Wednesday, 20 February 2013

It started with a .....

No that's wrong...
It actually started with lots of little squares.
 and many itty bitty seams.
 Which magically became 2 cushions, as is often the case.
Closely followed by OOing and AAHing and the request for a quilt.
More squares and stitching.
Indeed, lots of stitching.
and hey presto...
A matching single bed, size quilt was made.
But our tale has a sad ending, sniff, sniff.
One little cushion was left behind and all alone in the world. (Oh NO!)
So in true 'Bagpuss' tradition Fi gathered it up and took it to her shop.
Just in case someone should come along one day and be in need of pretty patchwork cushion.

The End

Friday, 8 February 2013

Radiance Shawl.

 This was my New Years knitting project.
A delicate, lightweight shawl for myself. 
I've never knitted a shawl before but then I've never had need of a shawl before. 
In fact the last time I wore a shawl was when I was 13 years old and a bridesmaid for my auntie. My dress was jade green which I was none too keen on and I had a white woolly shawl (which I'd forgotten about until now) as it was a March wedding. I was going to post a photo of me a la bridesmaid but unfortunately I only have old fashioned paper photos and they're up in the loft somewhere and I'm sat in front of the fire two floors below. I could heave myself off the comfy sofa and away from the cosy fire and go and search them out for your perusal but...we both know that's not gonna happen. 
Anyway I digress. Now being the wrong side of 40 I feel a chill sometimes and thoughts of woolly Cranford-esk shawls are starting to appeal mightily.
I have to say, I did enjoy making this one. The pattern is from Ravelry and is called Radiance Shawl by Helen Stewart. I'd bought the yarn (merino and silk) at the Knit and Stitch Show in Harrogate last year. All the details of the yarn and pattern can be found here. It was very straight forward and the pattern is written so that you can tick off each row as you do it and it also tells you how much you have completed as you go along. 
How about a bit of patchwork next time?
Gosh! Listen to me...woolly shawls, patchwork quilts, you'd think I was getting ready to hibernate!

Till next time
love Fi x

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Sharing the felty goodness.

Don't you just want to dive in! All that scrummy, felty, woolly goodness! Look at the sheen on that brown merino wool, delicious!
This my lovely friends is a felt workshop that I taught at the Chapel Gallery a couple of weeks ago.
My ladies brought along an old towel each, I provided the woolly stuff and Anne who owns the gallery provided much needed refreshments and her photographic skills (if it wasn't for Anne snapping away, I'd having nothing to show you today)
Everyone was keen to get creating.
And after a couple of hours and much soapy rolling...

Half a dozen little Wensleydale Landscapes left the building, still a bit damp and their owners a little rosy cheeked but every one had their very own felt landscape to finish with embroidery at home. 

This one belongs to the lovely Janet, look at tiny hand stitched flowers in the foreground... beautiful. Thank you to all who attended and Anne for the inspirational surroundings, a super afternoon was had by all, especially me. 
To see all 6 pieces under construction and then the finished felts click here.

And here is another landscape. This is a very warm and sunny street in Australia. Yes you guessed! This is where Gilbert the Gnome has gone to live. Thank you Hilary for sending the photo it's so nice to see where my cheeky chap landed. 
Next time I'll be sharing a bit of New Years knitting.
Thank you all for the Gilbert love on my last post and Annie, I cut Gilbert from the felt fabric first and then stitch the felt into a bag, snip, snip, no room for mistakes! No pressure then! lol.

love Fi x