Monday, 30 August 2010

Drum-roll...The winner is...

Hello all, I hope you've had a lovely Bank Holiday weekend and that the weather in your corner of the globe was kind to you.

I've been out and about this weekend, visiting village shows and fetes and generally pottering about at home, bliss! My favourite kind of weekend.

I've entered raffles, rummaged in jumble, drooled over cake stalls, sampled local beers, winced at hot chilli chutneys, stroked rare sheep and best of all partaken of tea and cakes! Yummy! You can't beat an English village fete!
The loveliest day I've had this week though was Thursday. Wonderful Man and I were invited to lunch by Sue and Neil at their beautiful home.

Sue and Neil are very new friends to us, in fact we only met about 2 months ago when WM and I were shopping in the next town. I was perusing vegetables when a lady stopped me and said, "Hello, are you..."

It was at this point I was thinking to myself, 'Wow this lady is going to be so embarrassed when she realises she doesn't know me at all.'

But do you know what... she did know me!

"Hello, are you...MarmaladeRose?"

Yes, I was a little bit surprised too, but in a nice way. Anyway to cut a long story short we found we had mutual bloggy friends and a few weeks later a lunch date was arranged.

Here's Wonderful Man and Neil taking in...

this spectacular view.

Gorgeous isn't it!

We had a delicious home made lunch sat in their cosy kitchen enjoying this gorgeous scenery, and then relaxed even more in front of a cosy fire complete with chocolate and a purring cat. Hmmmmmm...luuuuurverly.

Thank you very much Sue and Neil for a truly lovely afternoon.

All to soon it was time to go home although I did say, "We really ought to be making a move" about 4 times before I actually managed to drag myself up off their comfortable sofa.


Okay I've kept you all waiting long enough. Shall we see who has won my giveaway?

I've counted and recounted (4 times actually) and not including multiple comments from the same people I declare....


Country Girl at Life on the East Coast the winner of my Cherry on Top bunting!

Thank you to everyone who left a comment, I enjoyed reading each and every one. In fact I enjoyed this giveaway so much that I'm going to have another one very soon, it was sooo much fun!

So Country Girl, I'll be contacting you shortly sweetie :)

Thank to all of you for making it such fun.

love Fi x


Jacquie said...

Looks like a lovely weekend.I'm having a giveaway over at my place if you fancy joining in.
Congratulations to Country Girl,I'm jelous ,love that bunting :0)
Jacquie x

Sandi said...

Congrats to country Girl, what a wonderful surprise. You are becoming famous, people stopping you on the street. Village fairs, something to look forward to.......AND another giveway!!!! yay :)
Hugs Sandi

Serenata said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend was had with new friends.

Congratulations to Country girl!

Hope you have a good week.

The Patchwork Heart said...

Ahhhh she is a lucky girl, congrats country girl! Im going to organise a northern meet up .. if you are interested you can sign up on my blog :)
Heather x

Sweet Birdy Love said...

Hey Fi, a Village Fete, sounds like a lot of fun, I would love to go to one.
Lunch with new friends and bloggy friends at that, how fab. I would've been happy with a vegemite/marmite sandwich on the lawn and looking at that gorgeous view, spectacular.........
Congrats to Country Girl on winning your lovely bunting. She's going to make her friends jealous when she hangs it up!
Have a great week,

Claire X

Annie said...

Congrats to Country Girl. Lucky girl. Your fame obviously goes before you now :-) How lovely to make new friends. The view from her house looked really gorgeous and your meal together sounded perfect. You have a blog award on my blog if you'd like to pick it up Fi.
A x

Helen said...

I love a muching weekend . . . just like you!!

Autumn Mist said...

Lovely photos, the views are stunning. Congrats to Country Girl, I am envious too.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend and your pictures are stunning,
Congratulations to the winner enjoy your lovely bunting,

Lyn said...

it is so much fun making new friends, and almost as much fun going to a village fete!

topchelseagirl said...

OMG what a gorgeous view! I'm surprised you were able to tear yourselves away.

Twiglet said...

Coverdale looks wonderful and how lovely to have such a chance meet up which leads to a lovely friendship - blogging is like that isn't it!

chris, milatos said...

Photo's are lovely. Glad you enjoyed your weekend Congratulations to Country Girl. Enjoy your prize

Dawn said...

I won!! sounds like I am the envy of blogland. I have emailed my address to you, thanks again!

Anonymous said...

bonjour FIONA
bravo à la gagnante et merci à vous d organiser des petis concours sympas
Votre journée chez vos nouveaux amis a du etre superbe.
Toujours merci pour les photos


Hi Fi, glad you had a lovely time with sue and Neil, they emailed me and am looking forward too meeting them in person when they move in ! I know the people they have bought there house from ,they have moved just acroos the Green to a fab largge old house, they love living on the green so much that they only moved 50 yards, sure Sue and Neil will love it here ! The natives are friendly!!! have a lovely week end and we Must meet up soon. we keep saying this ,but lets try to make a date!!! Linda x x