Sunday, 27 April 2008

Happy Accident

No you're not seeing things, this IS my second post in one day! Make the most of it, cos it won't happen very often. I just had to share this happy accident with you.
I don't know about you girls, but me being a thrifty Yorkshire woman, I just hate waste of any kind. Before anything goes in the bin or for recycling it's scrutinised to the eighth degree, to see what it can be used for or made into!

So being busy machine embroidering a piece of felt, I usually use white embroidery bobbin thread in the lower bobbin, as you get twice as much on the reel as ordinary thread. Being thrifty, when the reel needs refilling, I like to use up any odds and ends of coloured thread left on bobbins from other sewing projects. This is where the happy accident comes in. This is the wrong side of my work! It would normally be completely white.

It's shame it won't be seen when the bags finished.

Looks like there's been another accident here..... the mess I make when I'm working!!!!!!!!!!


Poppy Black said...

That is amazing! So pretty. I make an awful mess when I am working too. Actually, your mess isn't too bad at all! I love the quilt and pillowcases on your spare bed. Thanks for visiting me XXX

Sal said...

I think your mess is lovely! Sal;-)

pinkgreen said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your work space looks very familiar - I get lost under piles of fabric and pins when I'm working on something! I love your blog, and your felting is amazing. I've never done any and would love to know how. It's on my to do list.
Cathy X

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Fi, if the back looks that good, the front must be amazing! Now that I wouldn't have the patience for, small craft means finished quickly, even if it is a bit fiddly.
Lucy x
BTW - what mess?

Bee Haven Bev said...

Hello there! So wonderful of you to stop by my blog for a chat! I do wish I had been there at the time, I would have offered you a cup of tea and a scone!! Your blog is quite lovely....a feast for the crafting eye!! Will stop in for a visit again, soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi Fiona! Just discovered your blog... and it is BE-A-U-TI-FUL!!!! Gorgeous pics of your beautifuls area!

And what about your work? LOVE IT!!!!!
Especially felted bags and teddy bears...

Hope to have my blog soon, too,

Best wishes from Italy,


Carol said...

well that is a great may have started something here.
Carol xx