Thursday, 28 May 2009

Cupcakes and Cupboards

Hello Girls, I'm up in the attic cupcaking this afternoon.
Although I think I should maybe spend a few minutes tidying! Nah! Life's too short for that.

Would you like to see the old kitchen larder cupboard that we rescued from the roadside?
I've finished painting it now and hubby bravely fought his way into the shed at the weekend and dug out the counter top for it.
I am sooooo pleased with this cupboard. I paid £20 for it and we've probably spent another £30 in paint (3 tins because I chose the wrong colour cream to start with, OOPS!)
I've put some Cath Kidston fabric behind the glass doors and I think I'm going to line the shelves with either this spotty pink oilcloth or maybe a blue and pink rosy one.
Aaaah,... I think I'm in love!
Right! I better get on with some cupcakes... or tidying. Cupcakes it is!
Till next time.
Love Fi x


Lululiz said...

You live in a beautiful little village, what absolutely stunning scenery!

Hmm, I hope (well not really bykwim) that I never come across one of your cupcakes in real life, because I would have to try and take a bite out of it, wouldn't be able to help myself, they look sooooo good, sooooo yummy!

Kar said...

The cupcakes are so adorable. Nice job!

Your cupboard turn out to be FAB!

And your village is simply precious. It looks to be so quiet but charming. Jealous!

Mandy said...

Your photos of the village do look like they have been rubbed out at the top! How strange is that!
I love the waterfall.
BUT most of all I love your cupboard it is fantastic

Simone said...

I love the cupcakes and your strawberries and cream cupboard.

Jennie said...

I am so jealous, I have wanted one of those larder cupboards for years! You have done it up beautifully.
Love the cupcakes.

Poppy said...

I am loving that cupboard and as for those cupcakes, Gorgeous

It is so beautiful where you live!

Love Lou xxx

Teena Vallerine said...

Beautiful! I am in love with your cupboard (and it cost much less because adventures in choosing paint colours don't count!) t.x

willywagtail said...

Those erased scenic photos made me feel so cold. The finish on your cupboard looks lovely. The rule on tidying is not to do it until you can't see your sewing machine. Cherrie

lynn said...

lurv the cupboard well done...can i come and live in your attic just until my little bit of homesickness thank you for your comment too i really appreciate them love lynnie

Carol said...

I do love the Dales, we went there quite a few years ago, must return. Love them cupcakes they would look great on display on your new counter, your cupboard is looking very yummy.
Have a fab weekend.

Pink Feather Paradise said...

What a beautiful waterfall.... loving your attic space, those roof lights must give you some fab natural light...

I love the new tops for your cupcakes, very clever indeed...

and your repurposed cupboard is fabulous...

take care

The Weaver of Grass said...

Nice photos Fiona - those waterfalls look quite benign to how they look sometimes. I am sure you will be happy with today's weather - it is glorious here and I am sure it will be the same with you. If I was coming through today I would call for one of those cupcakes!
Fantastic larder - silly how people don't want these things any more - they are so useful - and you have tarted it up magnificently - so you are a CK fan too?

Anonymous said...

I love the kitchen cupboard, it is sooo fab! xxxx

Doreen Martinez said...

I love your work! It is so cute. Your blog is a true inspiration! Love the scenery too - wow! I would like to share a website with you. I recently came across it as I was cruising the web for inspiration. The furniture at this site is every crafters dream. I am entered in a contest to win an EZ View desk. If I win, my purchase of the workbox is not too far behind. You can vote for my entry, #275 in the giveawaygallery if you like.
Thanks in advance

Doreen Martinez

Helen Charlton said...

Love, love, love those cupcakes!!
Girls can never have too many.
love the pink cupboard, you must feel like you've died and gone to heaven looking at that cupboard!!

Rubyred said...

Helloo, your larder cupboard looks absolutely gorgeous,as do your cupcakes and your photos!
Rachel x

Lulu said...

what a beautiful village..Looks like a place i would love to live in..Looks so peacefull there..
lovely cupcakes..

noelle said...

your village looks lovely, and as for the cupboard..... delightful:)

Joshy and belle said...

your kitchen cupboard is gorgeous I really want one of those but we have no room, Im quite happy to get rid of the fridge or something but my husband isnt, he he!!!

felicity xx

BT said...

What a lovely blog post, Marmalade. That little waterfall through the village is gorgeous, I'd love to play Pooh Sticks there!

Your cupboard has turned out brilliantly. That fabric is better than the first one you had in mind (Sanderson?). Well done you, it's just superb. The cup cakes look so splendid on the counter top.

Anonymous said...

merci fiona de nous faire parvenir des si jolies photos de votre village et du YORKSHIRE
j ai toujours beaucoup de plaisir a regarder ces photos et cela me donne de la joie
felicitations aussi pour les gateaux et pour la realisation de votre buffet c est vraiment une reussite
a tres bientot et belle semaine a vous

Anonymous said...

"Sigh". I love it all...
You make me feel like i want to paint and create and visit ur country and grab a cupcake as well, and get my hubbie to build me a attack..........xox

Anonymous said...

Whoops!!!! Attic...

Anonymous said...

Thankyou for your kind words Fiona, much appreciated and right now i wish the trifle wasnt all gone, Lol I swear my mom makes the best trifle ever........xox

Heather at Happy Chippy Junk said...

I'm in love too! I love the cupboard and I love the Yorkshire dales!!