Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Meet the Girls.

Hellooo, I think it's time I introduced you to the girls.

They're a little bit camera shy like me and always seem to be facing the wrong way. (Much like me! They haven't found my 'good side' yet. Lol.)

From left to right, Cluck, Geraldine, Margery and Lady Gaga.

I've found it impossible to get all 4 of them in the same picture, at the same time, looking in the same direction.

We've only had them 2 weeks and to date we have had no eggs at all, but that's ok because they're still only teenagers. If you look closely their wattles on their heads haven't developed properly yet. Margery (the one at the back) seems to be the youngest with the least wattle and the smallest in size.

Every one enjoys spending time with them (even the horizontal teenager is keen to be involved!)
Cluck is the leader and the bravest.

She's also the most tame.

I thought I'd include this photo to mark the first-cleaning-out-of-the-hen house. Please note how many people are helping. I wonder if there will still be quite so many people a few weeks down the line...

only time will tell.

Till next time,


Love Fi x


maryannlucy said...

What beautiful girls, welcome to the wonderful world of chook-keeping! You'll be amazed at how many hours you can spend just watching them. We had a couple of double yolkers when ours started to lay, let us know how you get on. Love 'em. enjoy x

Susan said...

My bloggy and knitty friend Natalie has chickens too, and she's up in Scotland. They got a bit fed up of getting snowed in over the winter, but are enjoying the sun now.

Jennifer said...

What pretty gals you've got. I bet you can't wait till you are in full supply of fresh eggs. What a fun new adventure.

Claire said...

Hey Fi, what lovely girls. You are in for alot of fun, now that you have chickens.
They will certainly keep you entertained and it's so nice having them scratching around in the yard and clucking away.
One question, who is going to have the honour of eating the first egg?

Sandi said...

What a beautiful fluffy white bottom!!!
We had chickens, raised from babies in a big box inside, once they started jumping out and taking over my kitchen I had to be very stern with hubby to 'go fix up the shed' we had a great shed out the back and with a little bit of this and that it was made into a wonderful chook house, but they still came into the kitchen to visit when let out to scratch around, bless them, I miss having chooks they are so lovely to have around.
Enjoy !!

Annie said...

We used to have chickens when I was little. Mostly happy memories until I came home one day from school to find they had eaten the one I called Banty for dinner that day! I will look forward to watching yours :-)
A x

Marigold Jam said...

We kept hens some years agop too and they are such fun. We worked out that the first few eggs we got had cost us over £100 but of course the setting up costs don't factor in the further down the line you get! Enjoy your girls and good luck with your new venture eggs will never have tasted so good.


Pink Feather Paradise said...

Oh I am so tempted... our lawn is scraggy and mossy and full of buttercups so there would be no love lost at loosing it to some chickens... I will investigate some more... perhaps with Danny soon attending school full time some chickens to keep me occupied would be a diversion.. lol


Lululiz said...

The girls are gorgeous and they look very happy indeed! I bet it won't be long before they start laying eggs. What a celebration that will be, the very first egg!
I fondly remember my childhood, spent with my grandparents who had lots of chickies. Collecting eggs was always such an occasion. I can still feel the handle of the basket, and the straw and the warmth of the eggs when I think about it. Weird, eh?

Autumn Mist said...

They're beautiful! Are they a particular breed? Don't worry, the eggs will come. Look out for Mr Fox, he is now your arch enemy!

Justine said...

I would so love some chucks, we just don't have the space - one day though I hope! Happy hen-keeping! Justine xx

topchelseagirl said...

What gorgeous girls and fab names you've given them! x

Anonymous said...

Oh they're lovely Fi, looking forward to hearing about your adventures with them.
I remember fondly as a child collecting the still warm eggs at my Aunts house and feeding them way too much corn!!
Vivienne x

Jenny said...

What lovely chicks, enjoy your eggs! I love your blog.

sylviesgarden said...

Thank you for sharing this lovely post. I love chickens and really, really want some of my own but don't really have the space.
I will have to have chickens vicariously through others.
Take care x

Country Cottage Chic said...

Lovely girls!
I can guarentee the chicken house cleaning novelty will soon wear off especially when it's cold & wet!!


Anonymous said...

Oooooh your hens are just so sweet, make me miss mine all the more. I had Jennifer and Clarissa, Nigella and Delia, Tractor, Digger, Road Roller, sarah, Beryl Ginny 1 and Jinny 2. One laid a blue egg, one a white egg, another a brown egg, a big egg, a fragile egg, a small odd shaped egg, a regular shop like egg and one didn't lay at all! All the previous comments are all up beat and I echo all that has been said. Chickens are a joy....until one night you go to bed early because you are ill and you forget to tell someone to put the chickens to bed. When you wake in the morning there is a massacre in your garden. All savaged by a fox, all dead except for Sarah and Tractor who have terrible injuries. It was AWFUL. To this day I don't know where I found the strength or courage to put them out of their misery and shoot them. I cried for days. I haven't been able to get any more yet, I dont feel ready. I know all this is a bit down beat but I'd hate for you to have the same happen. It was the first and only night their coop wasn't shut up at dusk.

x x x x

Martha in Kansas (US) said...

Pullets! You've got you some pullets and it won't be long till you're finding pullet eggs! They're so tiny and cute (and taste just like "real" eggs). These are beautiful girls with lovely names. They look different enough, you'll be able to tell them apart and won't confuse the names. I look forward to reports as they grow up. (And as Cuckoo says, love them but don't be surprised when tragedy strikes. Best to remember they have tiny brains and are not very smart animals -- accounting for the problems they can get themselves into.)

JP said...

what a very pretty lot you've got - hope they are friendly to!

Anonymous said...

tres jolis

wonderwoman said...

what lovely girls!! We've only got1 hen left at the moment - but hopefully will get some more soon! My lot are all very happy getting the eggs, not soo keen on the mucking out!


Gorgeous Things said...

Oh my, what lovely, lovely girls you have there. And that looks very like my little hen house (although I painted mine, but then, I paint practically everything around here that doesn't move.) And fantastic names!

Amanda said...

The girls are just gorgeous - lucky you to have them living with you!

Your recent day out looked like so much fun too, what a lovely way to spend the day... and a great way to show of your new bag which is just gorgeous too!

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Country Bliss said...

Aww they're gorgeous, I could watch mine for hours!
Yvonne x

karen said...

What beautiful hen's you have. I've had mine now for nearly a year and have grown quite attached to say the least lol. I remember when we got our first two girls, we waited in vain for two months for an egg only to discover that the reason we weren't getting any eggs was because we were giving them apple, which they love to eat but actually stops egg production!!!! But hey ho you live and learn.
Good luck with them I'm sure you'll get an egg soon.


val said...

Hi Fi, funny that your post is about your New Girls, I have just been watching the First Series of The Good Life ... did you ever see it, or are you too young? They may not be politically correct these days, but they are so funny! One of my favourites is called "Say little Hen" - hope you manage to see it for yourself some day - Barbara painted their little house pink .... perhaps there's an idea .... with flowers around the door!
Hope you have had an egg by now!
Val xx

Booklinks said...

The girls are so cute!
I've also tried to take pictures of chickens ,it has lasted for hours before I had a good photo!

val said...

Hi Fiona, What lovely ladies you do have! I am actually writing a post at the moment about chickens inthe new area I have just moved to, would you mind if I included a link to your lovely ladies and your blog? I know you were happy once before to be my Inspiration posting so I am hopeful that you will say YES!
love for now, Val xx

jackanne said...

I love the names of your hens x

strawberrygirl said...

love the chook s name cluck...tracy