Monday, 28 June 2010

Can you...

guess where I have been?
I'll give you a few clues.
We travelled a short distance up the motorway to Cockermouth in the Lake District.

Arriving in good time, we didn't have to queue very long to get in.

We saw wonderfully WOOLLY Wensleydale sheep.

Absolutely adorable WOOLLY Alpacas.

White WOOLLY Angora rabbits

and Gorgeous WOOLLY Angora goats

Did you guess?

I hope you appreciate how hard it was taking photos

when really all we wanted to do

was touch and caress

ooooh and


Yep! It sure was a real hardship having to stop and click

when there was soooo much scrummy woollyness all around us.


You're worth it! x

Hope you enjoyed it.

Sorry, what was that?
Did I buy anything?
Of course I did! LOL!
Love Fi x


Annie said...

Twiglet and I went to the Builthwells woolfest and really loved it. Glad you had a good day.
A x

jackanne said...

Hi i live 11 miles from Cockermouth its a lovely place eh! i couldnt go this time as i was in Blackpool on a Mini car run, but it looks like you had a great day..x jackanne x

Colette said...

I went to the one in Wales. I had a great day, looks like you did too.

I bought some on the felt cut up bits - what can i do with them. Also i an still trying to work out what to do with the silk cocoons i just had to buy as they looked so nice and were only £1.95 for a bag!

Any ideas?????

Alijane said...

How could you not buy! I would have had a flipping field day!

Looks like a lovely day out.

Thanks for sharing it.


GardenOfDaisies said...

What an amazing day you had! Your new yarn and felt is yummy!

Justine said...

Looks like a great day! I wish I'd known about it as I certainly would have made the journey!! Justine xx

Mandy said...

I love the colours of your purchases! What a great day out! Thanks for sharing. :)

Marigold Jam said...

Oh hoiw I'd have loved to be there too - love all that sort of thing and those beautiful creations in such wonderful colours are making my mouth water!

Jane x

Pink Feather Paradise said...

I did wonder just as you said it... if you had bought anything! lol

what a fabulous day out... and I hate to tell you but the Alpacas have been robbed... their wolliness was pinched... :o

Lovely purchases too....I will have to look up the next one near us...

x Alex

wonderwoman said...

Looks like a fantastic day and your shopping was very restrained with all that lovely wooliness around!! I used to have black wensleydale sheep and their fleeces are the best!!!


Diane said...

Lovely lovely lovely. xxxx

Jane said...

How can anyone resist photographing an angora rabbit, and all that other wooliness! Glad you found time to touch and buy too.

Anonymous said...

Oh what a great day out, I would have loved to have been there!
Lovely purchases, especially that yummy yarn.
How cute is that little angora bunny. :)
Vivienne x

Carol said...

What a wonderful day out, lovely purchases too.

Autumn Mist said...

How lovely (and unusual!) I am more of a paper stroker myelf, but totally understand where you're coming from. Those poor alpacas!

Anonymous said...

Looks like the perfect day out!!
But oh dear those poor bald alpacas made me giggle!
Em xx

Susan said...

Did you see the tiny black lamb?

I was there on Saturday, I think along with most of the knitters in the UK, at least it felt like it!

knitalatte said...

Looks like the perfect outing. And the loot! Great finds. Can't wait to see your embroidery on this latest piece.