Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Designers and Makers Market, Richmond

 Hello all, a big thank you from me for all of your well wishes for the Designer, Makers Market last Sunday. You must have all had your fingers crossed because it worked, I had an excellent day and sold lots!
This is a sneaky pic of me setting up in the morning, taken by Wonderful Man who was true to his name all day. He diligently recorded every sale and kept me supplied with liquid refreshments which I certainly needed as I did a heck of a lot of chatting to a lot of lovely people. 

The tables were a little bit smaller than usual which meant there was a fair amount of head scratching, squeezing and squishing to fit it all on. 
But I think it all looked okay in the end. Well it must have done as we made a fair few people smile as they approached our table. There was a lot of 'cooing' over bunnies and 'aahing' over tea cosy's  and you wouldn't believe the amount of deliberating over pretty brooches!

 The Station at Richmond is a lovely venue. It was busy all day with people using the restaurant,
 visiting the on site bakery and later in the day families arriving to see a film at the cinema.
All of the tables looked fantastic,
and each one very different.
All beautifully displayed.

Gosh! I appear to be in full flow in this picture. As 'wonderful' as he is, he's very sneaky with that camera!

And next time... we'll be embroidering a birthday needle case.
see you then
love Fi x


Anonymous said...

Your table looked lovely and I'm pleased it all went so well. A shame I'm so far away, the event looked stunning! Take care. x

Plain Jane said...

It looks lovely - I think I would have been deliberating over everything, never mind the brooches! Well done x Jane

Susan Smith said...

So glad you had a good day. It would be lovely to be able to visit such things. Susan.

The Faerie Factory said...

What a wonderful venue and your table is delightful. I really need to work on my table presentation for my next fair. Glad you had a busy day ... Sarah x

Cheryl said...

Its a lovely light setting. Perfect for a craft fair. Glad it went well.

Unknown said...

Your table looked so sweet and pretty well done. Glad you had a great day and sold lots.

... Bimbi said...

Hope the bunnies all hopped off to new homes! It's a really lovely venue too.

Bimbi x

Annie Jeffries said...

Exciting day. So glad for your good sales.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Wish I could have called in to see you Fi but am not driving at present.

Bubba3554 said...

I am now the proud owner of one of your lovely brooches. Love all that you do it is gorgeous. Can I just ask, what machine do you use to embellish?

Thanks, Bubba