Sunday, 19 October 2008

A Little Jaunt.

Up early this morning. Popped my sleepy head outside the front door. Here comes the sun. Hope it hangs around!

Wonderful man and I are off to London for a couple of days. It's our 20th wedding anniversary treat. We're going to visit a couple of museums and have a good mooch around. Generally we're going to spend time doing the things you can't do with children in tow. OOOps! I didn't mean it to sound like that. What I meant was, that we'll be able to take our time and read all the writing in the display cases instead of being dragged away by children eager to see the next thing.

I also have plans to fit in a quick visit to a Cath Kidston shop and V V Rouleaux , ok so maybe they won't be that quick-a-visit!

Be back soon. Fi x


Pink Feather Paradise said...

Have a lovely time, and soak up all the art and history. I love museums and art galleries, I must make the effort to go to some again....

Take care and take plenty of photo's!

Alex x

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a great time in london for your 20th,
Enjoy the special time

Sal said...

Hope you have a great time!
I look forward to hearing all about it, when you return! ;-)

Attic24 said...

Oh Fi, Lucky lucky lucky you!
Hope you and your Wonderful Man are having/have had a Wonderful time, I am quite envious, BUT :: I am off to big smoke mid Nov for the CL Fair, so my turn will come. Nad I won't be doing museums either, its shop shop shop for moi!
ps congrats on 20 years, thats so lovely!

Summer by the sea said...

Have a great time in London - we went last year for our anniversary (without children) but you can't see everything in one weekend can you, so I would like to go back again this year - Natalie x