Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Celebrating Spring!

Oh the excitement! 
Lighter nights! Bank holidays! The occasional patch of blue sky! 
I'm totally looking forward to summertime...My focus at the moment seems to be flowers! This is one of my latest felted wool pictures...I'm really enjoying creating the flowers. 
Yes it's all about the blooms at the moment.
Quite stylised. 
Blousy petals. Bobbly stamens. Bobbing heads. 
Hmmm...I can almost smell the sweet new grass and floral scents. 
...and back in reality...I'm wearing two pairs of socks, leg warmers...a huge cardi and looking out of the window at the snow on the hilltops! 

Till next time
Love Fi x


Unknown said...

Its gorgeous..keep warm

Anne Nisbet said...

Just come across your blog and thank you for inspiring me! I love felted pictures and bought a book and all the materials at a craft show, got home and felt overwhelmed by it all, so put it all in a drawer! Now I feel inspired to just give it a go !


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Unknown said...

Its gorgeous..keep warm

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vaiybora said...

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