Friday, 6 August 2010

Embroidered Bunnies for Sale!

Thank you. All sold now.
Hello my lovelies,
It's soooo good to be back with you all.
I've had a truly crappy couple of weeks work wise, but we don't let that infringe on our lovely, happy bloggy time. Oh no, this is a sunshiny, happy place, which is just as well as I now appear to have plenty of free time to indulge in it.
So... lets indulge away...
Look who's climbed into my linen cupboard!
And he's not on his own, I think this must be his twin , teehee!
Yes I've been repurposing vintage linens again. (please be assured I only cut into damaged linens, giving the perfect areas a chance to be loved again for a second time.)

OOO! Two sets of twins, aaaaaaaw pretty sweet don't you think?

Little bunny toes

bunny tummies

button jointed arms

teeny tiny buttoned ears
Oh, and not forgetting the most important part...

darling little bunny tails!
All four bunnies are for sale, they are made by me from vintage embroidered linens (no perfect linens have been harmed in any way)

They are £24 each, post and packaging is free in the UK and at cost anywhere else.
Please note that although they have safety eyes these bunnies are meant for decoration only and are not toys.
Each bunny is approx 29cm (11 inches) tall.
If you would like to give a new home to a pretty bunny you can email me at
Thank you for listening to my little rant. I feel much better now.
Love Fi xx
(notice the extra kiss today? Yep, that's how much better I feel.)


Milkchurn Cottage The Shop said...

Oooor, aren't they pretty? Glad your all happy bunnies up there. See yous soon, xx

missholly said...

you've done it again!! these are pure heaven. what a wonderful idea.... you are one of the best! beautiful job!

LittleGem said...

ah they are gorgeous, I especially love the little buttons you've used on their arms and ears.
beautiful x

Lavender hearts said...

you really are so talented. i think you could turn your hand to anything. Off to bed now, but will email tomorrow re bunny (if you have any left by then!). x

Jane Moxey said...

What a cute bunny pattern. Did you design it? What a great way to use hand embroidered linens that might have lost their youthful total appearance!

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Sweet! :)
Vivienne x

KC'sCourt! said...

You are so talented, do you give lessons? They are gorgeous!
Julie xxxxx

marigold jam said...

Gorgeous! Love them.

Pearly Queen said...

They're lovely bunnies! Don't know why you have more time now, but I'm sure you'll use it creatively, and that will give you (and all of us) lots of pleasure!

Country Cottage Chic said...

Oh what lovely sets of twins you have ..... seems they have been breeding like rabbits! (groan!)


ShabbyChicShaz said...

Your bunnies are absolutely adorable and what a good way to use up damaged linens :)

Jak said...

Recycling in the prettiest fashion. Such a great idea and oh so cute.

Sandi said...

Loving the bunnies, your work is so neat, I'm afraid I seem to get into a muddle and what ever I made isn't quite the 100%. Oh well as long as I enjoy myself.
Great to see you back after a 'crappy couple of weeks' with a smile in your blog.
Sandi xx

sylviesgarden said...

Oh my they are too cute! I think I am in love.
Hope you have a good weekend and that things at work get better for you.

Posy Linda said...

What a wonderful use of old linens. It's such a shame for these things to languish away in some cupboard. Lovely!

wonderwoman said...

they are just lovely!

silverpebble said...

Oh my giddy sainted aunt. Those are perfect!

Twiglet said...

Well they certainly are delightful and I hope they sell quickly for you. Lets hope the next few weeks make up for the last few!!

Lyn said...

Gorgeous, hope they find loving homes soon.

Annie said...

They are gorgeous, you are so clever. Hope the next few weeks improve for you.
Ann x

Sue said...

The bunnies are beautiful, sorry to hear things haven't been too rosy, hope they improve.

ruby said...

Oh my these are pure delight, so perfectly adorable, Im loving the tails and button joints, how amazing xx

Martha said...

What cute little bunnies!

glor said...

How adorable. Great work!

Emma Kate said...

They are GORGEOUS :) So very, very sweet x

carole said...

Oh thet are gorgeous Fi.
Love Carole from Rossendale xxxxx

Sweet Birdy Love said...

Oh Fi, some more cute bunnies, just lovely, the teeny, tiny buttoned ears are so sweet.
I'm sure they will be snapped up.

Hope things are looking a little cheerier.

Claire X

karen said...

awwwww How sweet are they. You are sooo very talented hunni

Hope work goes better for you soon


Barbara said...

What cute are so talented...I do enjoy your blog when I get the chance to "hop" on


Hi Fi, reading between the lines ,I guess your not working any more! Give Mainsgill a call ,its a good place to work, very ,very buisy ,but interesting , Owner is needing Good staff!! You know how much I love thoose bunnies, would love one soon, David has TOLD me to ecomomise at moment, but will get one soon, i need one of the beauties, do you still want to meet some time ,i would love that! love ,Linda x

val said...

Hi Fi! Just how gorgeous are these?! I am sure they will be off to new burrows very soon!
I do wonder ........ how do you come up with such original ideas all the time!!!!!
Have a lovely weekend,
Val xx

ale balanzario said...

ooooh they are so lovely, great embrodery!!

southseafoodgirl said...

love your bunnies! Have you ever done an exhibition of your work? Its fantastic!
I wondered if I could join your '20 minute' challenge. My names Lou and I'm a textile artist on the south coast. Coming up to the Dales on Wednesday to visit family, oh and the long wool sheep of course.
My blog is

Pink Feather Paradise said...

My lovely bunny from you first breeding season is still much loved and cherished... these are lovely and so glad to see that they have all found hapy homes..

x Alex

Planet Penny said...

I SO love those bunnies! Hope you sort your job problems out soon, Penny x