Monday, 10 January 2011

20 Minuters 1 Year On.

Hello luverly, luverly bloggy friends.

Yes it has been a whole year give or take a day or two, since I mentioned those 3 little words...


and behold
was created!
If you're new to my blog and wondering what the 20 Minuters is all about, you can read my blog post that started it all here, who'd have thought!
Shall we see how we got on?

I say 'we' as right from the beginning I wasn't alone on this one.

No fewer than 67 of you scrummy bloggers asked to join in the fun!

We have our own Flickr page with 40 contributors. (Just click on the link on my sidebar to check out all the stitchy, hooky goodness, make sure you have a cuppa and a piece of cake to keep you going thought as there is plenty to see.
The top 5 contributors are
Marmaladerose with 92 photos
Green Rabbit Designs with 70 photos
I myself have found this hugely rewarding especially all of the kind comments and encouragement from you lot out there,


It feels like a huge pair of hands gently cajoling and pushing me forward.

It's not all been plain sailing though. I have to admit there have been days when I've not managed to squeeze in that 20 minutes. There have not been many of them though, but sometimes things happen, things quite out of your control.
Life just gets in the way!
I lost my job in 2010.
I was offered another job which fizzled out 5 weeks before Christmas.
But all this, plus the support of my wonderful man and good friends (I include you blogsters out there) has given me a kick up the bum and made me open my Folksy shop. (Something people have been urging me to do for a long time) So things are looking brighter and I'm hoping that this year my job WILL BE my Folksy shop. Fingers crossed!

So what have I achieved this year

Are you ready?
In no particular order

I've made
a snowman lap quilt
a crazy nine patch chair pad
pieced a patchwork hexagon quilt (ongoing)

several drawstring bags

Milkchurn Cottage applique picture
3 applique shed pictures

wheat bag covers
applique lavender bags
fabric cupcakes (shed loads)
crochet bunting (several)
crochet blanket (still needs the ends stitching in, lol)
5 pairs of crochet mitts
recovered wonderful mans work chair
crochet hangers (oops! no picture)
patchwork hearts
Castle Bolton felt picture
a picture for Tilly Rose (embarrassingly still ongoing)

embroidered linen bunnies (lost count)
wheat filled lace hearts
lavender hearts

a gokart toy
housey key fobs
Maisie Pickles rag doll
5 fabric Xmas puds

a fabric wedding cake
Xmas garlands and
12 hand bags
Not a bad year!
But there's no time to put my feet up...

I'm on my second cushion cover of 2011 wooohooo!
Although there won't be an official 20 Minuters list this year, I hope you will all carry on with your 20 minutes crafting each day and of course keep uploading all of your beautiful items to our Flickr group. I know it's almost become a way of life to me now.
And lastly if I missed adding you to the 20 Minuters last year (things where a bit frantic and got on top of me occasionally) then please accept my apologies and please join in and upload your work this year, all are welcome.
love Fi x
PS Thank you Mrs Bobobun for taking the time to help me with mosaic making, I hope your back is better soon sweetie.


Marigold Jam said...

Wow! You have been busy! Best wishes for your etsy shop - I am sure you will sell faster than you can make as all your items are so fabulous.


Кашуба said...

Мне очень нравятся все ваши работы!!!
В них есть частичка вашей души и длинное ощущение праздника!!!!
Поздравляю с Рождеством!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you were a busy girl last year!
It has been great fun being a part of the 20 minuters. Like you there were days when it just didn't happen but then there were days when I made up the loss.
It was great when something got completed and you could get it on to flickr and I'm so glad we're still going to have little goal to aim for!
Thanks Fi for encouraging us to create!!
Vivienne x

Twiglet said...

What a crafty year you have had! Such a lot of lovely items there and I hope Folksy is a huge success for you. Thanks to "20 minuters" we too have had a busy year. It really did motivate us to craft a little every day and I am sure it has had a really positive effect on us all! Thanks for being such a great source of inspiration! - Jo

KC'sCourt! said...

You were busy. I love your items. Things in my case got manic from April, with my sons wedding invites, then I made their wedding sampler for Christmas so I think I did my 20minutes all in one go! But I have to say you really inspired me to continue
Julie xxxxxxxxxx

Linda said...

Wow!! What a list of fantastic makes - a special thank you for inspiring me to have a go at felting - what an enjoyable craft! Wishing you lots of luck with your etsy shop. Linda x

Anonymous said...

I really enojyed being a 20 Minuter last year, thank you so much for starting it Fi! I've been really worried that it would end at the end of the year. So I'm skippety happy that it's going to keep going!!!

I was very sorry to hear about your job situation, their loss is Folksy's gain!

Take care,

a-m x

Ash said...

Hi lovely lady. Hoping I can get to be as productive this year as you were last, the honey bee rather than the butterfly like I said on my blog!!! Well done you with all those great 'makes'. Hoping I too get the courage to do the pay pal and something like folksy!! maybe, who knows. Wishing you so much luck and many wonderful adventures as you step out along your very own creative road.
Big hugs.... Ash.

Anonymous said...

I'm the owner of one of those lovely embroidered rabbits and I think that everyone should pop over to Fiona's Folksy shop because she is one talented lady.

Bobo Bun said...

A wonderful sum up of a year of makes. So much lovely work too. Let's hope this year truly is your Folksy year. Well done on the mosiacs. Hope you had fun playing about with it.


Anonymous said...

Well done you!! and thank you for inspiring us all!

sylviesgarden said...

Hello dear, such a great post. You are so talented and creative. Thanks for the inspiration. I hope you have a great 2011.

JP said...

lovely to see all your work together - good luck with your new enterprise

Sandi said...

That is amazing, I can't believe you managed to do all the rest of what you do as a mum and wife and hold down a job (outside the house) as well. Puts me to shame thats for sure.
Go Fi
x Sandi
Oh how do you make a mosiac??

Annie said...

Hi Fi. I must say thank you to you for the push to keep going with the crafty 20 minutes every day. It really has become a habit now and one I am pleased to have so your encouragement has been life changing. Many many thanks for the push in the right direction.
A x

harmony and rosie said...

Goodness, when you get it into mosaic form, it really does show how much you've achieved - a lot! I can't believe one year has gone by. There were many days when I didn't get 20 mins in but there were just as many when I managed a lot more but I do feel a bit of a fraud because my 64 photos weren't exactly 64 projects! Thanks for hosting this Fi, I know you can call it a great success x

Julia said...

Very inspiring to see all your makes and creations laid out like that! And you make the lovliest of things too!

Sending love, and looking forward to seeing what you get up to this year!

Love Julia x x x

Maggie Ann said...

I would like to join 20 minutes a day...since on my own, my productivity is zilch! Is it too late? knittermag dot blogspot dot com.

Crystal said...

Hi, I would like to get in on your 20 minuters...I am inspired by your projects and your goal. I just started a blog and still trying to figure it out. I am newer to the sewing and knitting world and looking for motivation and connection. thanks Crystal