Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Time Travel

As many of you already know I live in the middle of rural Yorkshire.
Right there in the centre of the picture.


A very special place to be and indeed I feel very, very lucky and privileged to live here (thank you Wonderful Man). I try to never ever take it for granted and as you know, try to share it with as many of you as I can (or some might say, foist it upon you left, right and centre, lol)

WM and I often remark that living here is like stepping back in time and to be honest with you it was one of its attractions when deciding to relocate here.
Many of our local villages have car parking with honesty boxes for payment (quite a novelty when you come from the city). Baskets of eggs are left for sale on walls with a little tin for the money. Bikes, tools, wellies, toys etc are safely left outside peoples homes. Pushchairs and cars can be parked outside the local shop without worry. Your bill from the coal man can often take a good six months to arrive, no rush.
Best of all, folk smile and stop to say hello.

Every day I see little snapshots of local history, times gone by.

Often taken for granted by the locals.
(we're 'in-comers', and I'm not sure how many decades you have to live here to be classed as local, lol)

but special to me and worthy of a little click of the camera.

Fungus and moss will only grow on trees where the air is unpolluted by cars.
Wild flowers surprise you on the road side.

Market day, flat cap, wool coat and wicker basket obligatory.

No longer the chosen mode of transport.

The village green, complete with Maypole.

Stepping further back in time, lead mines and quarries.

We truly love getting out and about and still have much to see and discover.


This is our latest discovery.
Found at the side of the road, on a quite ordinary shopping trip.

Pendragon Castle.
. A 12th century Norman Keep.

With a 14th century garderobe turret.
I've never used the words dragon and castle in the same post before.
I feel quite excited and giddy.
Must be time for a good old fashioned cup of tea.
till next time,
love fi x


**Anne** said...

Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos of where you live. You live in a beautiful place.

Colette said...

You do make it feel like it is one place I would like to visit.


Marigold Jam said...

It's beautiful and you have the best of all worlds living there in the past yet with all modern conveniences.

Anonymous said...

As a big, big fan of "All Creatures Great and Small", I can't get enough of your lovely Dales.

Kathy (An American follower of your blog)

The Fairy Glade said...

My roots are in the north, though I have never visited myself. My grandad came to Kent to work in the mines. I have cousins in Skipton. Your pictures stir something inside me when I look at them. Hard to explain really...maybe one day. Dev x

Bluebell said...

That is such a beautiful place and you are so blessed to be living there, enjoy every minute. I love the little shoes you knitted in a previous post they are beyond sweet.

Jennifer said...

It is absolutely gorgeous, and my boys would love seeing anything related to castle or dragon. You are blessed indeed!

Gilly Tee said...

I love ruined castles, they set my romantic imagination running. Pendragon sounds very Arthurian doesn't it.
Your trips around are wonderful as it's a place i've never been but would love to visit.

Twiglet said...

More lovely photos - I love your little "step back in time".

Jude said...

Beautiful photos...a wonderful place to live most definitely..
That is a form of orchid, we have mny of those in Crete and I shall be posting photos tomorrow of similar plants..
Take care

potterjotter said...

We actually went to Pendragon Castle on one of our stays in Carperby - I did loads of research before we went and picked out all the 'free to see' castles (you can tell I'm from Yorkshire!).

Heather said...

Hi Fiona,
We (me and my husband) moved to the "gateway" to the Dales in September and I love that it's so much slower and homely than living in Leeds. I appreciate that it's a town here and not a Dales village but still, I love it so much already. I am looking forward to getting out into the Dales more, it's difficult to do so at the moment because I don't drive and all Andy's weekend time is taken up trying to renovate the living room. Serious damp!
Heather xxx

sue said...

Good old 'yorkshire tea' I hope! Love your glimpses into your part of the world. Those cottages are amazing!

Autumn Mist said...

Such a lovely place to live, I know exactly how you feel. Are the chickens getting on ok?

The Weaver of Grass said...

Have you tried turning off the Moorcock to Kirby Stephen road at Pendragon Castle and going left up over the moors? The road comes out on the Sedbergh to Kirby Stephen road so you can make a round trip - lovely scenery. (If you feel like making a detour off that road right into Ravenstonedale, there is a lovely pub for a pub lunch there.)

Claire said...

Hey Fi, foist away............
Whilst having been fortunate enough to visit your very village, (long before I knew you lived there) I can always appreciate more pics of your corner of the globe.
Just stunning.

Claire :)

lynn said...

thanks for the virtual trip around the dales...off on holiday to do do a reccie in tasmania...they say it s a lot like england ...we shall see ?

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Thank you for the lovely tour!
Vivienne x

Miss Holly said...

I've been to Kirkby Stephan!!!!! And I live in New England!! I long to see your part of the world again! It is truly heaven! Thanks for the beautiful show !

daydream in colour said...

Thank you so much for the virtual tours of your beautiful area. My sister and I travelled all round the area MANY years ago, spending time in Hawes,rambling around Gunnerside and driving the Buttertubs Pass - eeeek!

Aaaahhhh the memories of one of my favourite areas of the world.

Holly said...

Your pictures made me sigh and wish that someday I can visit such a place. Hard to believe a place so beautiful exists. You are truly blessed! I think I'll print some of these latest picutes and hang them around my craft room for inspiration. :)

Lynne said...

You are indeed very fortunate to live where you do. We used to pass tha castle on a regular basis when we had a caravan at Hawes and used to travel regularly up to Penrith.
What a beautiful heirloom your father made you. It quite took my breath away.

donna said...

Your beautiful photos make my heart ache! I lived in England and Ireland for 10 years and I would go back in the morning if I had the chance. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

You are making me really homesick for the county of my birth, and longing for VIEWS. Living in Norfolk, which is as many of you may know, very flat (thanks to Noel Coward for stating the obvious!) you miss views of valleys, dips in the landscape, rises in the landscape. There is a slight rise at either end of our village, farmland to one side, woodland to the other, but it is very slight indeed, compared to the grand rises of Yorkshire hills and dales.
Lovely photos again, thank you so much.

moonstruckcreations said...

Lovely photos, made me think of my years spent in the republic of yorkshire!


Sandi said...

More beautiful photos, thank you so much for posting them. My heart aches everytime I see your beautiful county and quaint homes, the flowers, chooks,...everything. Am getting my fix of Yorkshire and the English countryside With Heartbeat, All Creatures Great and Small, Born and Bred etc.
x Sandi

bootextiles said...

We went to the Dales at the weekend on our way to Farfield Mill. It is truly beautiful- you are so lucky to live where you do xx

elizabeth said...

What a beautiful post! Thank you for all the lovely photo's. Dreamy, totally dreamy!

Gooseberry Jam said...

What a beautiful part of the world you live in....I like your vision, Craft and Cake at the same time. I like a bit of that too. :)

Kath said...

Hello Fi, I came here from um, can;t remember how I got here, but I'm glad I did! I have enjoyed your posts and your beautiful crafts.
Like you, I moved to the place of my dreams, the wacky and bohemian town of Glastonbury, where we are surrounded by stunning Somerset countryside.
So nice to meet you!