Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Gratuitous Yorkshire Dales Scenery

Hello, you're just in time! Get your coat on we going for a drive around the block.


Just because the sun is shining and we're in a beautiful place.

The little village of Askrigg.

Recognise the building with the railings?

It was James Herriots veterinary practice in 'All Creatures Great and Small'.
Full of useless information, that's me!

Next stop the even smaller village of Muker, over the top of the fells and down the other side.

Nearly at the top.



on top of the worrrrrllld.

There's the other side of the Fell.

That's Swaledale down there in front of us.

Nearly at the bottom.

Left turn at the bottom.

Over this bridge and there's Muker.

We'll park here next to the river and have a bimble.

This tiny building use to be the post office.

Quick! Lets catch up to Wonderful Man and Sneaky dog.

huge roof tiles.

Keep going. Can you feel the sunshine warm on your back ?

This is where we'll stop today. If you'd like to see whats further over the river check this post.

but today this is far enough.

Lets retrace our steps back to the village.

I hope it was worth climbing all those steps to hang that washing out.

Well, needs must!

Not everyone has a garden!

Goodbye Muker.

There are Snowdrops everywhere at the moment.

Back into the car everyone.
Straight on driver!

Take the first left.

We've reached the start of the Buttertubs Pass.

We're climbing higher and higher...

looking back down Swaledale, where we've just been.

We're back on the top of Fells now.

Ugh! I really shouldn't look down there!

This little bit of 'hosepipe' will keep us safe though!!!

Can't wait to get past this bit. I'm a real scaredy cat.

These big wooden post are spaced all along this stretch of the road so that the road can be found by the snowploughs when it snows.

Aaaah... that's better.

We'll stop here at the viewing piont for a few minutes.

And take in Wensleydale in all its glory.

Bored yet? Nope! Me neither!

Looking towards the East.

And towards the West.

Gosh! I love it here!

Time the drive down now.

 I hope you enjoyed that ride around the block or more correctly, around the Fells.
It's time to go home and start tea now.
But before I go... I just want to say thank you to all of you who left such lovely comments on my last post. My Mum and Dad were both very touched by your lovely words.
Actually between you and me, there were a few tears.
Time to start peeling those potatoes
see you next time.
love fi x


willywagtail said...

Wow! Loved the trip. Thankyou. I always enjoy scenery with stones - one of my great loves. Cherrie

Cheryl said...

You sure do live in a beautiful part of the country. How do you ever get anything else done!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for the mini vacation! Absolutely beautiful! Just what I needed today!

Martha in Kansas (US) said...

Thanks for the trip. That was lovely! You know, it is so much better from the ground view than peering at it on Bing maps! LOL! I also love reading "Fells". My mom's maiden name was Fell and they were originally from... right around there (waving hand vaguely).

**Anne** said...

Oh thank you so much for taking these lovely photos so we could go with you around the Fells. You live in a gorgeous part of the world.
Anne xx

Jennifer said...

Absolutely gorgeous, what a beautiful area. I love those stone walls!

Sally said...

I really want to thank you for taking all these photos and posting them so the rest of us in far off places can enjoy the beauty of your everyday world. Much appreciated. Really beautiful.

Jacquie said...

Stunning ! Thankyou so much for sharing . What a treat :0)
Jacquie x

Delena said...

Thank you for the lovely ride. So much quaintness in this world of ours. Beautiful!

Miss Holly said...

Oh my God, just breathtaking.... I just love love love the look of this landscape. It just makes my heart skip! Thank you for the wonderful trip !!!!!

Maggie Ann said...

I loved going along for the ride! Your part of the world is glorious...and I loved seeing where James Herriot had his practise. I have some of his books and really enjoyed them. (I scratched out the swear words when they occur...ahem) He was a wonderful vet AND author...who enriched our lives with his many stories. Thank you for sharing all of this....a feast for the soul and the eyes! You are special...I liked your commentary as we rode along.

Riddlers cottage flowers said...

I really enjoyed that. Nearly forgot that I was not in the car with you! Lesley. x

Bovey Belle said...

oh what a lovely drive out, I DID enjoy that! I had a lovely walk too (sunshine cannot be ignored) - pics on my blog if you want a breath of Welsh air for a change.

jo said...

I've always wanted to visit the Dales, now I feel like I have been. You are soooo luckey to live in such a beautiful place.

Allyson said...

Thanks for those photos! That's a lovely break from my day :)
I know what you mean about the wire keeping you safe. When we visited the South Island of NZ, there were ENORMOUS drops down one side...and a tiny bit of wire acting as a saftey rail! Yikes!

I've never come across 'bimble' before. What a lovely word!

KC'sCourt! said...

Lovely scenery. I must visit one day
Julie xxxxxx

Gilly Tee said...

that was stunning scenery so much so even MrT(annoyingly looking over my shoulder) commented "that looks nice' praise indeed.

Twiglet said...

One of my most favourite places to visit - thanks for the trip! It really is a wonderful place to live.

Sandi said...

Never, ever, ever get tired of your beautiful countryside, I love, love it so much.
We have the repeats of 'All creatures great and small' on here now, along with quite a few others that I watch, I just can't get enough of Yorkshire!!!!
You had more sun today than we have.
x Sandi

Anonymous said...

