Friday, 17 January 2014

Toasty Toes!

Well they've started!...
2014's 'makes' Hoorah!
Yes the creativity is slowly starting to flow. I know its actually mid January and by now I should be zooming along but I was quite poorly over the new year so it's only now I feel I'm starting to rev up.
My first make of the year is this pair of thick slipper socks for me! Yes dear reader I am of the age now where I feel the cold, especially around the ankles! Why just the ankles I have no idea, it seems very strange to me but there you have it. I knitted these from the pattern Nola's Knitted Slippers which you can find on Ravelry. The pattern is on the Seamen's Church Institute site along with other patterns suitable for seamen, hats, scarves, socks etc. I have changed the pattern as I found that even though the socks are meant for a man they were too small for me even though I'm only a size 6! I must have been doing something wrong but I don't know what. I also changed the top of the sock from garter stitch to stocking stitch as I thought it looked neater.
  My first commission of the year and a very gentle one to start with. A pair of tiny booties.
 They really are teeny-tiny.
 I couldn't resist making a little gift box for them.
 All tied up with ribbon. Aaaaaah it makes your heart feel good.
 Next I ventured up into my attic workroom. This room also doubles up as a guest room and my son's room when he's home from university. I've not been in here since before Christmas! Oh how I miss my quiet little workroom when it's full of a big lolloping uni student, wired up to computers and consoles! lol. But it's all quiet and peaceful now. It's all MINE again.
Oh I've missed my fabric stash. I love opening the doors of this wardrobe and scanning up and down the fabrics. Today I'm looking for a quantity of silk dupion!
 My choice of threads and ribbons to go with the silk, all ready for my next commission. 
What is going to be?
Well you'll have to wait until next time dear reader.
love Fi x


Winifred said...

Those slipper socks look great. I hate wearing slippers always seem to trip up. I love wearing chunky socks & much better for your feet I'm sure.

Those little bootees are gorgeous.

Unknown said...

Those socks look super cozy - I bet your feet are like toast.

I have craft room envy - yours looks fabulous with all that fabric.

KC'sCourt! said...

The socks look cosy. The baby socks are a delight - is there a pattern......?
Julie xxxxxxxxx

Unknown said...

I have also been obsessed with knitting socks, they are so much warmer.... thanks for the pattern link, they look perfect. Eco Ethel xx

The Weaver of Grass said...

Love to see that you are going great guns again Fi - sorry you were not well over New Year - hope it wasn't down to over-indulgence, but rather to weathering the bleak climate up there. Actually you are at exactly the same height as we are here but it always feels remoter and bleaker up there.

Caz.P. said...

Thank you so much for the slipper pattern. I have completed one....just starting the other. I have used Jarol chunky wool as I happened to have some, and 4.50 needle. Just like using 2 balls of dk put together. I think the next pair I make I will use a bit bigger needle though. These are fine though and anyway they usually go a bit bigger after washing. I always wear wool slippers.The pattern I have made the most is on Knitting Pattern Central. ..Aunt Maggies slippers. It's a reliable pattern. Carol.

Susan Smith said...

Love those wee bootees. Must be nice to get back to your attic studio. Can't wait till I have space again and get all my stuff unpacked. Take care.

Sam I Am...... said...

I love your projects and those little booties are so sweet! But I could use some warm socks at night too. I wear 2 pair at night to keep my cold, cold, feet warm! LOL!
I had a rough day as I frogged 2 projects...thank goodness they weren't too far along but still...will I EVER be a decent knitter? I'm afraid I won't live that long!LOL!

Virginia said...

Those socks look toastie-warm, but My! don't they look huge next to the booties. Love the little box too - that really sets the gift off beautifully.

Glad you're felling better. I do enjoy following your creative endeavours.

Jacqui Galloway said...

Can't wait, to see what it will be!