Monday, 18 August 2008

Patchwork Pieces.

Sorry it's been a while, but things around here have been rather busy this last week. I've been working almost full time (not good) we have had four different lots of visitors (very good), and then finished the week with a funeral (not good, but a lovely funeral, if you can have a lovely funeral. You know what I mean).

Anyway today we're talking patchwork. Lovely, lovely, floral, homely, patchwork.

Oh, I doooo love patchwork! Especially patchwork quilts. Nothing fancy you understand, my favourites are straightforward squares, all snuggly and soft and cosy. They just say home to me. I'm about to start a quilt for my daughter, ready for autumn, to keep her cosy in bed on those nights when you need an extra layer. So far I've had a rummage through my fabric stash and chosen all the ones I think suitable. I've photographed them and then arranged them using the computer to give me a good idea of how it will look.(flash eh!)

It was while I was searching through my fabrics that I came across this piece of hand stitched patchwork I started yeeeeears ago. As you can see it's very unfinished.

It's made up of lots of little hexagons, stitched together.

It's made from the left over pieces of Brambley Hedge fabric I used, to make a quilt for the little spare bed at my mums house. That quilt was made on the sewing machine and was constructed of squares. It didn't leave a lot of fabric though, and one of the reasons this one is unfinished is because I was unable to find new fabrics that looked right. I even had to resort to embroidering the little centre hexagons myself as I couldn't find any fabric with small enough motifs.

Now its had a nice airing and few photographs taken of it, I can pack it back away in its box for another few years!

This is the picture from the computer of what the new quilt should look like. If I ever get it started. Other projects keep getting in the way!

The pictures not great, but I had to photograph the A4 piece of paper with the print out on it. It looks quite good, if only it was this easy to make the quilt!


French Nanny said...

Love the soft colours of the hexagons - and that bee is gorgeous!


French Nanny said...


I don't stitch my crochet squares together - I crochet them, with right sides together, so that the row of dc is on the inside. It's a bit fiddly working out which square goes to which, but it's simple to do really.


Joanne said...

I love the hexagon quilt such beautiful colour and motifs. your daughter will love her quilt to.

Lucy Bloom said...

Ooh your hexagon quilt is gorgeous, I love the little motifs in the centres. This is too lovely to be packed away, surely?!

Anonymous said...

I to like simple patchwork, as over the years done many hexagone things,
Great blog