It's decades since I did that drive, over the Fells, Buttertubs, Swaledale and so forth, so thanks for bringing back memories of happy days with small children, of holidays without children, and just of the county of my birth.

Diane said...

Cut me a chunk of Wenslydale and pr me a proper cuppa! Camping season will soon be underway. xxx

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Gorgeous drive. Towards the end, I couldn't help but think of Monty Python and the cheese shop skit (Wensleydale!!)

The Weaver of Grass said...

That is our usual route round Fi, so we needn't go again - I can just scroll through your pics!

Anonymous said...

How could you be bored with such beautiful and wonderful surroundings. Thank you for the tour!


Fi, you just reminded me why i love living here..so beuatifull,hope all is well up your end of the dale/ Linda x x

maryannlucy said...

Fabulous post - thank you x

Teje said...

Hello Fiona! I love English country side and the old villages with the stone houses! I do appreciate you took us for this fantastic tour! Amaizing views, qute old post office - and how is not important to show the clinic of James Herriot! I have read all the books and look every part of the tv-serie!
Best wishes from stone house! Teje

Lyn said...

Oh Wow what a beautiful pat of the country you live in and what a lovely trip out!
gorgeous photos, thanks for sharing them.

Autumn Mist said...

Crikey, and I thought we had it good here! Lovely to see all the snowdrops, too. I am a huge James Herriott fan.

Anonymous said...

Don't we live in a wonderful country? Every county is different in some way. I think we all take it for granted, but when I see photos such as yours it makes me very grateful.

Tea with Prudence said...

Dear Fi,
Thankyou for taking me along on the trip.

Yes, sun is definitely a good enough reason to go on a drive.

Can we go back and pick some snowdrops?


Silvia said...

Oh How I miss Yorkshire:(

Anonymous said...

I miss Yorkshire too! Thank you for this wonderful virtual day out. My favourite round trip in the Dales. Like you, that drive past Buttertubs with that ridiculous piece of 'hosepipe' between you and the precipice always makes me feel a bit nervy.
Thanks! Rosie

wonderwoman said...

That was a lovely post and very cheering on a horrible ,cold and murkey day down south! Went to Wensleydale years ago and it looks just as beautiful as i remember it - we used to keep Wensleydale sheep!


sue said...

Thanks for the invite, had a lovely trip. What a lovely place you live in! So many 'wow' moments it must be very inspirational. The only thing.............there's no sea! I'm a gal who needs to smell salt in the air! Hope the weather continues to give you fab views.

val said...

Oh Fi, I have soooooooooo enjoyed my Fell ride! We used to do it so often by motor bike and it was just great to have the wind in your face and breathing in all that lovely fresh air, your Fell ride brought it all back. Actually at the moment, every so often, I watch an episode of Herriot, you are so blessed to be able to actually L I V E not only in Yorkshire - the best county in the country - but in the Dales, every day when you wake up you must promise to say "Fiona, you are So Privileged to LIVE here!" ..... promise?
love and a great big Thanks,
Val xx

Just Original said...

You have made me so jealous!

If only Doctors Who's tardis was available!

Thank you for some great photos

Vanessa x

PeregrineBlue said...

oh to b e in england again. we are planning a trip to the lake district and scotland this summer. can't wait for those roads and stopping in at all the little viallages along the way. I LOVE ENGLAND!

potterjotter said...

Aaahh - such memories! Been there, done all that, but envy you actually living there! Lovely pics.

Kris said...

Hi there. I have no idea how I stumbled upon your blog, but boy am I glad I did!!! Charming, through and through. You have created so many beautiful things! I am your newest follower, and will be back soon, and often!

moonstruckcreations said...

Reminds me of when I lived in the "Republic of Yorkshire" But got my visa taken away as I couldnt sing all the verses of "on Ikley Moor bah tat) so am back "down south"!!


entssouthwales said...

Thanks for all the lovely memories as this was an area I spent growing up - My grandfather had a shop in west Witton and I was in all Creatures great and Small as an extra in 1978.

Claire said...

Fi another post full of lovely pics of your corner of the world.

You do live in a very special place. I'm itching to use my passport again.......... and I know just where I want to visit.

Claire :}

Susan said...

That walk behind Muker I once did when I was rather pregnant with our third child, our daughter. If I had done it a week later I would have got stuck in the stiles!

Lovely to see it again.


mckinkle said...

Oh WOW what a fabulous road trip Fi!

The best bit, after the stunning scenery was that my back doesnt hurt despite all of that driving!

Thanks for sharing, that was fantastic!

Keryn x

Campfire said...

I remember going into Muker from Crackpot Hill (is that right?) down a really treacherous descent. We were cycle touring, Mum was on her own bike, I was on the back of a tandem with Dad and I wouldn't get on the tandem and insisted walking down the hill, it looked SO scary.

I loved the village and we stayed in a B&B just into the village on the left.

That was in the lat 50s when I was a child. I remember it almost as if it were yesterday. I still love the wild moors and would LOVE to live in the area.

I'm really enjoying these blogs with all the lovely pictures and crafty things.

entssouthwales said...


Indeed they have a cave too which I went into around 20 years ago - memorable day!