Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Guests and Days Out.

Well, I can hardly believe it's been a whole week since my last blog! No, actually I can believe it. I've been rather busy lately, with the children still on school holidays, and "wonderful man" and myself taking a few days off work. We've also had two lots of visitors to stay, not to mention trying to cram in a few day trips here and there.

So where do I begin (there's a song in there somewhere.) Let me see...Wednesday was a bit of a tidying, catching up day, as child #2 was in bed poorly and "wonderful man" and child #1 were off shopping.

Thursday, now that was much more interesting. We all trundled off for the day. Getting our priorities right, we firstly headed off to the pub for a lovely lunch. (you have to understand, my children now being teenagers, means our 'day' out starts about lunchtime!)
This was followed by a visit to Richmond Castle, and a leg trembling climb to the top of the tower. The view was well worth it, even though I could have done with oxygen by the time I reached the top!
Here's what we could see.
Richmond market square
Looking east toward the North Yorkshire Moors
Looking over the rest of the castle
West over The Green
Then it was a wander around the shops, most importantly of all the charity shops! My treasure for the day was, a wool blanket to one day dye and boil up for rug making, a wooden tapestry frame, these two embroidery books and the lovely satiny pink ribbon yarn.
Back home over the hills.

Saturday brought a trip to Embsay Craft Mill with my best friend. I have to apologise here for the lack of photos, but ITS A BIG CRAFT AND FABRIC SHOP! I had no time to be taking photos, there was serious haberdashery shopping to be done! Can't possibly tell you what I bought there and how much I spent, as I want to continue being married to "wonderful man"!!!!!!!! ( I'm sure you all understand! ssssh!) Needless to say it all been stashed away safely as if I've had it all for years!
On Sunday a little visit to our local market hall was in order, for a table top sale in aid of the the local school. Followed after lunch by a trip out to a very windy car boot sale. We're a very hardy bunch up here in Yorkshire! Followed by a detour for a cup of tea to one of my favourite places, Castle Bolton.
Here is the treasure I came home with...
A shopping bag. I reasoned that I'm not likely to put down and forget something as bright and gaudy as this one now, am I? A couple of embroidered tablecloths, some threads, a book about applique, a beautiful floral sweet dish and green glass vase that matches two smaller versions that I already have. So a good day was had by all, as they say!
All my guests have now gone home so while the guest room, (aka my attic studio) is still tidy, I'll take some pics as requested by Lucy at Attic24, to share with you all next time.
Fi x


Gill said...

That was a fun-packed week, Yorkshire is a beautiful county and on my list of places to visit again someday. Great thrifty finds too. I love coming home with goodies like that!

Sal said...

Your pics reminded me..I think I went to Richmond years ago.
Love the pics and your finds are great too;-)

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Fi, what a great week you had, I love clambering around old castles, makes me feel like a big kid (not that I need much encouragement!) Some great thrifty finds too, well done!
Lucy x

Lucy Bloom said...

Hello Fi, you are sweet and funny, I've reserved a little space on my shelf for you, just let me know when you'd like to move in!
Lucy x

Anonymous said...

ooooh you made it Embsay Craft mill, didnt I just tell you you'd love it?! I'm off there myself this morning for more Rowan yarn and a browse, love that place.
Your week sounds lovely, we've never been to Richmond but its on our list of places to visit very soon, ooo and the Buttertubs pass, lovely lovely, takes your breathe away up there!
Can't wait to see attic pics, I'm gonna post mine later in the week. have a great wkend

Alchamillamolly said...

Thanks for your comment I agree thatthe chairs would be better a bit darker I would have thought that the place I bought them would spray them over a darker shade - the bottom of the chair legs are already marking easily just if they are knocked by another chair leg when they are pulled out. I go to Richmond quite a lot 'cos Alans Mum lives there. If you want somewhere nice to eat there is a good cafe in the buildings n the middle of the sqaure. Its a tall narrow place can't think of the name - excellent food - gorgeouse quiche. There is a good Oxfam but the best charity shop is round the corner on Rosemary Lane - they arent 'vintage' wise like Oxfam!! I am just going to post my goodies from the jumble sale last night - Alan was pleased he got a spray thing to paint his shed and the fences for 50p!PS Curlew Country goes to Richmond its her favourite place!