man and I only dropped them off last month. It was quite scary taking them down there. Would they be good enough? Would they be too kitsch and twee? Would David and Judy just laugh in my face, and say 'you must be joking?' NO! Not at all!

I've sold the embroidered felted bag. A lady even asked if they had another as she wanted one for a gift!(Unfortunately I only made one.)

(sorry, fuzzy photo!)
And this crochet bunny.

Some of these embroidered hearts
And all but one of my tiny embroidered teddies! (hiding in the basket)
I was soooo excited. I was the best phone call I've had for a long time. And it's not the money, although that's fantastic too. Its the fact that other people actually like what I make!
So full of new creative enthusiasm today, I made myself a new handbag!

NO, I'm not that skinny! It's modelled by child #2

Its made from a felted woollen fabric, appliqued and embroidered and has brown shot satin lining and brown leather handles, which were as fiddly as hell to make! It's not my usual colour choice, but I needed something casual to fling over my shoulder when I'm wearing jeans and what seems to be my usual brown top at the moment.

Well I hope your weekend was as good as mine. Till next time. Fi x


Sal said...

I love your goodies.I am not surprised you were so successful as they are gorgeous! Sal;-)

Alchamillamolly said...

Gosh you are sooo clever - I like the felt embroidery at the side of your blog. When did you learn to felt? Havent been to Reeth for ages - have you been to Heather Ritchies shop in Reeth she does the clippy mats and rag rugs. I did my City & Guilds with Heather at Askham Bryan in Bedale - I think she does classes ?? Your husband is very clever to buy you that lace. I cannot go and get any boxes of goodies from the auctions until we get more stuff sorted out and unpacked!! What I miss round Northallerton is good car boots we used to have a great one in Brompton village but it just stopped. So many bloggers seem ot have great regular car boots - I think Yorkshire folk are too tight to get rid of stuff. I must post pics of my jumble sale goodies - tho I was a good girl this year pls Alan had seem ny stash of 4 packing boxes of fabric!If you are new to the area and want to know any places to go or where you can get something just ask. If youwant to buy local produce go to the County Council website I work on its - how did I get round to that??

Anonymous said...

oh Fi, what fabulous news for you, **CONGRATULATIONS!**
Your handmade items are beautiful, I especially like the embroidered hearts.
I so vividly remember the first piece of work I sold at a craft fair and what a fabulous feeling it is.
Hope you're continuing to have a great week

andsewtosleep said...

Well done - that's great news. Though I'm not surprised your creations are lovely. Keep going