Sunday, 19 August 2012

'Woolly Doings'

Hello all. 
Lovely to be back from my little break away from blogging. Today I thought we could catch up with some of my recent 'woolly doings'. I've had a complete break from sewing over the last 2 or 3 weeks but I've not been idle.
We've had lots of lovely days out here in the stunning Yorkshire Dales National Park. We didn't have far to travel from home, a few miles down the road (and over a hill) and we found this delicious spot down by the river.
Wonderful Man dashed off to explore the opposite side of the riverbank (thats him in the distance, the grass is always greener, lol) and I settled down to a spot of knitting.
Another day and over another couple of hills to...
another beautiful spot, Malham Cove.
 More picnicing and more knitting! Gosh it's exhausting being on holiday.
 And more woolly stuff still...
 this is my local knit and natter group 
 This is my lovely friend Anne showing my mum how to spin.
 She was far better than me at it. I have no co-ordination at all.

 But one thing I can do is crochet!
In fact we've all been knitting and crocheting bits and bobs to yarnbomb Jenny's little wool shop ready for the school holidays.
 All the ladies were keen to help stitch the 2 meter long woolly creation on to the bar across Past and Presents window.
 What do you think? We have designs on that rather bare drainpipe too, lol.
 Lots of dangly stuff to put smiles on little peoples faces.
 Lots of flowers and a duckling or two...
 crochet birdies, wiggly worms and a smiley sunshine. Lets hope that birdy is not of the 'early' type!
 a goldfish, pansy and a ladybird too.
 Well it gave all of us a giggle anyway, we're a happy little bunch. Sylvie, Louise, me, Janet,  Jenny and Patricia is taking the photo.
 There has also been a bit of blanket making and ...
 who could resist knitting these teeny tiny booties! Certainly not me.
 I've just finished crocheting together these yummy granny squares made by my dad, he's not a fan of the putting-together part, mind you... neither am I, lol. It took me all evening to join the granny squares and edge them and I've calculated there must have been 320 tail ends to weave in. 
 But the thing I'm most proud of at the moment is this bit of knitting.
 My first pair of socks! WHOOHOO! I love em! Don't want to take them off. They're not perfect but I'm thrilled with them especially as I'm not really a knitter! 
Ah well that's just about it from me today. I have more tales to come including a lost homing pigeon that seems to have adopted us and some pictures of the worlds smallest art gallery. See excitement is us, lol. next time
love Fi x


Anonymous said...

Ah Fi! What wonderful pictures! I love your "knit and natter" group and all the lovely things you've created. And I beg to differ ~ I'd say by looking at those sublime socks you're sporting you ARE really a knitter!

Annie said...

I love the yarn bombing Fi. What fun and how lovely to put smiles on all the faces that see it all.
A x

Catherine said...

The yarnbombing looks like a lot of fun! Fab socks! Well done! Socks become quite addictive once you get started! Cx

VintageVicki said...

Loving the yarn bombing and those socks :)

We've just come back from a holiday in Yorkshire - we'll have to come back as there's so much more we want to see!!

Lyn said...

Yorkshire is such a varied county I love it!
Lots of lovely things going on in this post.

tracey flynn said...

Please could you tell me what wool has been used for the pastel Japanese flowers, thanks

Roxanne said...

You've been a busy girl! So much accomplished in such a short time. And the pictures of the local landscape that you share with us really show the flavor of your beautiful countryside.

Claire said...

Hey Fi, lots of wonderful outings and woolly goings on taking place. Beautiful pics, love the yarnbombing and that wriggly worm looks so cute amongst all the flowers etc.
Great collaboration between you and your dad on the the colours.
Definitely a gold sticky star award for knitting your first pair of socks. They look great, I am yet to earn that particular star!!.
We once found ourselves the temporary custodians of a homing pigeon many years ago. He hung around for a week and then was gone.......Have to say I was a little sad but hopefully it found it's way home.

CLaire :}

Josie-Mary said...

Love the yarn bombing & your socks :)

Gilly Tee said...

oh I wish I could knit, I love the socks. The yarn bombing is fabulous, such fun.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Where abouts in Hawes is the wool shop Fi - I was through over the weekend but didn't see any of this?

Noelle the dreamer said...

Hello again Fiona! Your post was most inspiring (see below):

A warm hello from the Pacific NW coast,

MarmaladeRose said...

Hi Tracey Flynn.
The yarn is Jarwoll Magic. You can see a better picture of it on this post.
Hope this was helpful.
love Fi x

Twiglet said...

Glad you have had a good break. Your yarnbombing looks fab. I bet it will be well loved and appreciated. Love the sunset pic - now couldn't you use that for wet felting inspiration?! x Jo

Little Blue Mouse said...

Great yarn bombing, I love the wiggly worm!

I had to laugh at the bootees because at first glance I thought there was a pair of skinny legs coming out of the top!

The sunset is gorgeous.

Carol said...

Hi Fi, brilliant yarnbombing! Will certainly make people smile.
Love your socks, I made my first (well apart from some at school 50+ years ago) pair this year and I love them.
Great crocheting from your Dad, I'm not a fan of joining squares but needs must!
Carol xx

Cathy at PotterJotter said...

Don't do this to me - stop posting gorgeous pictures of my fave places, with hills, and waterfalls, and becks! Loving the pipe-cover-thingy! xCathy

Katienel said...

Love the socks. I knitted some for myself last winter and although we don't get very cold weather here in Auckland, I did enjoy wearing them and was proud of my efforts too.

Katienel said...

Love the socks. I knitted some for myself last winter and although we don't get very cold weather here in Auckland, I did enjoy wearing them and was proud of my efforts too.

bonzogirl said...

sox..i knew you could nail 'em..compulsive now isn't it?
Janet looks well chuffed with herself...grinning away to the camera...wensleydale woolly women watcha like????!!!**

pam said...

What a wonderful post. I have thoroughly enjoyed tagging along on your adventures!

And your socks are beautiful! I know just how you feel about not wanting to take them off! There is just something about the way hand knitted socks feel and fit. Sublime! Perfect! You are hooked now of course - you know that - right!!