Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Body parts and chocolate crumbs.


Hello...it's 11.15pm and I'm sat in bed blogging and trying to eat a bar of chocolate without getting any chocolate crumbs on my white sheets. Failed already with the chocolate crumbs and I'm only on my second square! Don't tell anyone. Wonderful Man is downstairs watching telly. I've also got a can of Barrs Shandy but I'm going to save that until tomorrow. I know how to live it up don't I! lol.

I have a dear friend who swears that the best way to eat an M&S Colin the Caterpillar chocolate birthday cake is to eat it alone in bed with a pot of tea. When questioned about the crumb problem she said it was no problem at all as she eats it at her husbands side and then moves over to her own! Smart girl, I like her style!

Back to blogging.

I've been very busy making bunny body parts over the last few days. Here they all are up in the attic awaiting arms, ears, faces and bobbity tails.

At the same time I've been making a Christening cake that I was commissioned to do earlier in the year.
(see, I can multitask with the best of em!)

There's a lot of stuffing goes into a cake.

My bunnies have been travelling around the house with me in this little basket. During the day I sew up in the attic, doing all the machine sewing so that I can sit downstairs on an evening doing any hand stitching that needs to be done.

And I must say, there is a fair old amount of hand stitching on these bunnies, not to mention stuffing. I'm not a fan of stuffing. I think I'm rather impatient when it comes to stuffing even though I know the best results come from teasing out tiny amounts at a time and carefully poking down little bits until each little body part is nice and firm.

Back downstairs again, we're a little bit further on here. See, two completed bunnies and my cake just needs the wording embroidering on the top and little bit of fancy around it. Yep, my little fingers have been very busy over the last few days.

On the other hand some members of the family have been taking things easy.

Spreading themselves out and taking up far more space than is polite.

And then to cap it all, when politely asked to budge up a bit...

Take offence!


Hopefully I will be restocking my Folksy shop with embroidered bunnies tomorrow, photography allowing. (not my strong point) I'll let you know anyway.

love Fi x


marble rose said...

Oh wow - bunnie heaven - - like they are all waiting to be born into the world - they are adorable!!!! What a great idea for using all those pretty table cloths etc that we are all addicted to buying!! Can't wait to see them all finished!!! Weldone! xx

Maggie Ann said...

I so enjoy visiting your blog. There was a quote in the Sunday paper by an author who said....a good author makes you feel as if you are standing at the subjects's elbow. And this post did just that. Your ornery dog...hogging up the couch like that...ha ha. Hope you have a wonderful time restocking your shop with all your Very pretty things!

Stocki said...

Hi Fi... I always feel a bit sorry for little sewn creatures when they have bits missing... they all look a little embarrassed, but quietly excited! I'm definitely popping by the shop tomorrow. Your naughty dog...as I read that I looked at my sofa, and there is Fred.. on his back, all 4 paws in the air, airing his belly...we both must be indulgent owners :)x

Kris said...

Tee-Hee..I just ate 4 oreo cookies in bed!!! We are so bad!!!

serendipity said...

The bunnies are so cute. You've got a lot of patience to make them. Lottie is just the same as your dog, usually on the sofa next to the fire ! xx

Betty said...

Your dog is delightful. I really enjoy seeing what you are making, the bunnies are so pretty but I like the cake and hope you will be able to show the finished commission. Betty

VintageVicki said...

Oh I don't envy you with all that stuffing. When I make my raggie dolls I hate the limb turning/stuffing part.

Caroline Lovis (Redneedle) said...

Lovely way to use the fabric on your bunnies

delia hornbook said...

Wow your bunnies are beautiful all that embroidery is gorgeous and so pretty. And how cute is your little dog bless. I had to chuckle our your friends eating in bed and moving over to her side ;-)) fab style. dee x

wendz said...

Marvellous little bunnies. Adorable.

I know what you mean about the stuffing bit - I made some christmas stars and hearts this week and they are pretty easy to stuff, yet I hated doing them..can only imagine how fiddly a bunny is to fill up! I am not good at repetitive fiddly things - I have little patience and the attention span of a flea.

You make such lovely things.

Linnhe Mara said...

Neither wonder he looked a bit offended when you asked him to move, he was obviously waiting on a very important phone call!
Ah, stuffing, the bane of our lives. Sometimes makes you wish you lived near a teddy bear factory that you could sneak in to.

jo said...

Love the bunnies! I hate hand sewing and always try to find a pattern which doesn't involve any.

Twiglet said...

You deserve a bit of chocolate after all that sewing. I love those bunnies.

Miss Holly said...

I just adore your posts! The bunnies are wonderful! I think I will feel better when they have ears! Do you use old hand embroidered tablecloths? I can't tell from the pic if it is printed or sewn.....it looks to be hand embroidered.. O.K. and your doggy???? He is the dearest fellow!! I just wanted to put my hand through the screen and give him a pat!! Happy Day to you! Oh and now I want chocolate for breakfast!!

The Vintage Gardener said...

Good to see you've got the dog answering the phone for you! I'm a very lucky girl, as I already own one of your lovely bunnies. Mr VG bought one for my birthday earlier in the year.

Liz said...

Love those bunnies!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger