Saturday, 18 May 2013

Lara's Special Memory Journal.

Hello my lovelies, I've been waiting to share this felty make with with you until it's new owner had taken delivery of it. It's a bit like awaiting the delivery of a baby, I need to make sure it's safely delivered to it's new mummy in it's new home before I can send the photos out free into the world, lol, mad eh!
This piece was commissioned by the lovely Lara and her family in celebration of her 21st birthday. 
Lara requested a felted book cover for a special journal that would be used to record all those precious moments of her life so far. What a lovely idea!
This is the part where I stand and bite my nails...cutting the felt. I measure and measure and then measure again. A cut in the wrong place and I'd have to start from scratch and make a new piece of felt, wait for it to dry naturally and then spend another day machine embroidering it, so I really need to take care. There really is no room for error!
Phew! Perfect! What a relief.
Before I set about it with the sewing machine again shall we take a closer look. This side will be the front.
And this side is the back.
My signature hidden in the greenery.
One pretty but naked journal awaiting it's new coat.
After even more stitching the whole thing has to be turned inside out. It's no mean feat squishing all that thick fluffy felt through a small gap.
 Will it fit the journal?
 Have I measured correctly?
 Will it be too baggy? 
Have I left enough room for the book to close properly? 
Much more nail biting.
A neat finish.
 Here is the front. 
And the back.
A perfect fit!
And I'm very happy to say I've had the most lovely email from Lara.
Yes she's 'incredibly happy with it!'

Till next time
love Fi x


Noelle the dreamer said...

Everything you do is marvelous Fiona, no worries there!
The best part is that it is always one of a kind, a true artisanal expression!

Annie Jeffries said...

What a priceless gift. I see this becoming a family heirloom; perhaps it will be loved and held by her own daughter someday.

Carol said...

Gorgeous Fi, what a lucky girl. I'm not surprised she is happy with it, what a treasure.
I'm looking forward to seeing your work "in the flesh" at Yarndale.
Carol xx

Susan Smith said...

Wonderful!! You certainly make the most extraordinary felted pieces. I just love them. I'm sure Lara must be very pleased.

Betty said...

What a beautiful piece of work and a really special keepsake idea, I love it.

Amanda Peters said...

The cover is very beautiful ...

Plain Jane said...

Absolutely beautiful - what a fantastic idea for a gift! Jane x

Annie said...

I can't imagine anyone not being thrilled to bits with the finished cover Fi. It's wonderful. I love it.
A x

... Bimbi said...

That is fantastic! What a wonderful idea too.

Bimbi x

Lovely said...

It is lovely! I plan to come to Yarndale and find your stall. I have not made an felt for years but you are inspiring me to have another go. Keep up the good work on your delightful blog.

Twiglet said...

Anyone would be happy with such a beautiful handmade gift. It's is perfect. x Jo

Stins said...

Oh my, that's so very beautiful...
It really makes me happy just looking at the pictures!
Love from Mirjam.

Anne said...

Its absolutely stunning, as of course are all your beautiful works of art!

The Weaver of Grass said...

This is absolutely lovely Fiona - your felt work gets better and better.

Anonymous said...

Love it...x

Mac n' Janet said...

Wow! Absolutely gorgeous, she's a lucky girl to get something so pretty.

Anonymous said...

Just stunning!

The Faerie Factory said...

Such beautiful work. Sarah x

My Norfolk Life said...

That is amazing - completely perfect.

Bev said...

Fiona, you are one amazing lady. Your work is so real, your felt piece based on the picture of Bolton Castle was so real, looked exactly like the photo. Your eye for colour is great. Really enjoy your blog and seeing what you're up to.


Fiddly Fingers said...

I love it! Just perfect :)

Judy H said...

That is an amazing creation - I am so impressed by the lovely colours and shapes and the way that you make it look so easy - which I am sure it is not. Well done and thanks for the inspiration, Judy.

KC'sCourt! said...

Oh! Wow! Thats gorgeous
Julie xxxxxxx

Gilly Tee said...

really lovely, love the idea of a memory journal for a 21st birthday.

crafty-stamper said...

absolutely gorgeous a priceless gift -and a belated Happy Birthday Fiona
carol x

Kay said...

Just stunning. A wonderful coming of age present that is sure to be treasured.

Simone said...

A fantastic heirloom so beautifully made. x