Monday, 27 September 2010

Shed Head

Mmmmmm...excuse me chewing while we chat but I've just found a fruit pastilles in the bottom of my bag while searching for my camera. Scrummy!
Now you know you've left it too long between blog post when you have to go back and read your last post to find out what you chatted about. Honestly my head at the moment is all over the place! I've got folders and folders with photos to show you, all crafty stuff I've made recently but not had time to blog about.
Right lets get down to today's business... . . . sheds!
No not man sheds, pretty girl sheds of course.

I rediscovered a little sketch I had made over a year ago in my sketch book.
(How could it possible be a whoooooole year ago!)

A little sketch of a shed.
A pretty shed.

quite quirky.

Well you should have seen the fun I had and the mess I made.

"Don't just make one picture Fi" I told myself.

"If you're going to make one, then it's just as easy to make three!" I said very sternly.

"Yes, you are right Fi " I answered.

So I did.

Each one a little different from the first, and oh... what a lovely mess I made, piles of fabrics everywhere! Bliss!

That's all for today friends. These are some of the Christmas decs I've been making. I think we'll be having another catch up on Fi's crafting very soon if I'm ever to get through all those folders of photos! lol!
love fi x


Living the frugal life in France said...

Those are movely. You are so clever. Iam sat here with a knitting book by Debbie Bliss and a French patchwork book in front of me and I am so daunted and scared I can't start. I want to start knitting but everything looks so complicated.

Maggie Ann said...

Your sheds are so charming...enjoyed your whole post....from top to bottom. =)

Rubyred said...

The sheds are gorgeous! You have been a busy gal again! It's all lovely stuff! I have lots of orders on myself at the hard to keep up sometimes, but I do love it!
Rachel x

fuat gencal said...

Ellerinize, emeğinize sağlık. Çok güzel olmuş.
( 'da maklubeyi yayınladım.)


Sweet Birdy Love said...

Hey Fi at last the 'big reveal', very cute. Love them all particularly the blue one.
You have been busy, all those little Chrissy decos lined up, wow and beautiful rainbow photos too.

Claire X

sylviesgarden said...

Those sheds are fabulous! Really lovely.

topchelseagirl said...

You have been busy. I LOVE the sheds, a real life one would be tempting to live in lol. Great rainbow photos too.

Sharon said...

Oh everything is just so lovely. I love your blog, I always come away with a great big smile. The things you make are just so pretty. Love the sheds and the rainbow pictures oh wow.

Lululiz said...

Fabulous sheds! If only my garden shed looked like that, lol.

The Weaver of Grass said...

You are one very clever lady Fiona and you jolly well deserve to do well with all the creative things you do. Hope they all sell so well that you have another pile to make!

potterjotter said...

I must have a look in those shops when I am next up your way. I also panic all the time about orders and commissions, but it always gets done somehow! Am TRYING to be more relaxed about things in the run up to Christmas... lol.

Jacquie said...

Wow ,love you shed pictures !!
So very artistic and crafty at the same time :0)
Jacquie x

Autumn Mist said...

The sheds are beautiful - I've got a thing about sheds myself. You have been busy, no wonder you haven't had much time for blogging. The rainbow is the finishing touch, isn't it? Perfect.

Twiglet said...

As you probably guessed - I love rainbows - your pics are perfect. I think your sheds are brilliant and hope they fly off the shelves for you. Do keep showing us what you are up to -it really does inspire me to get down to crafty things (as opposed to putting zips in trousers and making curtains!!)

Bluebell said...

I Love your shed pictures they are so quirky and each one different Lovely! I also love old Linens and I find so may in charity shops for just pennies, I buy them and wash them and then stroke them for a while and just wonder who did the work on them, I could'nt bear to give them away.

Julia said...

Have I told you how much I love your blog? I always go away feeling very full in a glad sort of way, like Ive discovered something tremendously exciting and inspiring - and of course I have, on both counts! Your embroidered pictures are amazing, I love all three of them, and I am so pleased that gorgeous little shop has been in touch with you to sell your work - thats so very exciting and so very well deserved!

Sending love - ooh, adore your Christmas Decs too!!

Julia x x x

H said...

found half a tube of pastilles in my bag this morning...heaven!

absolutely love the pictures x

Gorgeous Things said...

Your sheds are fabulous - you have been a very busy girl, haven't you! I think I might need some wonderful bunting like that for my shop!
Gorgeous x

Sue said...

Love the sheds, you have been busy.

Tracey said...

Because of a lady I have met and you, I have been convinced to give patchwork quilting and sewing a go. I am really excited. Your projects are so inspiring. Thankyou for sharing.

Sandi said...

Fi, you have such a talent and a great imagination. I love all your beautiful, beautiful handmade goodies.
I have finally been able to make sense of crochet patterns and have hooked up 4 different squares. I now understand when people say they love it. I do too.
Always look forward to your posts, do understand time is an issue. Rainbow is beautiful.
Hugs Sandi

Carole Wiliamson said...

Hi Fi,
I love love love all your Christmas decorations & your sheds are lovely too.
Clever you
Love Carole in Rossendale xxx

Anonymous said...

What a lovely post Fi! Your little sheds are wonderful, would love to see inside one!!! The Christmas decorations are gorgeous too, you're very productive. :)
Vivienne x

Tilly Rose said...

Hi hun
Do pop by and collect your Tilly Rose award my lovely!
Karen x x x

The Cloth Shed said...

I met Linda from Vintage Heart at the weekend, she tipped me off about your lovely blog. Love your sheds....most appropriate for me I think....
Julie x

Teje said...

Hello Fiona! You have made again wonderful things! So lovely those small pictures as well as those christmas things! Congratulations for giving them to the shops!
Happy to hear I'm not the only one who has already started for christmas...
I have you now in my favorite list because you are my favorit and many friends have asked that!
Best wishes Teje

val said...

Fi, I just L O V E your garden sheds! They are such
eye-pleasing-happiness and so inspiring. I am sure they will be sheds with legs and just walk out of the shop!
Best wishes for more happy creativity messing :0)
Val xx

kim said...

Those garden shed applique pictures are beautiful.......I have a garden sewing shed of my own, but nowhere near as pretty.
florrie x