Monday, 14 May 2012

A good old yarn.

 Hello Ladies. I knew that would get your attention, lol. 
Isn't it just absolutely gorgeous? This is my latest yarn purchase. A total necessity. I just couldn't leave the shop without it.
 It's so soft too. Er...not exactly sure what I'm going to do with it at the moment but it just had to come home with me, and we didn't travel far as we now have our own little yarn venue here in our little village, but more about that in a minute.
 This is my latest venture, ZIGZAG! It's so easy and soooo utterly addictive. I've been very good though and I'm using up my left over Stylecraft yarns that I just love for crochet, especially Stylecraft Life which has 25% wool in it. It won't break the bank but you're still getting a nice quality yarn.
 Luckily for me though, if I do need a little bit more yarn I can pop into the a fore mentioned yarn shop, Past and Presents where I enjoy a lovely relaxing couple of hours on a Friday evening at Jenny's Knit and Natter group.
 Lots of nattering goes on, much tea drinking and cake eating takes place. (Cakes courtesy of the very talented Lindsay) These in particular had special gooey centres.
 And the odd row of knitting here and a round of crochet there!
 Just had to share these scrummy little balls of cotton yarn with you too, they look so pretty in the little basket I made for them from garden twine.
I hand wound these myself for all the ladies who attended my first ever crochet class.( I was taught how to do it by the very talented Anne at Ash Creativity) It was a bit nerve wracking but everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and all went home with at least one little crochet flower.
I've been assured much practising has been going on so next time we will be attempting a granny square or two! Fingers lets hope they've all got past that problem now, lol. 
Thank you for the Blighty Brooch love. 
till next time.
love Fi x


Judith said...

Ooh, beautiful beautiful yarn! Not surprised you couldn't resist. Judith x

GerryART said...

Looks as though I missed a wonderful time with great company.

Annie said...

I really love your new wool Fi but to be honest I would have to keep it just to stroke it....for a while at least :-)
A x

Kay said...

Beautiful coloured wool. I have craft envy, I would love a little venue nearby to get togwther with like minded crafters.

French Nanny said...

Love the basket, Fi!

Martha in Kansas (US) said...

Ooo, that yarn looks good enough to lick. Not that I would, of course, but the colors are yummy.

Your basket of little balls reminds me that I once did that for easter -- tiny amounts died with easter egg dye. Better than eggs!

I'm needing to start a baby blanket, and this inspires me to consider a ripple. Heading off to the yarn closet to see what's in the stash. Thanks!

bonzogirl said...

oooohh...i spotted a friend in your woolly gathering..even if only a side profile!mmmm scrummie wool you bought there mrs!!!

My Norfolk Life said...

I love when I find a yarn I just can't leave behind because it's so beautiful. I do find I then can't use that yarn because it is so lovely. Can't wait to see what you make!

Betty said...

OH I would love to eat cakes and sip tea whilst learning to knit/crochet and have creative people and all that coloured wool around me, it must be so much fun! Your zigzag is very pretty.

Anonymous said...

Love that little basket holding the small balls of wool. I have a patchwork one, but always looking for something useful and different.
Like you, I use Stylecraft wool for crochet, it's good value, the range of colours is good too, and the softness of the 4ply for the cost is really good value.
But that yarn you bought is just gorgeous....

Jess said...

Yes you certainly did grasp my attention with that lovely yarn porn! ;)
I'd have been the same, I spend hours in wool shops and if I had spied that one, it would hav ehad to accompnay me home too! Love your basket, how did you make it? :)
Jess xx